Habersham County Photographs

Habersham County Photographs


Nix, Jim
The back of the photo states "Jim Nix, Ayersville Blacksmith Shope" No date, circa 20's-30's (At that time, Ayersville was no longer in Habersham Co, but had become part of Stephens.)
A note from Jean:  Ayersville was a loving, friendly community; where people rarely locked their doors (back then). It was in Habersham until Stephens was originated in 1905.  It at one time had a post-office; located at the Kytle home on an enclosed porch.  I remember the train passing through; removing the outgoing mail from it's perch on the mail-pole; and a duffle bag being thrown from the train containing the in-coming mail; and the train never slowed down.  One old gentleman had a small "store" on his back porch; and another family had a store on the highway.  That was the "town" of Ayersville
Submitted by  Jean Sharp


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