Videos about important Internet tools and history

Videos about important
Internet tools and history

The history of computing at the dawn of the Internet

Mini-series: The Machine That Changed The World (1992)

(5 x 1 hour each)

Videos describing the early Internet

Intellectual & mechanical precursors of the Internet's World Wide Web


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A quick & dirty early history of the Internet, circa 2008


The Internet Revolution in 1993


The World Wide Web in 1994


Videos from the 20th century portraying possible futures

Knowledge Navigator (computing in 2011) by Apple in 1987


The "You Will" TV ads by AT&T in 1993


Videos about the Internet
and important pre-millenium Internet tools from wydea

How the Internet works


How e-mail works


How Instant Messaging (IM), a "live" version of e-mail, works


Videos about important
Web-based Internet tools circa 2008
in "Plain English" from commoncraft ET ALIA

Web Searching Strategies


Social Media - an overview


Social Bookmarking


Online Photo Sharing


Podcasting ("Personal On Demand" radio/television)


Blogs ("Web logs")


RSS ("Really Simple Syndication")


Wikis (Web sites you can (re)write as well as read)


The evolving future: today's Web 2.0