Habersham County History - Politics


Transcribed from an original newspaper in my possession.  6/17/03 by Linda Blum-Barton

The Atlanta Semi-Weekly Journal, Atlanta, Georgia, Tuesday, August 21, 1906


Mt. Airy, Ga., Aug. 18 - Believing that there is an effort being made by corporate greed and accumulated wealth to
establish in the commonwealth of Georgia an aristocracy, based on wealth, having a tendency by its arrogance to
oppress the poor, and believing that this faction of the Democratic party, or Republican party sailing under false
colors, is being led by the ring candidate, Clark Howell, and deeming his effort to deceive the people a disgrace to
the state of Georgia, we, the undersigned citizens of the 752d militia district, in the county of Habersham, state of
Georgia, do hereby agree to organize ourselves into a club, to be known as the "Mt. Airy Hoke Smith club," for the
purpose of promoting the interests of the majority of the people of the state of Georgia by pledging ourselves to
support Hon. Hoke Smith for governor during the present campaign:
A.C. Shuler
S. H. Flint
T. O. Parker
E. L. Sisk
J. M. Echols
A. E. Blair
Wm. M. Grant
C. McConnell
J. E. S. Blair
J. R. Trotter
G. Perkins
B. E. Shubert
J. H. Cash
M. C. Pope
A. Parker
A. E. Webster
O. T. White
L. E. Rumsey
H. A. Keller
W. C. Anderson
J. M. W. Tabor
J. N. Tabor
W. D. Freeman
S. B. Addis
A. L. Goss
V. Perkins
J. W. Cash
J. A. Dixon
J. P. Evans

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