Habersham County Photographs

Paul Carpenter

This is Paul Carpenter, grandson of Paul and Lavina Lavender Carpenter of Habersham Co. Ga.  I believe this to be the son of Jonas Carpenter, although both Jonas and his brother Pinckney Carpenter had sons named Paul. This picture was sent to my Grandmother Bertie Carpenter from her cousin, Paul.
Submitted by Rebecca Giles

Christian Family

Howard Maxwell Christian on left (husband of Hazel Martin) and six brothers. Max, Roy, George, Paul, Ralph and J. V. in Cornelia - 1961
Submitted by Bernie Martin

Cobb's & Crow's
Circa 1920.  The identities of the persons in the photo, left to right, are:
Hobart Crow (b. Feb. 9, 1897)  son of Sandy C. Crow & Hariett Wilbanks of Habersham Co.
Hubert Crow (b. Feb 7, 1902)   son of Sandy C. Crow & Hariett Wilbanks of Habersham Co.
Grover C. Cobb (b. July 31, 1888) son of Robert L. Cobb & Clarkie Burgess of Franklin Co. GA
George D. Cobb (b. Oct. 4, 1898) son of Robert L. Cobb & Clarkie Burgess of Franklin Co. GA
Grover Cobb was my father.  He first married Ella Mae Crow (a sister to the above brothers) 19 July 1911 in Wilkes Co. GA.  Ella Mae died young in 1916 as a result of childbirth with her third pregnancy.  In 1929 Grover Cobb remarried to Winnie Berry in Atlanta and had three more children, of which I am the last.

Submitted by
Thomas B. Cobb

Sandy Crow & Family
Circa 1903.  The individual members of the family shown in the photo are, left to right:
Back row:  Julus Fry husband of  (1) oldest child Josie Conise Crow; (2) second child Edwin Everett Crow; (3) third child Lillie Crow; (4) fourth child Ella Mae Crow.
Front row, left to right: (5) fifth child Belle Crow; (6) father, Sandy Columbus Crow; (7) sixth child Beatrice Crow; (8) mother Harriet Wilbanks Crow, holding (9) 8th child Hubert Crow, and  (9) Hobart Waco Crow.
I am the third son of Hubert Crow (1902-1991).  Sandy C. Crow (1861-1934) was my grandfather. All the children in the picture are my aunts and uncles. I can supply more detailed information on this family if it would be helpful.

Submitted by
Ron Crow

Crowe, E. H. & His Gate
It is of  my father Hubert Crow and a rustic gate he built at the Tallulah Falls School in about 1915, when Dad was about 13 years old. I also have a photo of a miniature log cabin he built the same year, but he does not appear in that photo.  His father Sandy Columbus Crow, after his wife Harriet Wilbanks Crow died of a stroke in 1912, worked as a carpenter on the Tallulah Falls hydroelectric dam project starting in 1912 or 1913. Sandy got his youngest son Hubert a job first as a water boy and then as a carpenter's helper, so he had learned to work with carpenter tools at an early age.  Dad added the "e" to his name later, in the 1920s.
Submitted by
Ron Crow

My grandfather Sandy Columbus Crow (1861-1934)
and his youngest daughter Margie Crow of Habersham County, GA. Red-headed
Margie was Sandy's only child with his second wife, Fannie Ellard Dickson
(1877-1921) .  Fannie, who had three other children by a prior marriage,
died of childbirth complications in 1921 when she gave birth to Margie.
This photo would appear to have been taken in  the middle 1920s. 
Submitted by Ron Crow

This photo is of Annie Crow (1843-1925) holding the baby and
sitting with her husband Perry Peace (1833-1891) of Habersham County, GA.
Annie was the sixth child and third daughter of my great great
grandfather John Samuel Crow (1806-ca. 1880s) and great great grandmother
Mira Crow (ca. 1810-ca 1880s). Annie first married in about 1862 a
Confederate soldier with the surname of Motes. He died during the Civil
War.  Annie later married James (aka Benjamin) Perry Peace in 1864. They
had nine children: John P. Peace (1865-1925), James Wm. Peace
(1867-1929), Charles H. Peace (1871-1939), Dora Peace (1874-1951), Nancy
Peace (1879-1963), Lizzie Peace, Laura Peace, Dicie Peace, and Van Buren
Peace (dates unknown for last four). Perry died in Clarkesville, GA, in
1891. In about 1903 Annie Peace and all her children moved to Anderson,
S.C., where many descendants of Annie and Perry Peace's family still
live. This photo and related information came from descendants Don Peace
of  SC and Fran Simonian of Nevada. 
Submitted by Ron Crow


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