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Elizabeth ( [email protected]) is researching Samuel Howard.  Known children were Rutha (married Alfred Finley, 4 Jan 1827), Mary, Tabitha (married Sugar Dulin, 10 Oct 1833), James (married Pricilla Connell), John Clayton, Wiley J., and Nancy.  First child was born in NC.  They are living in Jasper County for the 1820 census.  Samuel was born between 1775-1794.  Please contact Elizabeth if  you have information on this family.



        Roy  ( [email protected] ) is researching these surnames from Jasper County.  Charles Gaston was born in 1845, father of Alva/Alma Gaston.  Charles married Elizabeth Hardman, Sept 15 1873.  Charles was son of George M. Gaston and Nancy Morgan. Charles Morgan died about 1836.  He married Sarah and was the son of John Morgan who died in 1811.  Their daughter Nancy married George M. Gaston.  Please contact Roy if you have information on these families.



        Roy ( [email protected] ) is researching these surnames from Jasper County.  Martha (Patsy) Chaffin married Francis Malone in 1805.  Their daughter Katherine Malone was born Aug 15, 1808, and married Samuel H. Blackwell.  Their daughter was Amanda Blackwell who married Alfonzo Hardman in 1849.  



        Elizabeth ([email protected]) is researching these surnames from Jasper County.  James Buchanan (Buchannan), was born in 1760, died Dec 23 1832 in Jasper County, Ga.  His wife was Jane.  He was in the 1830 Jasper Co Census as Buchanon.  His daughter, Katherine (Catherine) was born 14 Dec 1795 in Georgia.  Katherine married William Connell.  Please contact Elizabeth is you have information on these families.



        Pat ([email protected]) is researching James Richard Calvert and family.  Looking for name of wife.  His father was named John M. Calvert, looking for spouse and other children.  Also John's parents. Please contact Pat if you have information on this family.


Joan ( [email protected] )  is researching the John High family. He is listed on census as having been born in North Carolina between 1786-1790. He is last in Jasper County on the 1850 Census. His daughters Susan and Juliane were still at home. He and a large part of his grown children and their families moved to Texas by 1860. He is on the 1860 and 1870 Titus County Texas census. He is living with his daughter Sarah Jane High Goolsby w/o William Goolsby (also from Jasper County). No record of his death has been found in Texas. I think he may have been buried in Harris Chapel Cemetery before 1880. John High's children were Sarah Jane High Goolsby, Wiley Turner High , John T High , Martha High Chapman Wise, Susan 
High Clark, and Juliane High Cummings or possible Cummingham. All the known children were born in Ga. I need to know who John's wife was. Who was the mother of his children. 
She is not listed on any available records. She may have died between 1830-1850 in Jasper County.
Need anything that would help me find who this John High's parents were.
All Texas records except census were burned in a court house fire. 
Thank you for any information on this family.


Gloria ( [email protected]) is researching the family of William Henry Tyler, born in 1824 in Georgia, parents probably born in Georgia also.  William Henry Tyler married first Elvey Milner.  The Milners were from Jasper County.  His second was was Mary Frances Pugh.  The Pughs were in Hancock County at one time and later in Harris County, Georgia.  Elizabeth Tyler may have married Andrew Jackson Lucas also from Jasper County.  Elizabeth Tyler's sister may have been William Henry Tyler. Please contact Gloria if you have information on this family.


Ron ( [email protected] ) is researching the family of William Henry Elliott, (b. 1881) and Mattie Lou Elliott (born 1883?)  They are his grandparents.  William was the son of James H. (b. 1835) and Sarah (b. 1845) Elliott.  James served with the Putnam County "Brown Rifles" brigade during the Civil War.  Some of the family lived in the Shady Dale area.  Any help appreciated.



Contact Robert Hale ( [email protected] )




Contact Robert Hale ( [email protected] )




Contact Robert Hale ( [email protected] )


Lucy ( [email protected] ) is researching the McGahee surname.  Benjamin and wife Elizabeth Powell McGahee and family were in Jasper County for the 1840 census.  She would like to know when they arrived in Jasper County and from where.  None were in the county in 1900.  Where did they go?  Benjamin also married another Elizabeth, need to know her last name, date of marriage or any other information.  Would like to have a photo of any of these people.  All information appreciated. 


Diane Williams [email protected] is researching these surnames.  Please click HERE to see more information.



Dana Norris [email protected] is researching these surnames.  Full names are:  FREEMAN; Henry, Rose, Lee, Nancy and Neal.  BUTTS: William, Dolly, Redick, Lou. DUMAS; James, Madora, Mary. COCHRAN,: Gus, Eloise, Sarah, Charlie.  JORDAN; Jack, Fannie and Estella. CAMPBELL; Sandy, Charlie and Willie.  Please contact her if you have information on these families.


Linda Essary [email protected] is researching these surnames.  Abraham Betts, son of Samuel and Bridget Betts, was born abt 1755 DE, died in Jasper Co., Aug 1826, married Sarah -?- abt 1783. What was Sarah's surname? Where were Abraham and Sarah buried? Children were: Jane Betts (4 Nov 1784-25 May 1852) mar. 1st Benjamin Evans, 2nd Thomas Berry Turner. Sarah Betts (3 Jul 1787-3 Jan 1874) mar. John Maddux; Nancy Betts (abt 1790-14 Feb 1874) mar. 1st John Driskell, 2nd Littleton Thomason; Margaret Kennon Betts (7 Aug 1792-28 Dec 1849) mar. John Courtney Gibson, James Betts (23 Oct 1796-13 Nov 1883) mar. 1st Nancy Jackson, 2nd Nancy E. Hearston; Joseph Betts (9 Jun 1799-11 Nov 1878) mar. Winney Jackson. Nancy and Winney Jackson were sisters, daughters. of Enoch Jackson and Nancy Moore. I would love to exchange info on any of these families.




Vera Moore [email protected] is researching these names. Specifically descendants of Silas MOORE and Ella BURNEY. 

Please contact her is you have information on these families - Also take a look at her home page at http://www.geocities.com/la_raspberry 


Larry Childs ( [email protected] ) is researching theses surnames.  He is looking for any families connected to William H. or William D. Brown from Jasper County.  They lived around and below Lake Jackson hear the river before the lake was built and some moved towards Monticello.  They have been in Jasper County since 1844 thru 1910, some still live there. He has information on the Allen line, but would be interested in any pictures of this family.  Please contact him if you have information to exchange on any of these lines. 


LaVerne Kirk ( [email protected] ) is researching these surnames.  This family lived in Jasper and Newton Counties.  Please contact LaVerne if you have any information on these lines. 

RISDON WADKIN MOORE b. 25 Mar 1810....d. Mar 1881
MARY ELIZABETH (UNKNOWN) b. 25 Mar 1810.....d.26 May 1868

JOHN JAMES MOORE b. 14 Feb 1846 d. 30 Apr 1924 married April 1, 1869,  AMARINTHA T. AARON (1st wife) b. 09 Sept 1848   d. 13 July 1893

BURRELL FRANKLIN MC/CULLOUGH b.03 Mar 1847 d. 4 June 1892
(His parents: Freeman Mc/Cullough  and Nancy Unknown b. 1825)

MARY JANE MC/CULLOUGH (1st wife) -2nd cousin with same 
surname) b. 28 Feb 1854 d. 04 Jun 1892
MARY NEILA GREEN (2nd wife) m. 03 Mar 1894
Occupation: Owned and operated a Cotton Gin & Saw Mill 
(believed to be in Newton County, Ga.)
Had 6 children by his 1st wife --- 8 children by his 2nd wife.

She  would like more info and/or verification as to where her 
ancestors were buried. She has  info from several U.S.Census 
listing their children and place of birth, etc. 


Shirley ( [email protected] ) is researching Jesse Reeves.  He died in Jasper County in 1815 or 16.  His daughter, Cynthia Reeves married her ggg grandfather James Brazell (Brasselle/Braswell).  Shirley would like to have a copy of his will that she is told is on file in Monticello at the Court House.  Please contact her if you have any information on this will. 


Jim ( [email protected] ) is researching these surnames, please contact him if you have any information on these families. 


Jim ( [email protected]  ) is researching the above surnames. 

  WILLIAM (A) MCDONALD, b. abt 1800 (NC), d. May 1858 Jasper Co. GA. 

William (A) McDonald  may have been the son of ALEXANDER MCDONALD of Jasper Co. GA.? 

Alexander McDonald was one of the earliest settlers of Jasper Co. GA moving there from Elbert Co. GA. 
William (A) McDonald married SARAH A. BARNWELL, 4 Feb 1849 Jasper Co. GA. 
William (A) McDonald was in the carpentry/lumber business. 
Their son ALEXANDER GRAY MCDONALD was born 24 May 1852 in Jasper Co. GA.

Sarah Barnwell McDonald married second, JOHN J. CAMPBELL, 3 Feb 1861 
Jasper Co. GA.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for 

Please contact Jim if you have information on these families.

Brown, Vaughn, King, Millen and McDonough 

Larry Childs ( [email protected] ) is researching the above surnames.

William H. Brown married Sarah H. Vaughn both were born in South Carolina and moved to Jasper County about 1856 

Brown connected families I am researching 

Andrew Sewell King married Martha J. Brown 
William D. Brown married Sallie D. Mc Donough 
Phebe Vaughn married? 
Florrie Euginia (Jennie ) Millen 

Please contact Larry is you have information on these families

Stallings, Bankston, Sterling, Stelling(s)

Gene Sterling ( [email protected] ) is researching the above surnames. 

  There vast numbers of seekers of information about my ancestral family. Originating in VA, its descendents took varied routs in their respective westward migrations. 

The branch from which I sprang took a southern rout through GA, AL, MS, LA, TX and points beyond. I had been informed that Reuben Stallings had married Francis (Fanny) Bankston in Jasper County.  
. My research via the net has led me to conclude that Reuben was the son of Malachi Stallings who appears to have died in Greene Co. in/after 1803. 

Reuben and Fanny, et al lived out their last days in Clarke Co. MS. Their sojourn there is responsible for my legal surname. In MS, the name STALLINGS is pronounced (both then and now) STELLINGS with the final 's' elided more often than not. I the 1870 census, the Stelling pronunciation was rendered as Sterling. And although Jeptha (my great grandfather) corrected the spelling in 1880, his sons all adopted the census-taker's 1870 rendering. 

Please contact Gene is you have information on these families


Diana Light, ( [email protected] ) is researching the Harvey surname.
I am seeking information of a possible early marriage and children for Nehemiah HARVEY (b. 1780), brother of Zephaniah 
HARVEY (d. 1832). This Nehemiah appears to be the one who married Sarah Ard in MS in 1816. There is another Nehemiah 
HARVEY (born about 1800) who lived in Fayette Co., AL. Evidence is that this second Nehemiah was associated with 
Hezekiah JOHNSON and DAVIS and other HARVEY family members from Jasper Co., GA. My interest is in finding any evidence 
that the elder Nehemiah may have had a first family in GA before moving to MS, including whether the younger Nehemiah 
may have been his son. Court records indicate that the elder Nehemiah suffered repeated debts, at least one of which 
Zephaniah signed for, and that he may have skipped out by 1815. Many thanks for any clues! 

Please contact Diana if you have information on this family.


Jay Holland ( [email protected] ) is researching the Holland surname

Trying to find out if any one knows were Isaac W. T. Holland is buried.  He was born March 31 1826 and died June 18 1894.  The Morgan Co. newspaper said he was buried beside his mother and father in Jasper Co. There is no marker in the Holland graveyard outside Monticello,  could there be another Holland graveyard? His father is Lawson S. Holland born June 5 1786 and died July 8 1850 he is also a civil war vet. If any one has any info please let me know.

Please contact Jay if you have information on this family.

Horton, Rivers
Bob Horton  [email protected] is researching the above surnames. 

I am searching for any information on Edmond Jackson Horton. Information I have shows he married Elizabeth Green Rivers in Jasper County GA on 27 March 1836. I have not been able to confirm this with information on the Jasper County Web site. I am trying to establish a link, if there is one, between Edmond Jackson and Elisha Horton. Elisha shows up on early census with a male in the household about the age I would expect Edmond Jackson to be. I had a birth date (unconfirmed) for Edmond of 1815.
A John Rivers (shows up on page 29 of the 1820 census with a female in the household the same age Elizabeth (b. 1811) would have been. John Rivers was the name of Elizabeth's father. I am trying to get any information on Elisha. Wife's name/children's name(s)/when they arrived in GA/from where/etc. Mostly I am just trying to establish a link between Elisha and Edmond, if there is one.

Please contact Bob if you have information on this family.


Gloria Tyler Taylor is researching the Tyler and Goolsby surnames from Jasper County.  The following is the information she has and needs. 

Please email her at ( [email protected] ) if you have information on this family. 

I have reason to believe that my grandfather, William Henry Tyler born in 1824 in Ga., was one of the sons of William Tyler(born 1790) and Elizabeth Goolsby (born 1790) of Jasper County, GA.. I am thinking seriously of using Y-DNA analysis to add to my research and further prove my conclusion. 
I would like to be in touch with any male descendant of this family and see if possibly they have had this test done or would be willing to do so. In turn, I would compare the results with a male descendant of William Henry Tyler and hopefully prove my connection to this family..
Male children of William and Elizabeth:

Jobe M. Tyler Sr., married Candice Wise and later Mary Kinard 
Their sons:
Jobe M. Tyler Jr.
John J. Tyler
George Washington Tyler
Barnabus F. Tyler
Martin V. B. Tyler
Thomas Jobe Tyler
Henry Slayton Tyler

George Washington Tyler Sr. married Sarah Mosley
Their sons:
James Washington Tyler
Robert S. Tyler
Louis M. Tyler
George Washington Tyler Jr.
John Franklin Tyler
Jobe Tyler
William and Elizabeth Tyler also had a son Franklin, another son who I suspect was a James, and then my grandfather William Henry (if it proves to be correct). They had about five daughters. Some of their married names were possibly Willingham, Germain, and Lucas.( At this time I am only interested to the males of the family.) 
The names listed would have been generations back but perhaps there is someone that has kept information about this family over the years.. I would appreciate their help and would certainly share any information that I have gathered about this branch of Tylers.


 Lynn Griffin ( [email protected] ) is researching the Park or Parks surnames. 

 Wm. Park b. NC in 1805 probably moved to GA, possibly Jasper Co., as a child. He married Almira Catherine Kendrick in 1833, lived in Pike & Upson Co. and then in 1862-3 he moved to Jasper Co., bought land & died there, I presume, Dec. 16, 1864. Almira died 1 mo. later leaving 2 under age sons. Francis M. was 17 or 18 & chose Carrington Pitts as his guardian, whose daughter he later married. Quedalous Smith (Dallas), my great grandfather. was 6 & his sister & husband Elizabeth & Charles Lane of Shady Dale became his guardian.
Dallas married Celeste Eugene Dennis in 1888 & they lived in Monticello. My father  was b. 6 Sept. 1901 & in 1908 Dallas died. He & my great grandmother are buried in West View Cemetery. Have been told he was a brick mason & help rebuild the town after the 1877 fire. Any info. would be appreciated about either Wm. or Dallas.


Lynn Griffin ( [email protected] is researching the Griffin surname

  James Griffin was known to be in Jasper Co. early 1820, had 2 sons born there, Wm. M. 25 July 1825 and Green Lee 07 Oct. 1827. He moved to AL. by 1845. Any info. especially his wife's name would be appreciated.


Jack McConnell ( [email protected] ) is researching the Cardin surname.

  James Cardin was born in North Carolina in 1790, is found in Jasper County in 1816 when he married a Polly Hay. He migrated to Henry County around 1822 when my gg grandfather was born. There were at least one other James Carden in Jasper but is not the one who is my ancestor.



HB Zalar is researching the above surnames. 

 Please contact him at [email protected] if you have information on these names.
I am researching the descendants of Susannah Dickie Chappell Compton (1786 VA- 1874 GA) and Jordan Compton (unk- May 30, 1864 GA).  

  I found the basic outline for my research in the book entitled: A genealogical History of the Chappell, Dickie, and other Kindred Families by Phil E. Chappell.

I used it to make the framework for my family tree, and now I am filling in as many blanks and trying to find as many final resting places as I am able to do.



 Lonnie W Duke is researching the Duke surname.

Please contact him at [email protected] if you have information on this family. 

My great grand father, Burley James Duke, was born in Jasper County in 1812 . He moved to Tenn, and lived in Mt Pleasant as a tailor. 
In 1852 he moved to Texas. We do not know who his parents were nor any of his siblings. We think his father may have been Benjamin 
Duke.. Any help would be appreciated.  


Jerry Phelps is researching these surnames.  Please contact him at [email protected] if you have information on these families. 

Here is the information he has: 

I am researching the Phelps Families of Jasper County, GA. They descend from Scotch-Irish ancestors who came to the Colonies from 
Ireland via Barbados to Baltimore MD. Avinton Felps being the 1st born in this country. Avinton moved to NC in 1700’s.

Avinton’s oldest son, Aquilla, came to GA in the early 1770’s with his 5 sons. Aquilla returned to NC after the Rev War but his sons 
stayed. His sons: William died in Richmond in 1783 (possibly in the Rev War) William’s son, David D. Felps served in the Rev War(from 
GA). Thomas: served in Rev War (from GA).

Thomas and William both named their first sons Aquilla, after their father. Both Aquillas, Aquilla Aventon Phelps, son of William, and 
Aquilla Philip Phelps, son of Thomas, ended up in Jasper County GA. Aquilla Aventon died there in 1853, Aquilla Philip move to Floyd 

Aquilla’s granddaughter, Elizabeth Smith Brown was married to Brown Sanders. Their son, W.E. Sanders was Mayor of Forsyth, GA in the 

Elizabeth and Brown Sanders were still living on the old Phelps plantation around 1900. I have been trying to find the site. 

I would like to locate Aquilla Aventon Phelps old home site and find all the families of Aquilla’s daughters. They married William 
Barclay, Joseph G. Porter, William Johnston, McDaniel (Jacob Jr.), John B. Smith, Lorenzo D. Harrison, Andrew Green Mays.

James Johnson and Jubil Cochran were executors on Aqilla’s will. It looks like the old Phelps Place was between the Spears and the 
Tolands but I can’t nail it down. After the 1850’s, I cannot locate any of Aquilla’s daughters or son G.W. Phelps. Aquilla’s grandson, 
William Hearn Phelps moved to McNairy TN (my line). The Hearn middle name may come from the Hearns in Jasper County. William 
Hearn Phelps (my g.g. grandfather) was born in Jasper County and was raised by Aquilla. William Hearn named one of his sons Jubil 
Cochran Phelps.

 My g. grandfather was born in Harris County GA. I had six 
generations of my family live in Jasper County.


Nan Crawford is researching these surnames.  She is looking for information about Middleton W. Cox, born 8/8/1820, location unknown, 

married 6/6/1839 to Louisa Bussey Oden in Jasper County, Georgia, died 3/16/1849 in Jasper County. 

She is a direct descendant of Middleton Cox.

Please contact her at [email protected]


 Beth Conatser   ( [email protected] ) is researching the above surname.  Her 3rd great grandfather  
was Richard Robert Stalnaker(Stonicker, Stolnaker, Stanecher).  She is trying to find out who his parents were.  
 He was born in 1823 in Jasper County Georgia..  .He married Sarah Blackburn in Troup County in 1844, on 
the certificate he is listed as Robert Stonicker  .She believes his brother (no proof) was Adam W. Stalnaker married Kitty Gregory 
8-1844 in Randolph County Alabama...(adjacent to Troup)...Also has found a Benjamin Stalnaker record from 1827 Ga Land Lottery. awarded 
121 acres in Troup, he was a resident of Butts County at that time..she feels like this may be the father of Richard, but no 
proof...Richard , Adam, and another possible brother also named Benjamin left Ga and moved to northern Mississippi and all 3 joined 
the Confederacy the same day, plus census in Ms show they lived very close, making me think they were brothers...Also Adam was issued a 
furlough when Richard died, furthermore making me feel they are brothers. 

Please email Beth if you have information on this family.

Gilstrap, Brown

[email protected]
  is researching these surnames.  Her ancestors,
 Frank Gilstrap and Easter, were owned by John 
Gilstrap. She would like to know  whether or not anyone had any 
information on her ancestors or the family that owned them.

Also, I have two more ancestors...Joshua Brown and 
Matilda...they had a son named Peter Choyce...and I was 
looking to see if there is any information on them or who 
owned them.

The time period seems to be somewhere between 1790-1835.

Please contact her at [email protected] 

King, Tillman, McGehee/McGee, Hattaway/Hadaway

Janet King Sikes  ( [email protected] ) is researching these surnames. 

She found  an original will in the GA Archives dated, Aug. 16, 1849 for Dolly King in Jasper, GA. Her research first indicated that she and 
Richard King  had only two sons, George W. and William J. King but this will also lists her daughters, as 
Elizabeth Tillman, Sarah Hattaway and Mary Hattaway and Letty McGee. I think that maybe Elizabeth King is the first wife of John "Jack" 
Tillman. The 1850 USFC lists his wife as Pheby but she may be his second wife.   Elizabeth may died after the birth 
of their son, Richard, born abt. 1845 and he married Pheby between then and 1850. Elizabeth and John possibly had six children. 
Elizabeth, Martha Ann, Mary Ann, George W., John T. and Richard Tillman. I have been able to follow up on most of the children 
except John. I have been on Ancestry World Tree Project that lists a John Harrison Tillman but the 1870 USFC clearly lists him as "John 
T." Tillman. 

Please contact Janet if you have information on these surnames.

Pendergrass, Freeman, Smith

 Bill Smith [email protected] or [email protected]  is researching these surnames.

Hiram Pendergrass married Cynthia or Syntha Freeman 12-02-1815 , Jasper Co. 

He is on the 1820 census. Their daughter Sarah Herring.

Pendergrass marries Anderson W. Smith: Family shows up in Rusk Co. 
Texas. Any help on this family is appreciated.  

Please contact Bill if you have information on these names.


Lisa Pemberton ( [email protected] )is  looking for information on Joshua and Jane PEMBERTON. 
They were in Randolph Co. in 1810. I am told Randolph became Jasper County. I do not know Jane's maiden name. Any 
information is greatly appreciated. They did have a run in with a Sally Downey and her father James Downey in 1810. The 
Downey's were suing Joshua and Jane Pemberton. This is the only record I can find on them.

Please contact Lisa if you have information on this family.

Ricketts, Boyle

Joseph King ( [email protected] ) is researching these surnames. He is the ggg  Grandson of 
Richard Shorter Ricketts. He is  searching for his grave. He was born 6-26-1812 and died 1-21 1886.
He was married to Nancy Shirley Boyle 1-2-1845.
The 1880 census shows them living in district 300 Jones County, Ga.
The 1890 census records aren't available.
The 1900 census shows Nancy Ricketts living in (Minter and Gilstrap District) Jasper county Ga., with Joseph Ricketts (her 
youngest son) after Richard's death in 1886. He may  have moved to Jasper co. with them before his death.
 Any help would be appreciated.

Please contact Joseph if you have information on this family. 

Farrar, Webb

Boots Farrar is researching these surnames.  He is the ggg grandson of   Thomas Jefferson Farrar and  Judith 
Webb who married in  1814 Jasper Co.  ( some transcriptions show
the name was spelled Farrow, however a family bible clearly shows that 
it was Thomas Jefferson Farrar, his brother Henry Lansford Farrar 
married a Sally Farrar in 1811 in the same County.

He assumes that the girls were sisters or cousins. The Farrar's were born 
in South Carolina, and migrated to Perry Co Alabama circa 1816-1818., after 
stopping in Jasper Co. Ga.

He is looking for information about  the Webb girls and their parents?. There are three candidates in the 1820 Census (all over 45 
years of age) Edward, James and John Webb.

There is no record of any Farrar's in the census of 1820. His great grandfather was born in Union Parish, LA in 1850, his 
father William Thomas Farrar lived in union parish (with his brothers and cousins) until 1855, but he was not enumerated 
although his brothers were.

The father of Henry Lansford Farrar and Thomas Jefferson Farrar was a Stephen David 
Farrar. Henry and Thomas were born in South Carolina, Stephen David Farrar was born either in North Carolina or Virginia.

He has  found a Stephen D Farrar in the 1820 Census of Morgan County, Capt Shaw's District, but this Stephen D. Farrar is too young to 
be the father of Thomas and Henry. There is also a Thomas Jefferson Farrow in Morgan County, Ga in Capt Farrows District 
in the 1820 Census, but he is too old to be his ancestor.

Please contact Boots at [email protected] if you have information on these surnames

Edwards, Martin, Lumsden

Zane Jacobson ( [email protected] ) is researching these surnames. 

His ancestor, Jeremiah Martin was born about 1838 in Jasper County, Georgia. He married Henrietta 
Edwards in 1857 in Jasper County. He  believes that Jeremiah is the grandson of Oliver H. and Susannah Lumsden Martin. Any 
information would be greatly appreciated.  

Please contact Zane  [email protected] is you have information. 

Persons, Payne, Stone

 Carole Williams  ( [email protected] ) is researching these surnames.  She 
  is looking for information on offspring of Nancy Ophelia Persons, b. 12/23/1858, and Thomas M. Payne, b 
9-21-1856, married 1/24/1884. Particularly interested in their daughter, Elizabeth Lucile Payne Stone, b. 2/4/1887. married Allen 
Hill Stone, born 2/3/1886. Cannot find any information on Allen H. Stone's cause of death.

Please contact Carole at [email protected] if you have information.

   Duke, Jones

Carole Graham [email protected] is researching these surnames.  

  Hodges Bartholomew Duke, was her  great-great grandfather.  He served 
in the Civil War. Mary Wilson Duke was one of his wives.  Mary Estelle Duke 
Jones, was the daughter of Hodges son, Andrew Jackson Duke.

Andrew married Allie Pinnell in Dodge County GA. Her grandmother often told her that  her grandfather came 
over from Holland on a ship, was preacher, and married his first wife on the ship coming over. The first wife 
was from Ireland. He is buried along with his four wives in the Zebulon Baptist Church Cemetery in Dodge 
County, GA. Hodges Duke was a mule trainer in the war, but was too old really to participate in the 

Please contact Carole if you have information on these surnames.

Holland, Binford, Bates

Donna Holland Hornback ( [email protected] ) is researching these surnames.

Walter F. Holland married Sarah Binford June 26, 1861 (Jasper County).   He is the son of Richard and Louisa E. Bates Holland. (great-grandparents) Walter Frank would be a brother to her great grandfather Richard Henry Lee Holland. 
 Richard Holland was born about 1820 in North Carolina, married Louisa E. Bates, they are found in 1850 Cherokee County, Alabama and 1860 Cherokee Co, Ga census.  No trace of Richard after that.  Walter and Sarah, along with Louisa Holland are found 1870 and 1880 Indiana census.   The children of Walter and Sarah Holland are later found back in Jasper County.  Sarah Binford is found in 1850 and 1860 Jasper County census with Henry and Philadelphia Benford.  Henry Benford and family are found in 1870 in Shady Dale, Wyatt's district.  Would like to find information on the Holland families of Jonas, Alexander S, Lawson, James H. or any other Holland families found in Jasper County and on any Benford/Binford families.  

Her question has always been....Who are the parents of Richard Holland born abt. 1820 NC? She has found several Holland 
families in Jasper County. Walter and Sarah Holland went North to Indiana and are on the 1870 census along with Walter's mother. 1880 shows that Walter is in the 'Poor House' and his family is also still in Indiana. Information shows that Sarah brought her family back to Jasper County, and some of that line still live in Jasper county. If there are any of the descendants of these families currently living in Jasper County, would like to get in touch with them.

Other lines are found in Missouri. Her great grandfather Richard Henry Lee Holland is found in Missouri, 
Indian Territory and Texas. We think that he also was a preacher. 

Please contact  Donna if you have information on these surnames.

Wyatt, Blackwell

 Julie Anne Williamson ( [email protected] ) is  researching the Wyatt and Blackwell families from Jasper County, Ga. In particular, her 
great-grandmother Carrie Bell Wyatt, b. 1879, was married to James Henry Blackwell in 1897. No one in her  family knows who Carrie Bell(e)'s parents were. They think she was a John W. Wyatt (b. 1818)'s grandaughter (he was married to Mary Wyatt) but can not find any records from the 1890 Federal Census to support that. 
Any information anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!  

Please email Julie Anne if you have information on these families

Johnson, Hillsman or Hillman

  Betty White  [email protected] is researching these surnames.

 Margaret Hillsman was born in 1844; married Alexander L Johnson 1860. The only info I know is that 
they had 8 children. He was wounded in the war in 1862. Some 
of the family moved to Dodge County GA sometime in the early 1900's. 

Please contact Betty if you have information on these surnames

Martin, Lumsden

Zane Jacobson [email protected] is researching these surnames. 

 Searching for information on Oliver H. Martin who married Susannah Lumsden (daughter of Jeremiah Lumsden). 
This family lived in Jasper County, Georgia, they had two sons: Hugh M, and Joseph Martin. Searching for other children of 
Oliver and Susannah Lumsden Martin. 


Adams, Williamson

Louise Hendrix is researching these surnames.

Her  grandmother was Emma Lee Adams, born in Jasper County Nov 20, 1870,  married William Green Williamson 
in 1893. She died in 1906 and is buried in Jones County Ga. Her mother's name was Sarah Elizabeth, (surname unknown).  She does not 
know Emma's fathers name. Emma's children were Oscar, Tommie, Eddie and Eula.  

Please contact Louise at [email protected] if you have information on this family.



Laurie Lockwood is looking for the Lockwood family that lived in Jasper County  around 1814.  James Lockwood died about this time and he had a son named William.  William was charged with murder in Jasper or Crawford County.  He later moved to Macon County.

Please contact Laurie at [email protected] if you have information on this family.


Louise Hendrix is looking for information about Sarah Adams Green, 1854-1882.  She was the first wife of William Henry Green (1851-1920).  William's second wife was Sallie Williamson Green.

Please contact Louise at [email protected] if you have information on this family.

Smart (African-American)

Nelson, Dukes, Holland, Gregory (caucasian) 

Sherry Nelson  ( [email protected] ) is researching these surnames. 

The  families resided in Jasper County from the early to mid 1800's.
William NELSON, d. 1836 in Jasper County.  Richard V. GREGORY was convicted & hanged 
for murdering William. The children of William NELSON and his wife, Martha, were 
James Riley NELSON (b.1823), George S. NELSON (b. 1829) & Martha B. NELSON DUKES 
(b. 1821). James' wife was Julia HOLLAND (parents unknown). 

In the 1850 census, George was living next door to the other Nelson family members, in a household 
with 3 generations of a free black family: Mary SMART (aged 65), Eliza SMART 
(aged 20), Walter SMART (aged 6), Samuel SMART (aged 4), Mary SMART (aged 1). 
The Nelson/Dukes family moved to Arkansas by 1860. 

Please email sherry at ( [email protected] ) if you have information on this family. 


Wayne Maris ( [email protected] ) is researching these two surnames.  Please contact him if you have information on these surnames. 



Karon Mathews is researching Asberry English Gray and Martha F. Tucker, who married in Jasper County in 1843.  By 1848 the Gray family had moved to Lauderdale, MS and in 1860 A. E. Gray founded the town of Hickory in Newton, MS. 

Please contact Karon at [email protected] if you have information on this family.



Margaret Stovall is researching the Bryant and Brooks surnames.   Bird Bryant was born in Virginia about 1803. He moved to Jasper County before the 1840 census, married Letitia Brooks and was a farmer.  They had 10 children, one of whom is Margaret's great great grandfather, Hiram J. Bryant.  Hiram was born in May 1848, grew up in Jasper County, then moved to Butts County about 1900.  He married Lucy Thompson. 

Please contact Margaret at [email protected] if you have information on this family.



If you have info on these surnames, please contact Wayne Maris at [email protected] 



George Nelson is researching his 2nd great grandfather, Thomas Nelson, born about 1802 in Maryland.  He was residing in Jasper County.  He married Elizabeth Patrick (b. 1810) on Dec 31, 1826 (abt age 24) in Jasper County, Georgia.  The family was recorded there in the 1830 US census.  They later moved to Macon County, Alabama.  Thomas was one of only two Nelson's residing (recorded) in Jasper County in 1830, the other was William Nelson, born between 1880 and 1890, also possibly from Maryland.  To date no definitive relation has been made between the two.  Thomas Nelson may have had a sister named Catherine who married William Knight in 1819 in Jasper County, who also later moved to Barbour County, Alabama.  Any information about this Nelson family will be greatly appreciated.  Please contact George at [email protected] if you have any information.



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