Founding, Associate Founding and Lifetime Members


Founder, Associate Founder and Lifetime Members

(in alphabetical order by principal name)

We deeply appreciate the generous financial contributions of these special members, some of whom we are privileged to honor in the photo gallery below.

If you are among this special category of membership, we invite and encourage you to provide us with a photo of your choosing so we might honor you in the same way.

Nathan Dean

The Honorable Nathan Dean

(Organization profile) Grace

Grace Christian Ministries Inc.

Dr. R. Terrell McBrayer, Sr., CEO

Dr. R. Terrell McBrayer, Sr., CEO

Grace Christian Ministries Inc. (Georgia)
(Organization profile)

Tom Murphy

The Honorable Thomas Murphy, RIP (1924-2007)

Rev. John Norton

Rev. John Norton

Rev. John Norton

William G. ('Bill') Sewell

William G. ("Bill") Sewell

Wal-Mart Supercenter (Bremen, GA)

Wal-Mart Supercenter #856
Bremen, GA

Mr. Patrick Eller, manager

Mr. Patrick Eller, manager

Wal-Mart Inc.