Harris County, GA Sheriff's Sales

Harris County Sheriff's Sales

Submitted by Carol Johnson.

29 May 1828

On the first Tuesday in July next, will be sold at the courthouse in the town of  Hamilton, within the usual hours of sale, the following property, to wit:

LL #120 LD #19 levied on as the property of John Swanson, to satisfy executions or fi fas in favor of the State.

One negro fellow, levied on as property of Joshua Wynn, to satisfy executions of fi fas of Cools & Jennings.



Jul L247/22 D Alfred R. Jarvis Philip Lightfoot

Jul L83/20 D Hinchey Johnson sundry fi fas

Jul 5 cows/calves Moore Bagley William Henry

Jul L194/17 D Isham Tooke Britain William, et al

26 Mar 1831

Apr L248/21 D James Mortin David R. Sillaven negroes Fleming B. Nance William D. Bird

16 July 1831

Aug L151/20 D Sheriff Bruster William Cox Aud Town lots 9 Samuel Clay Thomas R. Barker & Co and 38

28 Jan 1832

Mar corn/fodder Nathaniel Harper Alvin M. Grinage

Mar corn George Ingham Jeremiah Warren

Mar L139/21 D William Mason Andrew C. Williams

25 Feb 1832

Apr L43/19 D Moses Dean S. Folsom

Apr L165/18 D Alexander H. Frazier James P. McGuire

Apr L67/19 D Solomon Harper Hardy Powers

Apr L??/19 D Richard Cotton's lease, for 1 yr -----

31 Mar 1832

May L150/22 D Andrew Hortsfield John M. Sims

May L219/17 D Milton Akins John Harris

2 Jun 1832

Jul L77/19 D Elijah H. Burrett William Mitchell

Jul L150/22 D Andrew Hartsfield John M. Sims

Jul wagon Willis Burton James Billingslea

Jul L232/20 D Valentine Nix Joshua Roberts

Jul L121/19 D Suttany Ayers James Edmonson

14 Jul 1832

Sep L35/22 D John Woodall Thomas Woodall

4 Aug 1832

Sep L74/22 D Pyent E. Jackson Thomas Smith

Sep L9 Hamilton Samuel Clay William Hitchcock

Sep hire of negro Angus McKinza William B. Brewster

Sep L123/20 D Thomas B. Jones Briant Marchant

1 Sep 1832

Oct L123/20 D Thomas B. Jones Briant Marchant

6 Oct 1832

Nov L48 Hamilton John Stokes Bardon & Brown

Nov livestock George Ingram Jeremiah Warren

22 Dec 1832

Jan L201/20 D Henry H. Fally Benjamin Smith

Jan livestock Seborn Hightower John Brewster

Jan L112/19 D John S. Beckham Jeptha J. Fannin

Jan 5 yr lease Robert Morland James Hamilton

Jan livestock Silas Monk James Ramsey

2 Feb 1833

Mar L109/21 D John Duncan John R. Wyly

Mar L9 Hamilton Samuel Clay Goddard Laugdon

Mar livestock William Mason Seaborn Thorn

4 May 1833

Jun L202/18 D Wm Glenn, E. C. Walker

Daniel McDougald Winson A. F.


25 May 1833

Jul L138/4 D Wm D. Rye G. W. Wortham

Nancy Rye

Elizabeth Rye

Jul L19/3 D Lewis Johns Stone Brown & Co

Jul horses John R. Page Algernon S. Clifton

Jul animals John R. Page Steuart & Fontaine

6 Jul 1833

Aug L127/18 D Thomas Ingram Sarah Rosser

Aug L141/22 D Johnathan Chiles Abel Butler

Aug Hse & lot P. G. Clay Case & Goodrich

Aug Cloths, etc James H. Sidebottom C. Woodruff & Co

27 Jul 1833

Sep 25 acrs John R. Page David J. Britt

Sep L 111, 114 David Smith & Charles S. H. Goss

John R. Page

Sep wagon/team William L. Conant John Allen

Sep negroes Young Hays William Copeland

Sep L157/19 D Oliver T. Boulware William Jackson

5 Oct 1833

Nov crops Joel Lane Rene Fitzpatrick

Nov sheep Seabon J. Hightower William Barrow

2 Nov 1833

Dec horse, etc John J. Boswell Abner Wesson

Dec M.E. Church Joel Braham, Daniel David J. Britt

Hightower, Wm Y. Wm P. Henry

Barden, Richard Benjamin Henry

Shacleford Kesiah Henry

Dec L125/21 D Littleberry Wright Martin W. Stamper

Dec negro Richard N. Greene Clark Blanford, Jr

Daniel McCarter

18 Oct 1834

Nov L163/19 D George Bell A. Spencer

Nov L145/22 D Andrew Caruthers Gwinnett Co Inf. Ct

Nov L50, 70/21 D Malcham G. Wilkerson James Dean

& Etc

Nov L119/21 D John Duncan James Conner

Nov L141/22 D Jonathan Chiles William Towns

Nov L136,137/4 D Bennet S. Griffin not specified

Nov negro James Story P. T. Bedell

20 Dec 1834

Jan horse Nathaniel Powell John Reid

Jan L119/21 D John Duncan Edward Cary

Elizabeth Evans Kilbourne, Columbus, Georgia Newspaper Clippings, Columbus Enquirer, Vol 1, 1832 - 1834.

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