18 MAY 2012

(UPDATED JULY 21, 2014)

Submitted and researched by Suzanne Forte ( )


I submitted the photos, newspaper articles and other stories about the Jackson sisters of Hillsboro, Georgia, back in 2004, based on information and photos furnished to me by Benny Hawthorne.

Recently, I was checking the links on the Jasper County GENWEB site and noticed I was missing a photo that Benny had sent showing what remains of the Jackson sister's old home place. Of course, as usual, he promptly furnished that to me....well, that started my mind wondering what more I could learn about them.

From one of the newspaper articles, I noticed that they said their father went "off to war" and never returned.  But they don't mention their father's name of anything else about him.  Being a card carrying member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, I just could not let that go by without trying to learn more about his service to the Confederacy.

Not knowing anything but his last name was a challenge, but by 'backing into" census records I found him listed as head of household in the 1850 and 1860 census for Jones County, Georgia, 360th GMD, Whites District.   The old home place, long gone now, is apparently right on the Jasper County line, but in Jones County.  His name was Lewis Jackson, born in Georgia in about 1820. 

Research of the Confederate Compiled Service Records and other information on and fold three shows that Lewis Jackson enlisted 6 Aug 1863 at Macon, Georgia, with Co C (later became Company D), 66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry,   Captain Charles J. Williamson's Company, Nisbet's Regiment.  He died 25 Feb 1864 , location not listed on Compiled Service Record.  This unit was made up of men from Jones and Bibb counties in Georgia.  Lewis Jackson is buried at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia. Information from "Atlanta, Georgia, Oakland Cemetery Records, 1773-1999" on, transcribed by Rachael Grizzle - in 1999, show a headstone for Lewis Jackson with a date of death as 24 May 1864.

In the 1850 census he is listed with his wife Margery A. age 26 and two daughters, Julia age 3 and Mary A. (Betty) age 1, also living in the household as laborer was Andrew Jackson age 33,  Lewis's brother. ( tree of the Cooper Family shows a marriage date of 14 April 1846 for Margery Ann Carmichael and Lewis Jackson)

One house away is listed a John Jackson, Sr, age 65 (born abt 1785),  in Virginia,  Martha age 23, Miley age 2 and John Haddaway, age 22, overseer, also an Elizabeth Mays age 25, these females are probably his daughters and grand daughters.Value of real estate owned as $5000.00.  I am under the assumption, with no proof, that this is Lewis Jackson's father. (Update:  July 21, 2014 - information from the tree of the Cooper Family on shows that Lewis's father is John Jackson (1784 - 1860), his mother Mary Polly Hammock (1777-1842).

In the 1860 census for Jones County, White's District, the following are listed:  Lewis Jackson, age 41, Margina, age 40, Julia A., age 13, Ellen A., (Betty), age 11, Lucy A., age 7, Margia C., age 6, Sarah A., age 2 and Andrew (age 50) and Edmond (age 52) Jackson.  Brothers of Lewis Jackson.  Value of real estate $1000.00, personal estate value $800.00.

I have been unable to locate the family in the 1870 census, possibly because that particular census transcription for Jones County is very hard to read.  More research is required. However, I do not believe this family ever moved from the homeplace.

In the 1880 census for Jones County, Whites District, the following are listed:  Julia A., age 31, Mary A. E., age 30, Lucy A. T., age 28, Marge C., age 25, Sarah A., age 23 and Cynthia, age 21 and Andrew (uncle) age 61.

I located death certificate numbers and dates of death for Betty, Lucy, Margia and Cynthia Jackson from "Georgia Deaths - 1919-98". 

The only death date that wasn't available when Cynthia Jackson made note of her sisters and mother's dates of birth and death was, of course, her own date of death, which was 19 March 1940, at age 79.  I intend to request a copy of Cynthia's death certificate. (Update, July 21, 2014, "Georgia Deaths 1919-1998" on show Cynthia's date of death as 19 March 1940 in Jones County, Georgia, death certificate N. 7413, age 79 years. 

There is a question of weather the Jackson's family farm was located in Jasper or Jones County.  It has previously been listed as Jasper.  According to the census it is in Jones County.  White's district is VERY close to the Jasper County line.  Note that the sisters in talking about the Yankees coming thru mentioned they saw smoke from the  buildings in Hillsboro, that town in just north of the Jones County line.

Listed in the Jones County GENWEB site is a transcription of the Jackson Family Cemetery by Ken Smith.  It is listed as being in the Piedmont Wildlife Refuge. Follow this link to the Jones County GENWEB page containing directions and list of burials.