A short history of the Darien Baptist Church written by Mrs. J.H. Traywick

Some church minutes and member records

Transcribed from book for web by Scott O. Fraser  (  SOFRASER@aol.com )  FTM: The Scott and Priscilla Fraser Family Page




History of Darien Church


Darien Baptist Church, created at Long’s bridge, near Linton, Hancock County, Ga., was constituted on De. 6, 1794, by Elders John Henderson, John Hainey, Joseph Baker, James Sanders, John Colter, William Griggs, Cader Powell, and William Reaves.

According to the oldest inhabitant, it was first placed in Washington County, near Walker’s Mill, and reached its present location after sundry change that I can not trace.  We do find that in December, 1824, Lee Reaves (?), James Gladden, and William Reaves, were appointed to lay off a tract of land, and take tithes to it, for the purpose of building a meeting house (?).  In May, 1845, F. Trawick, G. Andrews, Stephen Mills, J.B. Thompson, Jon Mills, W. Clay, P. Pitman, James Mills, Jr., J.R. Hitchcock, and Wm. Thomason, were appointed  to trace and (   ), at the next meeting Lee Reaves, Green Andrews, and William Rushin, were to act for this church in making a transfer of the original deed that was given by Ambrose Ray a certain parcel of land to Darien Church and A.J. Ray, and have the same amount of land deeded to them as commissioners of said church, making such a survey of the land the commissioners may think most conducive (?) to the interest of said ch (urch).




                On April 3, 1795, notice of nails for the house.

                On Sept. 4, 1795, notice of nails for the house.

We find the first notice of a new house in the minute of Aug. 1, 1807.  There we find that (Joh)n R. Hogin and William McDowell were appointed (to) supply a workman to build a house according to the following specifications:  Thirty feet long, twenty feet wide, ten feet pitch, three girders on the plat, fifteen sets of rafters posted a fals plat, to be sheeted with plank and covered with good heart shingles (?).




Darien Church Minutes Roll (1841-1863)




Lee Reeves                            dead                                       Moses Brown                       ex

Benjamin Brookins                                                               James McCray

Stephen Durden                   dis                                           James M. Pate                       dis

Rhubein Bullington             dis                                           William Gladin

Henry Thompson`               dead                                                       Bolen Leaptrot                      dis

Restored                                                                                Thomnas Ford                      dis

Jonathan Miller                    do                                           Thomas Neal

William Hood                                                                        Wm. Hitchcock

James Carr                             do                                           George F. Rhoades

James J. Salmon                    dis                                           A.H. Clay

Jonathan Gladin                   restored                                 Samuel L. Bradlus                exc

John Stone                                                                            C.W. Stevens                        dis

Alexander Armstrong          dis                                           Joseph Duggan

Daniel Garrot                         dis                                           ??? Perkins

Thomas Brookins                 dis                                           Jonathan Gladden

Allen Cook                            dis                                           R.T. Allen                              dism

John R. Lary                          excom                                     James A. Ray

Solomon Barron                   dis                                           John R. Mills


P. 4 (1841-1863)




Middleton Pool                    dead                                       James Mills                           dis

Sherrod Hood                                                                       Simon Hood

Frederick Trawick dead                                       John Renfroe                        dead

Francis Durden                     died Nov 3,1850                    William N. Glenn                  dis

Green Andrews                    dis                                           Robert Childres                    dis

William Archer ???              dis                                           Lee R. Miller                          dis

Stephen Mills                       dis                                           Michael Ikinor                      died Oct 1843

Isom Thompson                   died June 25, 1848                Labun Horton                       Exc

Moses Roberson                 died                                        Shadrick L. Hitchcock

John Wise                                                                             Thomas Williams                 Exc

Spirus Standley                                                                    George W. Young                Exc

Matthew Poind                     dis                                           Bolen Leaptrot                      dis

Nimrod Pitman                                                                      Nicholas Henderson            died Mar 18, 1844

William Rushin                                                                     William Gladin                      dis

William Archer Jrn.              Dis                                          Pethuel Pitman                      died

Enoch Ethredge                    dead                                       John Mills Jnr.                      dis

Ambrose Ray                        died Sept 11, 1843                Moses Brown                       Exc

Zachariah Brantley              dism                                        John Pirmon                          dis

Jeremiah B. Thompson                                                        Solomon Barnes

William Clay                          dism                                        Irwin J. Hitchcock                Exp

John J. Holmes                     desd                                       Stephen B. Mills                   dis

Job Jackson                          dis                                           John Swint                            dead

Calvin Giles                           exc                                          James Christy                       dis

William Hitchcock                dis                                           Moses W. Trawick              Exc

Wiley Hood                          dis                                           James Turner                        Exc

John Pound                           dis                                           James Little                           Exc

William Thomason                                                               Andrew J. Ray

Jesse Bullington                   dis                                           Richard L. Andrews

Nathan Vel                            dis                                           Green L. Andrews                dis

Solomon Gladin                                                                    Wiliam r. Lock

Turner R. Hitchcock            died Jan 17, 1848                  Jarrot Renfroe

Nicholas Clay                                                                       John Taylor                          

Edmon Bullington                dis                                                           Joseph Hood

                                                                                                Jonathan Gladin Jnr.

                                                                                                Stephen Gladin

                                                                                                Everitte Renfroe                   dead




Pg. 5 (1841-1863)


Joseph Hitchcock                                                                                John J. O’Quinn                   dis

Kinnon Malpass                  Exc                                          J.A.P. Roberson

William Rushin Jrn               dead                                       John Spightes                       exp

George W. Young                Exc Test                                 James Holmes

William James Clay              dis                                           Thomas Renfro                     dism

Matthew Thompson            Exc                                          J.T. Jordan

Joseph K. Chambers            dis                                           Daniel Green                         dism

James Gladin                         dism                                        John Roberts

Theophilus Trawick                                                             Green Renfroe                       dism

Wilson Turner                                                                      A.J. Trawick                          exp

John Beal                                                                               Henry Swinte                       

Young Henry Thompson                                                    John Best                              exp

Thomas Clay                         dism                                        Charles Renfroe                    dis          

Joseph Harris                                                                        Wm. Linor

Nathaniel Renfroe                                                                Ben Lester                             exp

Labus Horton rest,               Exp???                                    Jonathan R. Lane

Rhosh Renfroe                     test dead                                                Joseph L. Chambers

Bricey Chambers                  dis                                           Wm. H. Jackson                   dis

J.F. Cummings                                                                      George Rivers                       dis

Homer Thomason                                                                                Stephen Gilmore

Judson Robbert                    Exp                                          Thomas Olipant

Thomas J. Adames                                                              Thomas Veal                         dis

William Radney                    dis                                           Wm. Sinquefield

Adam Clay                            dead                                       Asa G. Rhoades

Wm L.A. Reeves                                                                  James L. White                     exp

Matt Hooks                           exp                                          John J. Holmes                     dead

Benton H. Miller                                                                   Wm. Renfroe

John S. Spillers                                                                     James Hood                          dead

Thoams R. Clay                                                                    John Hitchcock Jnr.            

Moses W. trawick                restored                                 John White

Samuel Swint                                                                        John Perkins

Wm. F. Wombles                                                                 James F. Durden

Joseph Duggan                    dis

Lee N. Miller

Jonathan S. Miller

Abner Foster

Jordan Holmes

William Hood




Pg. 6 (1841-1863)




Mary Ethredg                       dead                                       Alecy Thomason

Elizabeth Jackson                 dis                                           Winney Thomason

Elizabeth Renfroe                                                                 Mary Ann Trawick

Nancy Barnet                        dead                                       Martha Parrish                      dism

Nancey Miller                                                                       Mary Reeves

Mary Clay                             dis/dead                                 Amanda Reeves

Nancey Hood                                                                       Rebecca Turner

Mary Andrews                     dis                                           Nancy Turner

Sarah Ray                              died Dec 11, 1847                 Elizabeth Adams

Katharine Pool                      dead                                       Carey Osbon

Mary Mills                            dis                                           Amandah Trawick

Mary Durden                        dead                                       Abbemarle Roberson          dis

Nancy Trawick                                                                     Adaline Gladin

Rebekah Thompson                                                            Mary Perkins                        Restored

Lena Jackson                        dis                                           Martilla Miller

Sarah Hood                           dism                                        Eliza Osbon                           dead

Elizabeth Roberson              dead                                       Ann Womble                        dis

Sarah Pitmon                         dead                                       Elizabeth Foster

Mary Reaves                        dead                                       Rebeca Standley                  dead

Mary Ann Trawick                                                              Teereecy Pitman                   dis

Martha Johnson                                                                   Florida Francis Hitchcock

Lyda Wise                             dead                                       Auguster A. Mallpass

Mary Ann Brookins            dis                                           Ann Hood

Jinate Crooms                       dead                                       Elizabeth Hood                     dead

Sarah Swint Jordan                                                              Francis Mills

Sarah Rushin                        dead                                       Mary Ann Adams

Penelopy Crooms                 dism                                        Nancy Gladin

Treasy Thompson               dead                                                       Virginia Adams

Piety Ann Chambers           dis                                           Mary Renfroe

Martha Thompson               dead                                       Marthann D. O’Quinn         dis

Mary Brantley                      dism                                        Maryan Trawick

Hixey Mills                            dead                                       Julia Clay

Sarah Reaves                        dis                                           Catharine Rushin                 dis

Martha Harris                                                                       Eliza Gonder

Katherine Smith                    dead                                       Sarah Yong                           dis

Elizabeth Clay                       died Sept 1849                      Mary Buckner

Clarsey R. Walker                dis                                           Fany Latimer

Elizabeth Archer                   dis                                           Martha Harris

Elizabeth Archer                   dis                                           Mary Slade

Tiner Jackson                                                                       Sarah C. Jordan

Mary Archer                         dead                                       Mancreat A.M. Jordan

Martha Smith                        Exc                                          S.E. Jordan

Mary D. Henderson             dis                                           J.E. Jordan

Patience Durden                   dism                                        N.C. Jordan

Emaly Durden                       dism                                        Nancy Pitman

Amandy Yarbrough             dec dis                                   Susan Pitman

Sarah Veal                             dead                                       Anna Chambers                   dism

Zilpah Thomason                                                                 Lou Veal

Elizabeth Gladin                                                                    Lizza Perkins        

Rebekah Leaptrot                 dis                                           Molly Green

Elmirah Glenn                        dis                                           Elenors Hitchcock

McHaley Smith                                                                     Marium Hitchcock

Amanda Gladin                                                                     Louisa Raines

Zilpha Reevs                                                                         Sarah Miller

Narciss Pitman                                                                      Martha Durden

Theodosia Roberts                                                              Mary Hitchcock

Julie Standley                                                                       Lydda Best

Nancy Standley                                                                    Elefair Clay

Martha Guest                                                                        Harrietee Lee Hitchcock

Emeline King                                                                         Sarahann Elizabeth Prescott

Mary Ann Johnson                                                             Nancy Foster

Eliza Johnson                                                                        Smitha Jane White

Mary Dutenhafer                                                                 Sarah Jane Pitman

Anna Perkins                        dism                                        Marga Ann Hood

Mary E. Tyus



Pg. 9




Deborah Reaves                   dead                                       Martha Gladin                       dis

Treasey Harris                                                                      Elvy Pound

Elizabeth Reaves                  dead                                       Luzar Ray

Mary Brookins                     dism                                        Sarah Jane Ford                    dis

Lyda Cook                             dis                                           W.E. Neal                              dis

Sivil Hitchcock                                                                     Alsley H. Hitchcock           

Mary Cook                            dis                                           Elizabeth Latimer

Katharine Simpson              dis                                           Martha Griffin                       dis

Nancy Johnson                    dis                                           Patience A. Rhodes

Nancy Askew                       dead                                       Susan Verderes                    dism by letter

Mary Durden                        dis                                           Louisa M. Stevens               des dis.

Elizabeth Trawick                 dead                                       Lena Jackson

Elizabeth Bulington             dis                                           Mary E. Jackson

Elva Pound                            dis                                           Mary Perkins

Anne McDaniel                    dis                                           Mary Milles

Patience Hood                      dead                                       Harriet Gladin

Charity Carr                           dis                                           Patience A. Hooks

Elizabeth Salmon                  dis                                           Martha A. Jackson

Milley Leaptrot                     dis                                           Nicey Mills

Jane Armstrong                    dis                                           Catherine Cone

Martha Veal                          dis                                           Catherine Dadenhaffer

Elizabeth Glenn                     dis                                           Nancy D. Adams                  dead

Martha Floyd                        dis                                           Francis V. (N?) Rhodes

Narcussa Brookins              dis                                           Catharine Warthen

Prissiler Carr                          dis                                           Martha White

Delany Reaves                     dead                                       M.H. Presscot

Sarah Pitmon

Treasy Cook

Francis Moore                      died

Elizabeth Trussell died

Jane Malpass                        died

Martha Barron                      dism

Piety Ann Chambers           dis

Eliza McDaniel

Mary Renfroe

Anne Gladin

Sarah Christian                     dis