Consolidated Report of the Board of Physicians 
of the State of Georgia

Transcribed by Linda Blum-Barton ( [email protected] )

 The Union and Recorder
 Published Weekly in Milledgeville, Ga.
 April 1, 1874 Pg. 1

 The following persons have been licensed to 
practice Medicine and Surgery,
 and Compound and Vend Medicines, either upon 
presentation of Diploma, or
 after examination, from the institution of the 
Board in 1826, to March 15th,  1874:

 Jasper County
 Physicians Licensed.
 Burney, S. W. Monticello
 Carter, Jardin E. Stewart (difficult to read, may be another county)
 Darnell, Thomas M. Jasper County
 Holmes, Henry I. Jasper County
 McLemons, Chas. Jasper County
 Madden, William D. Monticello
 Parks, Clark M. Monticello
 Thomas, David S. Jasper County
 Ward, Amos Jasper County