Jackson County Marriages 1805

     Jackson County Marriages

1805 - 1859


By Groom A-D                        By Bride A-D

By Groom E-L                        By Bride E-L

By Groom M-R                       By Bride M-R

By Groom S-Z                         By Bride S-Z

     I am happy to finally be able to post these marriages.  I must tell you there are certainly errors.  I transcribed from the Marriage Book index at the Jackson County Courthouse. For those who have never had the opportunity to go to the courthouse, the  Marriage Books are turning to dust.  I feel I wear home some of Jackson County history each time I am in there.  The oldest pages have aged to a light brown and the ink on them has faded to a light brown.  It makes some of them almost impossible.  That, coupled with the variety of spellings and handwriting of the clerks, makes for a difficult task.

      I have done my best to verify some of the entries that Mr. Davis, who compiled the index, had questions about.  I have tried to decipher them from the book myself and also compared the marriages names with the censuses and tax digests.  I have not been able to reconcile nearly all of them and it is such a time-consuming task I decided to go ahead and put them online and continue to make corrections as I can. There are 2,641 marriages and most of them are correct so I feel this can be a valuable tool for researchers. The index only has the year and I would like to eventually get the exact marriage date added.  I need your help.   If you recognize an error or have a date please send it to me and I will gladly make the correction. 

                                                       Paulette Moon pamoon123@msn.com