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Wrightsville, ca 1915, Intersection of Marcus and Elm Streets before

 they were paved.  Wrightsville was named for John B Wright, an early

 senator from 1857-1861.  The site was chosen where two wagon roads crossed.   The 78 and 4/10 acres of land for the town was donated by

 William P Hicks.

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Johnson County was created on Dec 11, 1858, and was formed from Washington,

 Laurens and Emanuel Counties.  Johnson County was named for  Herschel Vespasian Johnson, who was Georgia's 41st Governor from 1853-1857. 


Mr Johnson was chosen as Vice Presidential candidate under Presidential Candidate

Stephen A Douglas in 1860 to try to recapture some Southern votes.  He served as a

Senator of the Second Confederate Congress from 1862-1865 Johnson was a leader

in the Reconstruction and was named head of the Georgia constitutional convention. 


When Georgia was readmitted to the Union in 1866, he was chosen as a US Senator

but was not allowed to serve due to his prior allegiance to the Confederate States

 of America. 



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New on Dec 10, 2017:   Confederate pension applications


  This website is a work in progress, and I encourage you to join in!  Please consider sharing your family tree with us.  Copies of your

family bibles, family stories, photos, bios, etc. passed down regarding your ancestors or anything pertaining to your ancestry or

history in Johnson County is most welcome.  Contact Trish Elliott-Kashima, Temporary County Coordinator. 


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