Would any true genealogist throw away pictures just because they don't know who the subjects are?  Of course, not!  I, like a lot of you, have that handful of unknown pictures that I can't bring myself to throw away. I know the joy they would bring if I could, one day, put them in the hands of a family member.  I think how thrilled I would be if one of you came up with a picture of one of my ancestors. 

         From time to time, folks send me their unknown pictures and I have started this album in the hopes that we may be able to identify some of them.  Whether we ID them or not we can enjoy these great photos.











This set of pictures was sent to me by Joan Dunks of Kerrville, TX who is researching the Embry family of Jackson County.  You can see her Embry pictures in the regular Photo Album.  "they (the pictures) all belonged to my grand mother Eunice (Eunnie) Elizabeth Embry and she was born January 1899 in Harmony Grove-Commerce, Jackson County, Ga.  Her grave stones gives the dates as 1900 to 1940.  She married George Claude Gray of Butts Co., Ga. They are both buried in Commerce along side of her parents James and Emma Catherine (Kate Smith ) Embry and a daughter Muriel Gray."

(May '05)

                         This picture was contributed by Connie Epps Bond.  The people and the place are unknown. It was found at the Clarke County landfill in the 1950s or 60s.  If it looks familiar to you, or if you see something that will help us date the picture please let me know Paulette at or Connie at



This picture was also contributed by Connie Epps Bond, also found at the Clarke County landfill 40-50 years ago.  The photographer,  C. W. Motes,  had a studio at 34 Whitehall St.  Atlanta, Georgia and other examples of his pictures on the web date from about 1868 to the turn of the century. .  There was also a C. W. Motes studio on Broad St. in Athens, Georgia during that time. Please let us know if you can identify these ladies or if you can date this picture.  Paulette  or Connie


This photo was contributed by Joyce Wood with
the permission of Robert D. Wood Jr.
 The couple is unknown but possibly members of the Wood family. 
If anyone can identify them please let us know.

The following 20 pictures were contributed for use on this site by Keith Ward.  Keith says "all of these pictures were on metal, and the cracks are cracks in the resin that is coated on the metal." "........... the "Tin Type" process was used from about 1850 to 1930. They could be Minish, Nunn, Barnett......."

As always, if you can identify any of the folks in these
wonderful pictures, please let us know