Migration Into Habersham County GA

This page is an attempt to gather into one place all those people who migrated into Habersham Co., GA. To submit an entry, please e-mail me with the following information:

1. Name of ancestor (Surname all in caps, then given name)
2. Name of county/state or country where this person migrated into Habersham County from and when. Approximate time is fine, if that's all you have.
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Name Migrated From Date Submitter Miscellaneous
ADAMS, George Berry Pendleton Dist., SC ca 1824    
AHEARNE, Martha Pendleton Dist., SC ca 1824    
ALLISON, Benjamin    

Judy Allison Edwards

Was the forty first family who settled near Loudesville, GA. Benjamin And his wife Cassandra are buried at Lawrence Cemetery, (now White County, GA). The information was taken from Historical Records of Habersham County, GA by Herbert B. Kimzey
ALLISON, Thomas   1824 Judy Allison Edwards
Thomas Allison Son of Benjamin and Cassandra Allison moved with his family to  Habersham County, GA (now White County, GA). Thomas spent the remainder of his live in White County.
ANDERSON, David A. Rutherford, NC 1832 David Ubbens David A. Anderson was born in Rutherford County, NC 25 Sep 1819 and moved with his family to Habersham in 1832.  He married Nancy McCollum who was born in Habersham County, on 24 Nov 1836.  Their son, Andrew Jackson Anderson was born in 1849.  About 1852, David moved his family to Sumter County, Florida
ANDERSON, Samuel Rutherford County, NC 1832 David Ubbens Samuel Anderson was born in Rutherford County, NC about 1765.  He drew land in Rabun County in 1823 lottery and then received land in Habersham in 1832 Land Lottery.  His children were Margarett Anderson (b. 1813 NC); David A. Anderson b. 1819 NC, ) and Samuel A. Anderson (b. 1821 NC)
ANDERSON, William SC before 1830 James Anderson William ANDERSON, born 1795 in Virginia, Married Nancy Catherine BOWERS, born 1797 In South Carolina, is listed in the 1830 Census as living in the Deep Creek section of Habersham County.
AYERS, Elizabeth
  by 1870

Ranelle Nichols Parker

b. 1853 in either SC or Georgia is in Habersham County, GA by 1870 Census, age 18 living in the Harrison household. Married Wm. Pinkston Nichols in 1875 in Habersham Co., GA., great-grandson of Solomon Nichols; Six children born in Habersham, Wm. A., James Hilliard, H. P., Solomon Turner, Cora L., Winston Roy.  Three more children born after they moved to Polk County, TN. Parents of Elizabeth Ayers have not been found.
BATES, Fleming Franklin Co., GA 1818 Barbara Harrell  
BERRY, Jesse NC or SC bef 1820 Cat Tindell b. 1776
BERRY, Little SC bef 1830 Cat Tindell b. 1770 VA
BERRY, Philip SC bef 1830 Cat Tindell b. 1775 SC; presumed to have died there
BLACK, Elisha Thomas and Callie Lucinda BLACK White County via Oconee, SC 1901 David Stevens  
BOYD, Thomas & wife Mary (nee Hunt) Pendleton District, SC (current Dacusville,  Pickens County, SC) ca 1838 Jimmy Hunt  
BRUCE, James Pendleton District, SC 1819 Bill Ramsaur b. 1760
CARPENTER, Paul with wife Lavinia LAVENDER CARPENTER Gaston County North Carolina btw 1850 and 1854 Rebecca Giles Paul and Vinie are my great-great grandparents
CHAFFIN, Elijah and wife Anna Rutherford County, North Carolina ca 1823 Hugh Swift  
CHURCH, Benjamin migrated to Spartanburg Co., SC, then to Habersham Co., GA btw 1810 & 1818 Dorothy Hinkey with wife and at least five children; b. 1763 in Rowan Co., NC, son of John Sr. Church and 1st wife
COLLINS, Thompson Buncombe Co., SC 1820's J. B. Turner  
DANIEL, William Jefferson Co., AL btw 1821-1825 Cat Tindell  
DAVISON, John VA or SC ca 1845

with wife Jane (Smith)

DODD, James A. Sr. Virginia? to Rutherford Co., NC to Spartanburg Dist., SC before 1850 Pioneer Woman  
DOVER, Francis John Pendleton District, S.C. to Cherokee Territory in 1812 Patti Whitworth  
EMERSON, Robert C. Pickens, South Carolina, migrated to White County/Habersham County in the 1850's in 1860 Dennis Emerson He married Nancy Ann Potts, who was born and raised in Habersham County.
FERGUSON, Coleman Wilkes County NC 1811 Tom Ferguson married Polly Proffitt
FRANKUM/FRANCUM Burke County NC 1840-1860 [email protected]  
GILSTRAP, Wiley R. Pendleton District, SC about 1833 Gary Gilstrap The area he settled is the Mossy Creek area of White County.
GREEN, Jesse Rutherford Co NC about 1824  Teresa Burks  
GROVES, William H. & Jane Wallace Rutherford Co NC 1848-1850 Blanche M. Wallace Married Jan 9, 1839 in NC
GUNN, John and Elizabeth somewhere SC ca 1820 Bill Gunn migrated into GA around 1820 and are listed in census records through 1910
HARRIS Pendleton Old 76 District and Rabun Co. in 1820 Charles Harris  
HASHAW, Moses Burke County NC btw 1815-1830 Tim Hashaw He is recorded in the 1830 census of Habersham
HAYES, Elijah and wife Mary Weaver Hayes Walton county, Georgia/North Carolina 1820 Richard Jones  
HAYES, William W. and wife Mary Rebecca Holbrook HAYES Baxter county, Arkansas 1871 Richard Jones  
HAYNES, Cynthia McDowell North Carolina 1824 Cathy Moore Casper  
HAYNES, Edward North Carolina ca 1824 Barbara Ray  
HAYNES, Jonathan North Carolina 1824 Cathy Moore Casper  
HICKS, Arry North Carolina ca 1824 Barbara Ray  
HIGGINS, John J. and Mary Hall Buncombe Co., NC 1826 Sherri Higgins Clark  
HIGHTOWER, John Joseph Pickens Co., SC btw 1860 & 1870 HEATHENS He lived in Pickens Co in 1860 with his first wife Mary. By 1870 he is living with my grgrgrandmother Emily Chambers. It is uncertain whether she came with him or he married her in Ga.
HUGHES, Elisha Pickens County, S.C. 1827 Dallas Johnson  
HUNT, John W. NC or TN ca 1830 Beverly Hunt Bain Was a blacksmith & his son C W Hunt was my grandfather born 1871-1966  was a blacksmith, gardener for J. F. Minis and Justice of the Peace in Clarkesville until his death.
HUNT , Margaret Ann (nee Bowen)     Jimmy Hunt b. 1795  Pendleton District, SC (current location Dacusville Pickens County, SC) January 1839 Widowed With young sons Harvey Cleveland Hunt b. 1822 & Waddy Thompson Hunt b. 1825 
IVESTER, George and family: wife Anna Rucker, children: Isaac, Barbary, Peter, William, George Jr., Elizabeth Rutherford County, NC ca 1822 Janice Ivester In October of 1822 George purchased land in Habersham Co. After moving to Habersham, six more Ivester children were born: John, Jerusha Ann, unknown, Jesse, Jacob, Jaley Ann.
JACKSON, Jose (Joseph) Rutherford County, NC 1823 John Duckworth  
JACKSON, William Marion Rutherford County, NC 1823 John Duckworth  
JONES, John Hunter 1810-1820 Spartanburg Co, SC   Rhonda McAndrew  
KINNEY, Jesse Rowan Co., NC 1821 Cathy Moore Casper  
KINNEY, Sarah Cox Rowan Co., NC 1821 Cathy Moore Casper  
KINNEY, Susannah Ward Rowan Co., NC 1821 Cathy Moore Casper  
KINNEY, William Rowan Co., NC 1821 Cathy Moore Casper  
KUYKENDALL, James Buncombe Co., NC 1828    
KYTLE, Zachariah Pendleton District, SC 1830 Land Lottery Pat McMillan b. 1784
LONGSTREET, William Richmond County, Georgia  before 1830 Clark Thornton He appears on the 1830 US census in Habersham County
McAFEE, Hugh Pendleton Dist., SC 1827-1828 Barbara Harrell  
McAFEE, Jordan Pendleton Dist., SC 1827-1828 Barbara Harrell  
MURDOCH, Dr. Joseph from Scotland via the British Army about 1780 Mary Murdoch Turney Dr. Murdoch built his home on Cherokee lands, which then became part of Habersham Co., GA; I included the original date of his arrival, but please note that Habersham Co. wasn't formed until 1818
Pendleton District (now Pickens County) South Carolina February 1826 William W. McCollum Note: Daniel was born in East Jersey (now New Jersey in 1760) and died in Habersham County between March and September 1850.  He lived in the Blue Creek District, which became White County in 1857.  He was listed in the 1830, 1840 and 1850 censuses of Habersham County, first with his family, then in 1840 and 1850 with his son-in-law and daughter, John and Elizabeth McCollum Stovall.  Filed his Revolutionary War pension papers from Habersham County between 1832 and 1840.  Was assisted by agents Thomas Jefferson Rusk and Turner H. Trippe and Representative Richard W. Habersham, who wrote two letters on his behalf.   A Revolutionary War marker is on his grave in the Old Blue Creek Baptist Church cemetery in White County commemorating his Revolutionary War service as a militiaman in Colonel Francis Locke's First Rowan Regiment, Rowan County, North Carolina. 
Pendleton District (now Pickens County) South Carolina
February 1826 William W. McCollum John was Daniel McCollum's youngest son (1805-1883).  He and his wife, Hannah Cantrell, were married about 1823 in the Pendleton District of South Carolina and moved to Habersham with his father.  He moved his family to Cherokee County, Georgia about 1844.
Pendleton District (now Pickens County) South Carolina 1822 William W. McCollum Daniel McCollum's eldest son (1789-1876). Served in Captain Benjamin Goss's Company of Austin's Regiment SC Militia during the War of 1812.  Married Susannah Miller in June 1810 in South Carolina.  Susannah died in 1824 and William married Esther Edwards in Habersham County in 1826.  Lived on Brass Town Creek in 1830 and moved on to Walton County before 1840.  Died in Cherokee County in 1876.
MCCRACKEN, Joseph from Scotland through Charleston prior to 1825 Cathy Moore Casper  
MCDOWELL, Daniel Haywood or Buncombe Co., NC 1821    
MERRELL, Benjamin Buncombe Co., NC 1821 Cathy Moore Casper  
MORRIS, Groves Burke Co. NC after 1824    
NEAL/O'NEAL, Andrew Rowan Co., NC ca 1820 Judie Eaves  
NEAL/O'NEAL, James Rowan Co., NC ca 1820 Judie Eaves  
NICHOLS, David   by 1830 Janice Cronan appears on the 1830 Clarksville, Habersham Co, GA census and reports 3 male children and 2 female and wife.   Other researchers believe this is the brother of Solomon Nichols because of a Habersham Co., Court record dated 12/1827 where David was appointed guardian of Solomon's (decd) Children. These researchers have traced Solomon back to Thomas (NC), William (1725)Wake Co., NC.;  William (1700)VA. David appears on the 1840 and 1850 Dahlonega, Lumpkin Co., GA census.  From the dates on the census reports he was born before 1800 in NC. David lists on the 1850 census that he is from North Carolina, but believed to have lived in South Carolina before moving to Habersham Co., GA.  His son James Nichol is living close to him in Lumpkin Co. GA on the 1850 census.  James dies in Lumpkin Co. after 1870 and his son David M. lives there until the 1900 census where he moved to Alpharetta, Milton Co., GA where his son William and his son William continued to live until the 1970's.
NICHOLS, Solomon Pendleton Co., SC bef 1827 Ranelle Nichols Parker b. 1785-1788 in NC (probably Wake Co.); moved to Pendleton Co. SC before 1810; Solomon and children, James, Sarah J, Andrew J., Thomas, William, Martha A. all born in SC and all moved to Habersham Co., GA before 1827 by which time Solomon had died and on that date David Nichols was appointed guardian of estate of the children who were all minors.
NIX (O'NIX), Andrew Jackson from South Carolina btw 1825 & 1844 Mellanie Pierce  
O'BANION, Green Hamilton Edgefield Co., SC 1820    
O'NEAL--see NEAL        
PALMER, Catherine Owens North Carolina 1822 Cathy Moore Casper  
PALMER, George North Carolina 1822 Cathy Moore Casper  
QUARLES, John SC 1840 Trish Henson  
REAVIS, James Rutherford Co., NC by 1824  Ben Reavis  
ROACH, James Pendleton Dist., SC ca 1815 Marsha Roach  
ROE, Anselm/Ansalem Pendleton Dist., SC about 1827-1828 Barbara Harrell  
SAMPSON, Thomas Buncombe Co., NC. ca 1836 W. Robert Sampson b. 1787, with wife Catherine
SCALF, William   bef 1825 Lana Floyd (b. 1780 in NC) md Susannah Cash abt 1810 (b. abt 1786, NC) in NC and moved before 1825 into Habersham Co., GA.  He had several daughters and a son who md while living in Habersham Co.
SHELTON, Stephen North Carolina after 1832 Marc E. Shelton  
SHIRLEY, Moses Liberty area, Laurens Co. S.C.  about 1790 Penny Shirley  
SHORE, John North Carolina  btw 1825 & 1827 Linda McDaniel Smith  
SHORE, Mahalia Suddeth North Carolina btw 1825 &1827  Linda McDaniel Smith  
SINARD, Johnson South Carolina before 1820 Barbara Harrell  
SOSEBEE, Elizabeth (Polly) Spartanburg, SC 1822 Jackie Dietrich  
STARK, Abner & Alsey   1825-1832 Henry E. Penrod Lived there between 1825-1832
STOVER, Jacob Rutherford Co., NC before 1820    
THEDFORD, William Pendleton Dist., SC before 1830 Marvin Thedford  
TENCH, Greenville Snowy Creek Chesterfield County Va. around 1865 Rhonda Beck  
TODD, William Lathan  Oconee Co. SC btw 1890 & 1910  David Lee Todd, Jr.  
TOMLIN, Isaac  South Carolina before 1830 Lisa Tomlin born in 1800
TURNER, Hiram   ca 1832 Mary Clegg Born 1811, South Carolina. 
Arrived in Habersham, GA  about  1832,  he was a recipient in the Cherokee Land Lottery.
Married Mary Rich,  Lumpkin Co. GA 1835.  They are shown on the 1840, Habersham, GA. census with family.  Between 1844-47 they moved on to Fulton County, AR.
TURNER, Jarrett SC 1820's J. B. Turner  
TURNER, Micajah VA to SC 1820's J. B. Turner  
WALKER, Samuel Greenville Co., SC about 1852 Barbara Harrell  
WATKINS, Hesket (Hess) Pickens Co., SC about 1830    
WHITE, Joabert and Sally [Mouser] Lincoln Co. N.C. abt 1830 Todd White  
WHITE, Joseph P. G.    by 1830 Doris A. W. Oakes  
WHITFIELD, William Gray Nash County, N. C. abt 1834    
WHITWORTH, Joseph Southerland Lincoln Co., N.C abt. 1823 Patti Whitworth  

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