Jackson County History

Jackson County History

In 1784, when Northeast Georgia was pretty much wilderness, with very few white settlers, but  inhabited by both the Creeks and Cherokee Indians, Franklin County was formed. Franklin as one of the original 11 Georgia counties had quite extensive boundaries. Twelve years later, the population had greatly increased, so that the southwestern inhabitants of Franklin County made application for a new county. So it was, in 1796 Jackson County the twenty-second county formed in the state was cut from Franklin. February 11, 1796 the Legislature passed the act establishing the boundaries of Jackson County.  This large territory was named for Gen. James Jackson, who fought in the Revolutionary War.

For nearly five years the original lines of Jackson County remained intact. But the ever increasing population once again demanded a new county be formed. And so by an Act approved on December 5, 1801, Clarke County was cut from Jackson.  Ten years passed before Jackson County was again asked to give up some of her boundaries by citizens living east of Big Sandy Creek. By taking a large part from Jackson and smaller portions from Oglethorpe, Clarke, Franklin, and Elbert Counties, Madison County was formed, by an Act approved December 5, 1811.  On December 19, 1818 a large portion of Jackson County was cut to form three counties, Walton, Gwinnett, and Hall Counties.  Over the years since 1818 there have been small changes in the boundaries of Jackson County, the one exception was in 1914 when a large portion of Jackson was used to form Barrow County. Winder, which is the county seat of Barrow, was once in Jackson County.

Now you have some idea as to the changes that has taken place within Jackson County Georgia, and should give you a reasonable idea as to where you might want to research in regards to the other counties formed from Jackson County Georgia.   It also shows how important the records of Jackson County are because researchers of families of 6 other counties trace their way back to Jackson County.

Municipalities in Jackson County are Arcade, Braselton, Commerce, Hoschton, Jefferson, Maysville, Nicholson, Pendergrass and Talmo.  For a full list of place names and maps for Jackson County go to http://www.cviog.uga.edu/Projects/gainfo/placenamesindex.htm

I am including on this page the picture of the 'Old' Jackson Count Courthouse.  It was built in Jefferson in 1879 and was in use until 2004.