Haralson County Church Histories

Some information was found about the churches in Haralson Co and is given here. We would like to have a more detailed history and possible some pictures of the churches. If you have information about any of the churches, we would like to hear from you. You can E-mail us or mail the information to Haralson Co Historical Society Library
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Bethany Baptist Church, the oldest in the county, was constructed in 1830. There were 11 members.

First Baptist Church in Tallapoosa was organized out of Bethany Baptist about 1873. A group from the church organized a new church which held services in the old academy. A building was later erected near the present site of the Presbyterian Church. This church was destroyed by fire in 1887. By 1889 a new church had been erected on Mill Street.

Waco Baptist Church was established October 3, 1888

Buchanan Church of God was officially organized in 1933

Tallapoosa Church of God was organized in 1936

First Christian Church in Tallapoosa was organized May 10, 1893. A well-known pastor, W S Martin, served as pastor on two different calls. He composed the well known song, "God Will Take Care of You". His wife wrote the words.

Liberty Christian Church began with a gathering of a few Christians under an oak tree on the Holcombe farm.

The Buchanan Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) is located four miles north of Buchanan and was organized in 1910.

Bethlehem United Methodist Church was founded in 1854. The first members sat on the ground to worship about where the church stands today. The members then met under a bush arbor. The first building was a windowless one roon log cabin.

Buchanan United Methodist was organized in 1879 in the first Haralson County Courthouse. There have been three buildings hosting the members. One being 1888, and the present one being erected in 1908.

Ebenezer Methodist Church services were held in a log house between 1828-1847. In 1848, Robert Thompson sold the church one acre of land for the sum of 25 cents. The location was near the present Bethany Baptist Church. Ebenezer was the first Methodist church organized in Haralson County.

Draketown Baptist Church was established on October 11, 1879

Mountain View Baptist Church, established in the early 1800's, was made of logs and covered with hewn boards. The present church was built abt 1900.

Mount Zion Baptist Church was established in 1898.

New Canaan Baptist Church was constituted in 1890

Plesant Hill Baptist Church began meeting in 1858.

Providence Baptist Church actually started in AL at Branes Mill on the Tallapoosa River in 1868 The church was dissolved in 1870 and was relocated it's present site in 1872.

Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church, constituted in 1867 was located one mile south of Tallapoosa where the Plainview Baptist Church now stands.

Tallaoppsa East Baptist church located north of Buchanan near the Tallapoosa River.

Jackson Chapel Baptist Church was organized on the west side of Buchanan, Ga in the home of Mr Abe Jackson. Until 1895 church services were held in old abandanoned houses when they erected a shelter on the one acre of ground they had bought.

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