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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Family History Library Catalog has listings giving detailed information of what is available pertaining to Hancock County.

            Rootsweb Mailing List for Hancock County

            Rootsweb Message Board for Hancock County

            US GENWEB Archives for Georgia

            GA US GENWEB Archives page for Hancock County

            US GENWEB Archives

            US GENWEB Archives Search Engine

            US GENWEB Archives Project - Church Records Project

             Local Information Links (churches, schools, library)

            Documenting the American South

            Vanishing Georgia

            African Ancestor Genealogy Links

             American History and Genealogy Project for Hancock County (please check this site, lots of information here)

             Georgia Place Names (origins of names of counties, towns, rivers, etc)

             Family History Archives - Brigham Young University (3580 family history collections and growing)            

             Historical County Maps

             Georgia Historical Maps - University of Alabama Web Site

             More Historical County Maps - Includes Militia Districts

            Topo Maps and Aerial Photos for Hancock County

             Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Georgia Towns and Cities - 1884-1922

             Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet for Hancock County

             Tombstone Transcription Project for Hancock County


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