Harris County GA Store Account Books

Livingston General Merchandise Store Account Book Index, Harris County, Georgia

transcribed by Barbara Smallwood Stock

This ledger covers accounts from 1838 - 1840. The store was owned and operated by William Taliaferro Livingston. This ledger was in the possession of Mrs. Margaret Zachry Dixon of Atlanta, GA when it was microfilmed by the Georgia Archives in 1963. The following list of accounts was taken from microfilm no. 1714 at the Georgia Archives [filed in drawer 157, box 4]. This source can serve as a finding aid for those who resided in Harris County during this early time period.

Surname, 1st Name Surname, 1st Name
Adkins, Solomon Moore, Seaborn
Austin, J J Mays, Jno W
Mays, A G
Blanchard, Thos McInis, Malcom
Bonner, Wyat Miles, Abram
Brannon, John Meachum, James
Brunow, Henry McGee,* Thomas
Brown, Lewis McKee, Thomas M
Brown, Robt McGee, George
Berry, William McGee, James estate
Brown, Hamilton McDermot, Joseph
Bostick, Hilery McGee,* John
Ball, W S McDaniel, Yancey
Brown, Austin Miller, Dennis
Brannon, Terrell Moore, W B
Brown, Sheldrick McDaniel, J B
Bedell, Andrew J Massangal, John
Bruce, Daniel McElhaney, Isaac
Basemore, Thos Mays, Moses J
Blanks, Littlebury Myres, J J
Beall, James E McKee, James M
Bottoms, John Moore, A R
Brown, Elias Mitchel, Wyat
McKee, David Alexander
Collier, Joseph McClendon, James
Clem, Henry Sr McDaniel, James
Clem, H R Jr Mathews, Elicenar
Collier, Burwell McKee, Thos Sr
Crews, R J
Coats, James Newson, Nancy
Clay, Greenbury Newson, Greenbury
Cotton, Stephen G
Coats, John Parham, John
Clem, Volentine Philips, Ann (C P estate)
Clower, Thos M Prather, Richard
Clem, William Peddy, Jeremiah
Childs, Seaborn Padget, J R
Childers, Edmond Prather, A T
Clower, G A Peel, David
Coats, Abner Philips, Isham
Clower, Bryant Peel, Jonathan
Chrismas, Nathaniel Pain, Frances
Padget, Moses
Daniel, Robert Passmore, Josephus
Dozier, Elias Philips, Daniel
Dixon, John Prather, W C
Dudney, Henry Passmore, John Sr
Doggett, R E Philips, Ichebod
Driver, Simeon Philips, Marke
Dixon, Henry Parham, J H
Dozier, Nathan Philips, Wilder
Darby, Sarah Patterson, John
Dunn, Henry Pritchard, William
Downs, James Purse, Isah
Dozier, Rev Mrs R Padget, Warren
Driver, William
Dover, Lawson Rawls, William
Robinson, Ann
Evans, John D Roberts, Jeremiah
Emry, George S Raiford, Bennet
Raiford, Patience
Frazier, J H Roberts, K H
Foster, Jas M Rutledge, W O
Frazier, Adison Robinson, Thos N
Frazier, Mary Redding, George
Files, Thos J Roberts, W H
Riley, W M
Glover, Washington Renfroe, Alfred M
Grinaze, A J Redding, Anderson W
Glover, Seaborn Redding, Parham D
Gray, William Riley, G B
Glase, William Russell, William
Gullatte, George Ramsey, A C
Glover, Simon Read, Hiram, gdn SarahRobinson
Glover, William Reeas, John
Glover, Terry
Glover, George Shell, C D
Grimes, William Stallings, Wm B
Grace, Mary Ann Sargent, William
Green, Miles Sheptrine, William
Green, John Smith, Catharine
Spinks, R
Harmon, H M Shoemaker, Benjamin
Hepburn, John Sanders, Jesse
Henderson, John Slaughter, Nancy
Hugley, Charles Simpson, J B
Hugley, George Slaughter, Beverly
Harper, Thornton & Livingston Livingston Slaughter, W G
Haley, Adison Skinner & Purse
Humphrey, Mathew Sutton, James N
Harrison, Susan Stubs, Frances
Harris, Gray Sledge, Hiram
Heard, William
Hughes, J W Tyler, Asey
Huff, John Thompson, Asbury
Hulet, John Tate, Jeremiah
Huff, Daniel Jr Thompson, Nathaniel
Huff, Richard Tyler, Margarett
Hill, Elezar Tyler, James
Heath, Daniel S
Hudson, Newton Upshaw, Thomas
Jones, Moses Vincent, George
Jones, Toliver
Jackson, J W Woods & Blow
Jones, Seaborn Wellborn, W W
Jenkins, H M Williamson, W W
Jackson, Edmond Waldrup, G B
Jackson, Martha Wilkinson, Robert
Jones, William Willis, Joshua
Wood, Robert
Knowles & Padget Wynn, Thos H
Knowls, Rice F Wells, T
Kelly, James Jr Wynn, Wiley
Kelly, James Sr Wells, John Jr
Kendrick, Isham Walker, J S, gdn Ann Walker
White, Volentine
Livingston, William T
Linch, William Zackery, E B
Linch, Asey Zackery, Jesse
Lawson, William Zackery, V H
Lowe, Henry H Zackery, Marlin
Lyons, Edmond
Lynn, William
Livingston, John Sr
Langford, R
Lowe, James M
Lawson, Sarah
Lawson, J R
Lambert, Luke
Luke, Thomas
Livingston, Lewis
Livingston, John Jr
Langford, Albert G
Lynn, Ethelbert
Langford, Henry
Lawson, Pleasant

Continues in column on right.

*"McGhee" in parentheses

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