From Possum Snout to Tallapoosa

From Possum Snout to Tallapoosa

The Play

The Tallapoosa Historical Society episodically produces From Possum Snout to Tallapoosa, a two-act drama depicting the history of Tallapoosa, Georgia from its roots through World War II.

The play, originally written by Dr. Benjamin Griffith, a retired English professor from Carrollton, was last presented October 12 & 13, 2007 in the old Tallapoosa High School auditorium.

The Story

Chief Possum Snout of Creek Indian fame gave Tallapoosa its very first name. The small settlement first called Possum Snout was renamed when Tallapoosa was founded in 1860. But it wasn't until the railroad came in 1884 that the city grew into a prosperous business, manufacturing and tourist location.

Through the ingenious plans and schemes of one enterprising young man from Connecticut named Ralph L. Spencer, people from northern and midwestern states, as well as from Hungary, Slovakia and other European countries came to Tallapoosa in the late 1800's and early 1900's to live, work and Partake of the ideal climate and soothing waters of the Lithia Springs.

The Hungarians and Slovaks came from the coal mines of Pennsylvania to grow grapes to supply the prosperous wine-making industry. Other Europeans were skilled glass blowers and worked in local factories to supply the wine industry. Yet others began businesses and factories and built lovely homes that still stand today. Tallapoosa had the distinction of being known as A Yankee City under a Southern Sun.

Tallapoosa has a rich history and From Possum Snout to Tallapoosa tells it all.

Based on an abstract by Mary Tolleson

2007 Program

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Costumes designed and executed by many talented local artisans including Jeri and Chris Ezell.

A large cast with many talents provides an exciting variety of entertainments, illuminating over a century of history with dialog, song and dance, all in period costume.

2007 video excerpt