abstracted by Harvey Powell

February 1970

(Transcribed by Suzanne Forte ([email protected]) February 2005, based on information furnished

by Benny Hawthorne)

Various Deeds Recorded in Jasper County Pertaining to the Sale and Purchase of the Monticello Academy Lot


Minutes - Superior Court - Jasper County, Ga. 1885 - 1897, page 283,  September Term 1889

    Petition for incorporation of Monticello Academy - "The foregoing application of H. O. Jordan, J. H. Kelly, G. W. Persons, Lucian Benton, E. H. Jordan and others to be incorporated as the MONTICELLO ACADEMY CO, etc. 

    It is ordered that they and their associates in the petition be and they are hereby incorporated under the name and style of Monticello Academy Company with all singular, etc. A charter to issue to their and their successors for the period of 20 years and that this order and petition be entered on the Minutes of the Court, Dec 5, 1889."  W. F. Jenkins, Judge, S.C.O.C., Recorded, W. F. Jordan, Clerk

Deed Book "E" page 465, Clerk's Office, Court House, Monticello, Georgia, December 24, 1858

    Trustees of the Male Academy, Monticello, Georgia viz; Charles S. Jordan, Sr., Reuben Jordan, Jr, Francis M. Swanson, Wyatt R. Smith, William C. Penn, David Meriwether, to: George F. Meriwether, for $100,00, one lot of land in town of Monticello whereon the Monticello Male Academy Building lately stood.  Recorded Sept 28 1859, C. E. F. W. Campbell, Clerk, Witness:  George E. Young, F. M. Swanson, N. P. 

Deed Book "E", page 465, Clerk's Office, Court House, Monticello, Georgia  September 26 1859

George F. Meriwether to S.C. and A. J. Talmadge for $110.00. one lot of land in town of Monticello whereon the Monticello Male Academy Building formerly stood adjoining Eli S. Glover's (formerly David Reese) lot and lands belonging to David Meriwether. Signed, George F. Meriwether, Recorded September 28, 1859, C. E. F. W. Campbell, Clerk, Witness: Davis Lane, Jno. L. Patterson, J. P. 

Deed Book "J", page 551, Clerk's Office, Court House, Monticello, Georgia, October 16 1886

Joseph G. Tolleson & Albert J. Talmadge to Harvey B. Jordan and E. H. Jordan.  For $300.00, a certain parcel of land known as the Old Male Academy lot whereon O .P. Hickman now resides, containing  3/4 acres, bounded on the northwest by lands of Benjamin W. Peurifoy, on the northwest and southeast by lands of Mrs. Allen , known as the Meriwether Field and on the other side by the street leading from the public square to Eatonton, the west corner of said land being near a large white oak, which grows close to the forks of Green and Washington Streets, etc.  Signed:  Joseph G. Tolleson, Albert J. Talmadge, Witness: Fleming Jordan,  Recorded  Jan 26 1891, W. F. Jordan, Clerk, D. W. Peurifoy, N. P. 

Deed Book "J", page 551, Clerk's Office, Court House, Monticello, Georgia  December 16 1886

Henry B. Jordan and Erasmus H. Jordan to Edward B. Smith of said county and state for $350, the above lot of land in the town of Monticello, etc.  Signed, H. B. Jordan, E. H. Jordan, recorded Jan 26 1891, W. F. Jordan, Clerk, Witness:  A. J. Leverett, W. F. Jordan, J. P. 

Deed Book "L" page 51, Clerk's Office, Court House, Monticello, Georgia  March 25 1897 

E. B. Smith to Charles L. Henderson for $500.00, a certain house and lot in the town of Monticello known as the Old Male Academy lot, where C. E. Wellington now resides, fronting on the street leading from the Junction of Green and Washington Streets leading towards Eatonton via Smithboro, bounded North and East by lands of C. H. Jordan, south by the street, west by land of Mary F. Wellington purchased of Benjamin W. Peurifoy with right of C. E. Wellington to occupy rent free until September 1 1897.  Signed, E. B. Smith, Sr., recorded March 25 1897

The earliest newspaper published in Jasper County was the "Jasper County News" founded 1881 in Monticello, Georgia, by the family of T. R. Penn.  It became the "official organ" of Jasper County in May 1884 and the oldest file to be found in the Ordinary's Office is for 1884 beginning with May 3 1884 issue.  The oldest issue now (1971) existing is in a broken file of the Monticello News and begins with Volume 1, Number 10, dated May 20 1882 in which is given a directory of county and city officials, churches, lodges and names two schools in Monticello, "Monticello Female Academy, Miss Eva Sassnett, Principal and "Monticello Male Academy", Professor W. A. Reid, Principal. 

        March 20 1882 - A "notice to teachers" to be examined for licenses by Willis Newton, County School Commissioner. 

        June 10 1882 - Miss Eva Sassnett's School will soon be closed for vacation and a nice exhibition will be expected.

        July 22 1882 - From "Peru" at Hillsboro - Considering its size, Hillsboro can excel Monticello in at least one thing, and that is the number of children.  Professor Andrews has 44 scholars and more a coming.

        Nov 4 1882 - Parties indebted to me for tuition are respectfully requested to come forward and make settlement.  H. C. Hill.

        Dec 23 1882 - The trustees of the respective academies have agreed to consolidate the two and make one united effort to have a good mixed school in Monticello.  J. H. Kelly, President.

        Jan 13, 1883 - The trustees have selected Mr. Asbury Mixon as teacher of the mixed school at this place

        March 24 1853 - We had the pleasure of witnessing the exercises of Professor Mixon's school.

        April 14 1883 - Our Mixon-Shipp School has 60 scholars and the children are making rapid progress.  The musical department is under the charge of Mrs. Elder, a most excellent teacher.

        April 28 1883 - Professor Mixon's school will picnic at Jackson Springs next Friday. 

        June 30 1883 - Professor C. E. Pattillo, son of presiding elder,  has charge of the Hillsboro High School. 

        July 7 1883 - Upon the resignation of Professor Mixon, the board of trustees have elected Professor H. C. Hill to teach the fall term which will open the first Monday in August. 

        July 28 1883 - Professor H. C. Hill has returned to his first love - 50 scholars.

        September 8 1883 - Mrs. Hill and son Walter sick, Mr. Hill gets assistance from Josie Shipe?.

        November 24, 1883 - Professor Hill's school closed this week.

        February 2, 1884 - D. R. Andrew's "commenced school" in Hillsboro, GA.

        February 2, 1884 - School Notice - Monticello Female Academy, Mrs. S. E. Hodnett teacher, also rtes.

        April 26 1884 - Professor Hill's school made a fair start with 24 scholars this week.         

        May 10, 1884  "Professor Hill's School is getting on well, some 30 odd scholars (Mr. Powell's note, "must have been using the old Male Academy Building".)        

        August 16 1884 Issue carries notice of fall term of the Monticello Female High School to begin Monday, September 8th with Miss Sue Norman (of Hancock County) in charge and Pre (?),  her sister as music teacher.  The rates, Literacy Dept, $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50 per month.  Musical Dept. $3.00 per month, incidentals, 10 cents per month.  Trustees, J. H. Kelly, President, G. R. Dozier, O. G. Roberts, J. G. Tolleson, Aris Newton, S.C. Charping.

        August 23 1884 issue carried the notice of H. C. Hill's Monticello Mixed School to begin second session on Monday, September 1st in the large double parlor of the Dyer House, using the desks and seats belonging to the Male Academy. (Mr. Powell's note: "The Dyer House still stands (1970) The property of Ernest Key, Jr.  John R. Dyer, who purchased the house from Matilda A. Meriwether, on Feb 15 1875, resided there until his death Nov 6 1880.  James C. Key, the administrator of his estate, sold it at public outcry December 1881 to M. A. McDowell and J. W. Preston, neither of whom resided there but used same for rental to others until a favorable sale could be made:. 

        Dec 20 1884 - Miss Sue Norman's school closed last week for Christmas.  The Trustees have secured her services for another year. 

        December 20 1884 - Miss Sue Norman's (female) school closed last week and she left Wednesday for her home in Haddock...the trustees have secured her services for another year. 

        Jan 12 1885 - A meeting of citizens of Monticello met in the Court House.  Dr. G. M. Clements, Chairman, G. W. Persons, Secretary, addresses made by Dr. W. R. Maddox, Rev. O. A. Thrower, and W. A. Reid who spoke in behalf of the need of a good school in our midst.  A committee of 8 appointed to report on feasibility of moving and combining the two present academy buildings into a one commodious academy.

        January 31 1885 - After receiving the report of the committee, the trustees resolved that the Female Academy (building) be moved to the Male Academy and the two be added and constructed together for a school house for both male and female children.

        March 12 1885 - Miss Norman is now teaching a mixed school.

        May 7 1885 - Not withstanding the unfavorable weather, last Friday, Miss Norman's school went out in full force to Benton's Mill and spent a delightful day. 

        May 21 1885 -Miss Norman assisted by Miss May Bonner (of Macon) is now teaching the public term and the school is quite a flourishing one. 

        July 23 1885 - School closed last Friday for several weeks vacation.

        September 10 1885 - The patrons and friends of Miss Norman are notified that she will resume her school here next Monday, the 14th.  School opened with 24 pupils.

        December 31 1885 - The Trustees of the Monticello High School are moving their enterprise and will have the two academies moved together next week, and then have room for 150 scholars.

        December 3, 1885 - Professor W. T. Dumas of Towns, Georgia has been elected principal of the Monticello High School (the combined male and female school)

        January 21 1886.  The spring term of Monticello High School will open the first Monday in February.  Our teacher, Professor W. T. Dumas will expect prompt attendance in the beginning.

        January 21 1886  -  Professor Dumas arrived in town Tuesday afternoon.  Trustees advertised for sale the "Male Academy Grounds from which the Academy was recently removed for sale"  The land is situated on the south side of the town of Monticello adjoining lands of Dr. T. C. Broddus on North and South, the public street on west and lands of F. M. Swanson on East, containing about 2 2/3 acres.

        February 4 1886 - Mr. E. B. Smith, of Smithboro, bought the Lot at $65 per acre.

        February 18 1886 - Miss Sue Norman arrived Tuesday and will assist Professor Dumas.

        June 3 1886 - Professor Dumas school will close July 6th with an entertainment 

        September 1 1886 - Professor Dumas opened school last Monday with 35 scholars.  The number has since increased to 42. 

        Jan 20 1887 - The Spring term of the Monticello Male And Female High School opens Jan 17 1887 and closes July 1st, continuing six months.  The term will be as follows:

            Advanced Class - Embracing Latin, Greek, French, Algebra, Geometry, Physiology, Rhetoric, Natural Philosophy, $3.00 per month

            Intermediate Class - Embracing higher English, grammar, higher arithmetic, geography, English, composition, history, spelling - $2.50 per month.

            Primary Class - Embracing first lessons in grammar, arithmetic, geography, spelling $2.00 per month.

                By the Board of Trustees, J. H. Kelly, President, J. W. Preston, Secretary, J. G. Elder, G. R. Dozier, O. H. Benton

       March 24 1887 - Professor Dumas' poem entitled "The Dinner Horn", which appeared in the (Atlanta) Constitution a few days ago, has been highly complimented.

        August 18 1887 - Professor Dumas opened school last monday with 25 scholars (School house located East of Methodist Church Cemetery)

        July 5 1888 - Jasper County News - "The Result of the Public School Census in Jasper County, Ga. is:  Whites 1620 - Colored - 2791 - total 4,411.

       November 22 1888 - Professor C. G. Power has closed his school at Hillsboro and his assistant, Miss Eva Elder, has returned to her home in Monticello (The two were married December 29 1888 at the home of the bride's father, Dr. J. G. Elder.)

        September 5 1889 - Professor W. T. Dumas, who for four years has faithfully served the people of Monticello, resigned as principal of Monticello School to accept a similar position in Sparta, Ga.

        October 17 1889 - Succeeded by H. B. Moss, of Mableton, Ga. (he remained only 3 months, next to Shady Dale School)

        July 25 1889 - Professor Ernest Neal, Hillsboro Academy .

        Jan 2 1890 - Professor J. C. Bass of Atlanta, elected to take charge of Monticello Academy and opened school, Jan 6 1890.  Miss Bass, his sister, soon arrived thereafter and became his assistant.

       February 6 1890 - "Work is being pushed on the Academy and we indulge the fond hope that ere long it will stand in its architectural beauty, the pride of our town and county.  Mr. Alfred Jacobson and J. C. Conner are the contractors.  The Corner Stone containing relics was laid Feb 18 1890.  Some one has suggested the name of College Street as being appropriate for the street leading out by the Academy.  What do you think of it?"

        February 6 1890 - Ben Hill Academy, Hillsboro.  Our school is now under Professor L. A. Murphy, assisted by daughter Emma Lee Murphy, who comes from Burke County.

        February 6 1890.  Smithboro High School will open the 10th under the principalship of Miss Addi H. Boring of DeKalb County.  A highly cultured and accomplished lady.  Tuition fixed at $1.00 per month. Ed.  B. Smith, Secretary, Board of Trustees

        March 20 1890 - Professor A. S. Thurman is teaching a flourishing school near Liberty Church.

         June 26 1890 - Professor J. D. Kilpatrick, of Jackson, Ga., chosen principle of Monticello High School.

       May 29 1890 - Professor L. A. Murphy, principal of Ben Hill Academy, Hillsboro

        August 14 1890 - New Academy building on College Street, Monticello, received its first scholars.  Faculty, J. P. Kilpatrick, Miss Addie Boring, Mrs. O. M. Benton, Art and Miss Ada Griswold, Music.

        October 9 1890 - Professor L. A. Murray has resigned his school at Hillsboro.  The resignation was unexpected.  He has accepted a position elsewhere (he went to school at Eudora, Jasper County, Ga.)

       December 18 1890 Monticello High School - The spring term will open Jan 1891 and will continue six scholastic months - Tuition - $1.25 per month.  Matriculation Fee 50 cents.

        Corps of Teachers - Prof. J. D. Kilpatrick        Principal

                                       Miss Addie Boring            1st Assistant

                                      Miss Minnie Hightower        2nd Assistant

                                      Miss Ada Griswold            Music

                                      Mrs. O. M. Benton            Art


        January 21 1891 - Our (Hillsboro) School is progressing with 35 pupils on the roll.  Professor E. M. Landrum is a good teacher in every respect.  Landrum was an Indian from Indian Territory.

        July 15 1891 - Professor C. G. Power, formerly of Ben Hill Academy, Hillsboro, but more recently teaching at Knoxville, Georgia, was chosen to head Monticello High School succeeding J. D. Kilpatrich.

        January 6 1892 - Professor E. M. Landrum's (Graduate of Emory at Oxford) father died in Indian Territory.  He gave up school and returned home. 

        January 27 1892 - Professor Baldwin assisted by Miss Mattie Thom (?)  will have charge of Ben Hill Academy, Hillsboro.

       July 27 1892. Professor O. L. Kelly, the new principal of Monticello High School which will open 27th August, Miss Lizzie Mitchell, assistant.

        August 3 1892 - A "To Whom it may Concern" statement published by the new board of trustees of Monticello High School, stating that Professor C. G. Power had conducted the school to the satisfaction of the entire patronage. and goes from us because we are unable to pay him the salary he requires.       

        December 21 1892 - Professor O. L. Kelly resigns at principal of Monticello High School to accept a school in Alabama.  The board hastily elects Mr. G. W. Persons to head the school.  He is a Jasper County politician former County Commissioner, City Councilman and presently Secretary of the School Board. 

        January 19, 1893 - The Shady Dale School opened Jan 9th with 44 pupils under the management of Rev. A. J. Beck and Mrs. L. G. Bowers.

        February 16 1893 - From Farrar, Jasper County Ga.  We have two flourishing schools.  Professor A. S. Thurman at Kelly's Academy has 36 pupils.  Professor Crockoft at Shiloh has 30 pupils. From "Eudora Echoes", Professor C. G. Power's school has a regular attendance of 40 pupils. 

        Feb 16 1893 - Professor A. S. Thurman, teaching at Farrar and Professor Crocroft at Shilo, Jan 25 1894.  A. S.T. moved from Farrar to Monticello.

       May 18 1893 - Professor C. G. Power still at Eudora since leaving Monticello High School

        August 3 1893 - Monticello High School, the exercises of the institute will open Monday August 28th with Professor B. B. Mooney, graduate of Vanderbilt, as Principal.  With Misses Lizzie Mitchell and Sawe Newton as Assistants.

        August 17 1893. Professor W. W. Baldwin, Ben Hill Academy of Hillsboro.

        August 27 1893 - Professor W. W Baldwin of Ben Hill Academy has been accepted as a cadet to West Point. 

        April 5 1894 - Professor Mooney was locked out at the college Monday morning and consequently gave the children the usual April fool Holiday.

        July 19 1894 - Monticello High School announces new faculty, vizs, Professor J. W. Moore, Principal, Native of Butts County, graduate of Emory.  Miss Cora Beck, A. M. Daughter of Rev. A. J. Beck of Shady Dale, Mrs. Elder, Music.

        August 23 1894 - Monticello High School has secured another assistant, Miss Holleyman, of Decatur, who arrived yesterday.

       Jan 31 1895 - Board of Education, Willis Newton, County School Commissioner, issued six resolutions, viz, Public Schools of County shall operate a total of 100 days in two terms of 50 days; Teachers shall make quarterly reports; Teachers required to teach seven hours each day; Teachers to be paid quarterly.  Patrons of long term schools shall have 50 days free tuition per term, text books named.  Such as Swinton's readers, Sanford's arithmetic.

       March 7 1895 - Mr. J. H. Kelly will give a free lecture at the academy Friday night, his subject will be "Yellowstone Park and the Northwest"  Mr. Kelly recently visited these parks (Next Week, March 14th) a large crowd attended the lecture - Mr. Kelly gave a very instructive talk.

        March 7 1895 - The Monticello High School went in a body to the train, Tuesday PM (5:00) to meet Miss Carrie Holleyman, thus showing their appreciation of her return to Monticello.

        April 18 1895 - Professor I. L. McNair, graduate of Emory and Principal of Shady Dale School, married his assistant Miss Julia B. Hilton of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

        June 13 1895 - Miss Joice Glover's school had picnic at Bartlett's Spring.

        June 27 1895 - Professor C. G. Power is still at Eudora.

        July 4th 1895 - Mr. Willis Newton, County School Commissioner, has resigned and accepted a position with U.S. Government as land agent in the Bureau of Department of Interior of which Hoke Smith is Secretary.  He will be located in North Dakota.  (Aug 8th instead of going to North Dakota, Mr. Newton went to New Mexico)

        July 25 1895 - The fall term of Monticello High School will begin the first Monday in September and continue 4 months.  Tuition as heretofore $1.25 per month.  Professor J. W. Moore, principal, Misses Cora Beck and Carrie Holleyman, Assistants.  Mrs. J. W. Moore, Music.  W. H. Phillips, President Board, H. C. Hill, Secretary and Treasurer.

       February 20 1896.  William A. Reid elected County School Commissioned by Board of Education.

        February 20 1896 - Professor C. P. Davis (Brother of Col. W. P. Davis) who has been teaching in Shady Dale, died of the measles Feb 14th and was buried in Shady Dale.

        February 27 1896 - Mr. Willis Newton, former Jasper County School Commissioner, seriously sick in New Mexico.  His son Mr. Rich Newton goes to be with him.  March 5 1896 -0 Mr. Willis Newton returns home to Shady Dale from New Mexico to recuperate.  Alas he died in Shady Dale, April 27 1896.  Age 55 year 9 months 11 days.  Buried Providence Churchyard, Shady Dale.

       April 2 1896 - Gives report of county schools a total of 64 with 71 teachers and 1725 pupils.

        May 21 1896 - Professor and Mrs. C. G. Power were down from Eudora a few days ago to see Dr. J. G. Elder (father of Mrs. Power) (Dr. J. G. Elder died at his home on Forsyth Street, Monticello, Ga., March 23 1896)

       June 4 1896 - At the annual meeting of the Monticello Academy Company, the following trustees were elected, J. H. Kelly, H. C. Hill, W. R. Pope, E. Henderson and W. E. Ballard (Sheriff W. H. Phillips was not re-elected)  Professor and Mrs. J. W. Moore will not be with us after close of present term.

        July 2 1896 - Professor C. G. Power will teach at Culloden, Georgia, next term.

        July 30 1896 - Professor W. J. Bryan arrived last Saturday from Kissimmee, Florida and will spend some time in the interest of the Monticello High School.

        August 6 1896 - Announcement of opening of fall term of Monticello Academy, on August 24 with Professor W. J. Bryan of Kissimmee, Florida, as Principal and Miss Cora Beck and Miss Carrie Holleyman, assistants, Mrs. J. G. Elder, music teacher.  J. H. Kelly, President, H. C. Hill, Secretary and treasurer.

        Sept 3 1896 - Miss Joice Glover opened her school last Monday.

        May 20 1897 - Misses Cora Beck and Carrie Holleman will teach in Washington, Georgia, next.

        July 8 1897 - Professor W. J. Bryan resigns as principal of Monticello High School in order to attend law school of University of Virginia. (Note by Mr. Powell:  From Biographical Directory of the American Congress, "Bryan, William James.  A Senator from Florida, born Orange (Now Lake) County, Florida, October 10 1876; attended public schools, was graduated from Emory College, Oxford, Ga in 1896 and from the Law Department of Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA, in 1899; was admitted to the bar in 1899 and commenced practice in Jacksonville, Florida.  Solicitor of Duval County Criminal Court 1902 - 1907; delegate to democratic national convention at St. Louis in 1904; appointed to the United States Senate to fill vacancy caused by the death of Stephen R. Mallory and served from December 26 1907 until his death in Washington, D.C., March 22, 1908; interment in Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida")

        August 26 1897 - Monticello Male and Female Academy (Monticello High School Fall term begins August 30th.  Professors J. Ellsworth Hall and R. Hugh Morris, Miss Penelope Collier,, Lyda Addy.

        May 10, 1900 - At a meeting of the trustees of the Monticello Academy (Monticello High School), Professor Rembert G. Smith, of Thomaston, Ga. was elected principal.  Mr. Smith is a graduate of Emory College and for last 3 years has been President of R. E. Lee Institute, Thomaston, Ga.

       May 17 1900 - Professor J. V. Sammons, who has had charge of Monticello High School (1899 - 1900) left for his home near Lawrenceville.  Miss Penelope Collier left for home at Indian Springs.  Miss Minnie Glover, Elocution Teacher, gave recital at closing exercises, May 11th.

        September 13 1900 - Miss Annie Stillwell of Monroe will have charge of the music, elocution and art departments for the school year 1900 - 1901.  In Monticello Academy Miss Stillwell is a successful and experienced teacher of these subjects. She has taught them at Jackson, Monroe,  Young Harris and other places with entire satisfaction to her patrons.

        June 6 1901 - The Trustees of the Monticello Academy (Monticello High school) re-elected Professor R. G. Smith, Principal.  He will elect his own assistants.

       March 13 1902 - Those winning Silver Stars in School Were:

                5th Grade - Leonora Smith, Lucie Benton, Ethel Jones, Marjorie Baker, Anna Turner, Caro Harvey

                6th Grade - Doll Ballard, Navin Jordan, Jackson Warren, Willard Wardsworth, Claud Gilmore, Gordon Robinson, Reid Webb

                7th Grade - Marion Swanson, Eddie Tingle, Truman Bradshaw, Paul Wilborn, Evan Malone, Dick Jordan, Katie Penn, Ben Hatfield.

        July 3, 1901 - At a meeting of the Board of Trustees, Professor J. D. McClendon of Eastman, a man of ten years experience was elected principal of Monticello High School.  Mr. M. Will appoints own assistants.  (Mr. Powell's note:  Professor J. D. McClendon did not accept)

        August 28 1902 - Mr. C. H. Story, a graduate of University of Georgia, has been elected Principal.  His assistants, Miss Willie Turner, Primary Department, Miss Willie S. Jones, intermediate Dept, Miss Mary Story, of Thomson, Music.

        September 18 1902 - Miss Annie Stilwell left Monday for Sutherland, Florida where she will have charge of the music and elocution classes in the college at that place.

       Aug 20 1903 - City Council now elects City Board of Education ( H. C. Hill, Secretary), who chose Professor O. B. Nesbit, Superintendent.  Mrs. D. R. Adams of Eatonton, 1st assistant, Miss Willie Turner of Conyers, primary and Miss Bertha Davidson, music.

       November 6 1903 - Professor Nesbit resigns to accept position of superintendent of Eatonton Electric Company.

        November 20 1903 - Professor Erwin Perry of Eatonton will take charge of the Monticello High School next Monday to fill place of Professor Nesbit who resigned.  Miss Kate Tolleson, elocution, appointed to faculty in Spring.

        May 20 1904 - There is no senior class in Monticello High School this year, consequently there will be no graduates at commencement.

        May 20 1904 - Miss Joice Glover's school held their annual picnic at Flat Rock last Thursday and spend a most delightful day at this pretty grove located east of Monticello.

        September 9 1904 - Fall session of Monticello High School opened Monday with 130 pupils.  The faculty consists of: Professor Erwin Perry, Principal, Misses Ola Little and Sarah Newton, intermediate grades; Mrs. D. R. Adams and Miss Willie Turner, primary grades; Miss Augusta Glover, music, Miss Katherine Tolleson, Elocution.

        April 27 1906 - Monticello High School will close the school year in May.  Eleven students to receive diplomas.  The members of the graduating class are:  Misses Elizabeth Ballard (first honor), Irma Florence, Ruth Davidson, V. Swanson, Messrs.  Evan Malone, Barron Kelly, Joseph Hutchinson, Ben Malone, Adolphus Ballard, Buford Malone, Fred Benton.

        May 31 1907 - "Teachers Elected"  At a recent meeting of the City Council, teachers for the Monticello High School were elected for the forth coming scholastic year.  O. R. Horton, Superintendent.   Miss Carrie Nabor, Miss Anna K. Johnson, Miss Sarah Newton, Miss Julia Ash and Miss Willie Turner.  Professor Horton is a graduate of Furman University of Greenville, S.C. with a degree of B.A. and comes to us very high recommended as a teacher and disciplinarian.  He taught a very successful year at Shady Dale and is spoken of in high terms by the patrons of that school.  Miss Mary Curd, a finished musician and a charming and cultured young lady of Crawfordville, Georgia, was elected to take charge of the classes in music.

        June 23 1907 - School building to be remodeled, five additional rooms and an auditorium to be added.  Plans by Lockwood Brothers, Columbus, Ga.

        July 12 1907 - Contractor T. P. Downs with a force of hands began on Wednesday to remodel the school building and the work will be rapidly pushed forward.

        September 13 1907 - Monticello Public Schools Fall session begins. W. J. Phillips, Secretary, O. R. Horton Superintendent. (Mr. Powell's note:  Files of Monticello News for years 1908 and 1909 are misssing from ordinary's Office.  News has for 1908.

        December 20 1907 - Teachers to spend vacation at home, O. R. Horton, Lowndesville, S.C., Miss Johnson, Augusta, Miss Turner, Atlanta.

        Jan 3 1908 - Monticello High School teachers as of Jan 6 1908: O. R. Horton, Superintendent, Miss Anna K. Johnson, Miss H. Anna Williamson, Miss Sallie Newton, Miss Julia Ash, Miss Willis Turner, Miss Nettie Thomason, Miss Mary Curd, Music.

        March 27 1908 - "Former Principal Dead"  U.S. Senator William James Bryan of Florida, died in Washington, D.C., March 22 1908.  Mr. Bryan was a former principal of Monticello High School. He was a fine educator and was held in high esteem by the citizens and patrons of the school.

        June 5 1908 - One of the most successful terms known in history of Monticello High School came to a close last week.  Teachers elected for fall term:  Professor O. R. Horton, Superintendent, Miss Mary P. Newton of Tuskegee, Alabama; Miss Anna Kate Johnson, of Augusta; Miss Ada Cornwell of Monroe, Miss Julia Ash of Athens, Miss Willie Turner of Atlanta; Miss Nettie Thompson and Miss Nina Walker of Monticello; Miss Mary Curd of Murry, Kentucky, Music and Miss Katherine Tolleson of Monticello.

        July 3 1908.  At a recent meeting of the board of trustees, Misses Mary Welle of Dalton and Mattison Hamm of Jackson were elected to fill the vacancies caused by resignation of Misses Mary Newton of Tuskegee, Alabama and Ada Cornwell of Monroe. 

        Aug 7 1908 - Col. J. Ellsworth Hall of Macon, a former principal of Monticello High School spent Sunday in Monticello.

        Feb 4 1910 - Miss Joice Glover is in Auburn, Alabama, the guest of friends. 








From the January 14 1835 issue of "The Federal Union" a weekly newspaper published in Milledgeville, Georgia:


            "The citizens of Monticello and the public generally are informed that the trustees of the Monticello Union Academy ahve engaged the services of Mr. Hugh P. Kirkpatrick, a graduate of Hampden Sydney College, Virginia, for the ensuing year.  His qualifications and experience as a teacher are such that we take pleasure in recommending him to the patronage of the public.  Its location for health is such as to invite students from a distance; board can be obtained on liberal terms.  The school will commence on the first Monday in January next.

Monticello, Jasper County, Georgia, December 24 1834

        M. Champion, Secretary

       Trustees, David A. Reese, Fleming Jordan, Edward Y. Hill, Abner Bartlett, J. W. Burney, M. Champion, R. C. Shorter"


From the January 17, 1827, Volume 1, Number 12, page 47, Issue of the "Macon Telegraph", Macon, Georgia:


        These academies went again into operation on Monday the 18th instance.  The Male School under the management of Mr. Alden, a graduate from the north and the Female Academy, under the direction of Miss Griffin, the former instructoress.  These academies have heretofore been managed with general satisfaction to all concerned.  The same strict discipline that has formerly been observed will still continue and every exertion on the part of the trustees and teachers will be observed to promote the interest of the schools and to give general satisfaction.

                            Cuthbert Reese, Secretary

       (Mr. Powell's notes:  Cuthbert Reese, a farmer and merchant lived in Hillsboro, was a native of Virginia, born Nov 29 1781 married Tobitha Clark, March 12 1818.  He was a soldier of the War of 1812.  Cuthbert Reese died Dec 5 1855 and is buried in the old White Cemetery, south of Hillsboro in Jones County, west of Highway 11.  A daughter, Ann Eliza married Dr. B. F. Keene, who after the death of his wife, went to California to join in the gold rush.  He was instrumental in founding the Medical Association of California.  His daughter, Medora Ann remained in Georgia and was reared by her grandparents.)