Jackson County Georgia Genealogy Surnames


Jackson County Surnames


This page is intended to help others find more information about a surname with direct attachments to Jackson County.  It lists people who already have some type of database of information on a particular family. Please direct any inquiries directly to the volunteer whose name is listed.  


Families of Jackson County

Surnames from A to L

Alexander    Tom Thompson
Allen    Paulette Moon
Anderson Sherry K. Gray
Bacon   Betty Cason
Barnett   Sandra Barnett Hood
Benton    Becky                                   
Campbell Regina Boyce
Carter   William Patrick
Carter   Susie Lee
Carter   Kitt Lumley
Castleberry   Becky
Catlett        Pam Catlett Mullinax
Christian  Irvin Christian
Comer   Robert C. Whitehead
Conine     Sheila Forester
Cook Charles
Cooper    George Cooper
Cribbs    Tim Mike
DeVores Sherry K. Gray
Todd Dorsey
Doss   Libbie Griffin
Doster   AWeb Page is located here.  Winona Brown Turner
Doster Marie Parks
Dougherty   Betty Cason
England   Vicki Shaffer
Farmer T. J. Malone
Free Thurmond Geeter
Gilbert Gigi Tanklsey
Gilleland    Betty Cason
Godfrey Regina Boyce
Gray/Grau Sherry K. Gray
Hampton    Betty Cason
Hancock  Diane
Harrison   Robert C. Whitehead
Hayes/Hays Regina Boyce
Holton   Kitt Lumley
Hood   Betty Cason
House    Vicki Shaffer
Howard   Robert C. Whitehead
Hunter Roy Hunter
King   Christopher G. Tanner
Kitchens   Marianne
Ledbetter Jo Chastain
 Elizabeth Olmstead          website

Surnames from M to Z

McCarty    Sandra Barnett Hood
McMullen   Sheila McMullen Tindle <>
Marlow  Elizabeth Olmstead     website
Martin Andrew R. White        website
Morrison    Betty Cason
Nowlin    Leanne Dooley
Noland   Leanne Dooley
Nowland   Leanne Dooley
Nunn Elizabeth Olmstead     website
 Gene Oakes
Park  No GEDCOM available for download  Hugh Hyman
Patrick    William Patrick
Payner   Marla Millsap
Pettyjohn Sherry K. Gray
Pharr David Pharr
Phillips   Verna Bice
Pierce      L D Pierce
Polk/Pope Regina Boyce
Poyner   Marla Millsap
Randolph   Robert C. Whitehead
Redd   C. G. Tanner
Reed   Charles
Roberts    Paulette Moon
Ross  Charles
Sanders   William Patrick
Simmons  Diane
Smith    Verna Bice
Strickland   Susie Lee
Thompson   C. G. Tanner
Thurmon   Sandra Barnett Hood
Thurmond   Sandra Barnett Hood
Yancey/Yancy   Dennis Yancey
Ward Gigi Tanksley
Waters   Becky
Webb Thurmond Geeter
Wheeler Elizabeth Olmstead     website
White Andrew R. White        website
Whitehead   Robert L. Whitehead
Whitehead   Robert C. Whitehead
Wills    William R. Wills
Wilson      Elizabeth Olmstead      website
Wimms Gigi Tanksley

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