The Rowell family, Haralson Co. pioneers

The Rowell family,
Haralson Co. pioneers

Extensive documentation on Jesse Rowell (1748 - c1850) and his family is published at RootsWeb here.

For more information about people in the US Revolutionary War, consult Revolutionary War Records at

Revolutionary War pension of Jesse Rowell

Cabin of Dudley Rowell (1818-1877),
once located on the land shown below,
demolished and sold as scrap circa 1996

The Rowell land (green) on the Tallapoosa River conveyed in 1856 by the will also cited above. Lot 974 was won in the Georgia land lottery of 1832 by Alfred Clopton, a resident of Bibb County. Clopton paid the $18 registration fee in 1846, but still eventually defaulted on the land. This allowed William Rowell to buy it directly from the US government.

Speaking of revolutionary soldiers I recall the fact that in my childhood three of them were living in the borders of what is now Haralson county, viz: Mr. Silliman, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Goggins and probably another, Mr. Rowell. The three first named are buried in Haralson county...

from Some Early History Of Buchanan. No. 4. By 'Old Timer'. The Tribune (Buchanan, GA) Sept. 14, 1906

Is this report complete? Or might Jesse Rowell also be buried in Haralson County - presumably in the pioneer graveyard shown in the aerial view below?

Site of the pioneer graveyard (white box) on the one-time Rowell lands, just off Tallapoosa East Church Road. (The land is now in the hands of people unrelated to the Rowells who want their privacy respected.)

Rowell descendent Brad Jones reports that only one grave is marked with a headstone, naming William Philpot (1798-1844), who served with Dudley Rowell in Capt. John Witcher's Company, Turk's Regiment, Paulding County, which force is associated with the removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia in the early 19th century. Cherokee Removal From Georgia (2005) by Sarah H. Hill, pg. 68, writes:
Witcher’s behavior as organizer of an armed and unauthorized mob beyond the reach of discipline represents the worst expression of Georgia’s callous behavior regarding the removal of Indians.
Mr. Jones says that the headstone was placed by the Philpot family after the fact, and that the particular grave marked may not hold his remains. Jones further speculates that many of the early Rowells are also buried in the graveyard, possibly including all the following:

ROWELL, Jesse b 1748 d 1850
ROWELL, William b 1788 d 17 Mar 1856
ROWELL, Anna FITZGERALD b 1796 d 24 Nov 1877
ROWELL, Dudley, Sr. b 12 Jan 1818 d 4 Nov 1877
ROWELL, Martha Matilda b 26 Jul 1831 d 1905

Below are photographs of the graveyard itself in recent years:

The graveyard lies within this stand of trees, located a few hundred feet to the west

The graveyard shows few easily discernable features today

The grave marked with the name William Philpot, located roughly at the center of the graveyard

Some rocks seem to mark another grave

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