Presidents of the Haralson County Historical Society

Presidents of the
Haralson County Historical Society

Mrs. Mary K. Knight
Founding President

Mrs. Knight served as our founding president during the years 1973-1977. During her administration, the Historic Courthouse in Buchanan was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and we began the decades-long process of preserving and restoring this building. Read a recent statement from her here.

Mrs. Lona Lasseter, RIP
Second President

The late Mrs. Lasseter was our president during the years 1977-1983. Our History book was formally edited 1978, during her term of office. We regret she is not with us to enjoy use of the wonderful Historic Courthouse she and our other early leaders set out to try saving.

Mrs. Daisy Sargent
Third President

Mrs. Sargent served as our president for two years during the 1980s, also working equally long as vice-president. During her service, we finally (1984) published the first printing of our History book.

Mr. Barry Newman
Fourth President

Mr. Newman was our president during the 1980s and 1990s. So far, he is the only gentleman to serve in our highest office.

Mrs. Peggy Kimball
Fifth President

Originally (but no longer) our presidents could not serve consecutive terms, so Mrs. Kimball and Mr. Newman alternated in the office. After the change, Mrs. Kimball served continuously as president for most of a decade, retiring from the office in 2004. The Historic Courthouse was finally re-opened to the public during her administration. An hour-long video celebrating this achievement can be viewed via the Internet. Read more here. During Mrs. Kimball's tenure, the Society was honored by a 2003 Preservation Award from the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, as well as by two Georgia State Senate resolutions, in April 2003 and May 2004. To recognize her many contributions, Mrs. Kimball was awarded the newly created title of County Family Historian by the Society after her retirement.

Mrs. Karen Higgins
Sixth President

Mrs. Higgins assumed the presidency in 2004 and has been re-elected twice. During her administration, the Society reprinted the book History of Haralson County (1978/1984) and published a new book, Haralson County, Georgia Cemeteries (2004). The Society also acquired title to the Sanford-Wade Heritage House and supported relocation/restoration of the Little Creek School House. It celebrated the sesquicentennials of Haralson County (1856-2006) and its county seat, Buchanan (1857-2007). The Society's Web site dramatically expanded, and a portion of it, The 1856 Handbook, won a 2007 award from the Georgia Historical Society.