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Early Settlers

AUSTIN, Jesse, in Habersham Co. prior to 1850. Served as a delegate to the Tugaloo Baptist Assoc. from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Ayersville,  during the years of 1851 to 1859.
AYERS, Nathaniel, migrated from Franklin Co. to Habersham Co, ca. 1825-30.  Settled in the area later named for him, Ayersville.  It is said that the Indians helped him build a two-room log cabin.  The house still stands and is being  restored to it's original condition.
BAILEY, Hiram, from North Carolina...arrived in Habersham Co, ca 1848-49.
BENTLEY/BENTLY Elias, from South Carolina, married Elizabeth Caroline Kinely on 21 Jan. 1841, Habersham Co. Lived only a few houses from Zachariah Kytle.  Bentley was a charter member of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Ayersville.
BLAYLOCK, Isham, found in Tugaloo Baptist Association records as being a delegate from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in 1851 & 1852.
BROWN, Robert & Hugh , from South Carolina to Habersham, prior to 1820.
CARTER, Presley, Thomas & Tillman, in Habersham, prior to 1820
CLARK, George O. purchased 200 acres of land in Habersham Co, 1825.
COLLINS, Littleton Meeks, from Franklin Co. to Habersham, ca 1840-50.
CURRY, Jacob sold land to David Mulkey on Dec. 31, 1823 in Habersham Co.
DEAN, Archibald, in Habersham Co, prior to 1820
DEVOURE, George...sold land near Broad River,  1824; witnessed by David Mulkey
DRUMMOND, William.....sold land in Habersham Co. Aug. 25, 1825, to Larkin Holt. Witnessed by David Mulkey.
EADES, William R.  from Dekalb Co, Ga.  Came to Ayersville, Habersham Co. to supervise  building of the railroad ca 1870. Built  the only two-story brick house in Ayersville, on a high hill overlooking the community.   The house is still occupied today.
EDMONDS/EDMUNDS James, from SC, charter member of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. In Habersham Co. prior to 1850
FARMER, Messer, from SC, served as clerk at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church for many years. In Habersham Co, prior to 1840.
GREEN, John, charter member of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.  Resided near David Mulkey. In Habersham Co, prior to 1840.
GAZAWAY, Patsy....referenced in deed of 1824, as living near Broad River
HEATON, Pinkney to Habersham ca. 1850
HOLT, Larkin....purchased land from William Drummond Aug. 25, 1825, Habersham Co. Witnessed by David Mulkey.
HOWARD, Tilman L.  from South Carolina to Habersham ca. 1852-60.
HULSEY, ALMON, from Hall co.  First found in Habersham Co. 1860 census.
JENKINS, William E.  to Habersham prior to 1850.
JENKINS, John....purchased land in Habersham Co.  1824 from George Devoure...witnessed by David Mulkey.
KELLY, William, resided between David Mulkey and Zachariah Kytle.  First pastor of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Ayersville from 1851 to 1855; and again 1866-67.  He also pastored Zebulon Baptist Church (near Toccoa) 1867 and 1876.

KINSEY, Peter Thomas (ancestor of my husband Thomas Kinsey) was an early settler of Habersham County. He is buried at Old Stonepile Cemetery date of death 1842.  Submitted by Sandra Kinsey

KYTLE (KITLE) Zachariah, born in NC; lived in SC; then to Habersham Co. ca 1830-40
LATHAM/LATHAN Thomas, born in SC...in Habersham Co. by 1830
MASSEY/MASSY, Joel & William, on 1850 census of Habersham Co.  "Massy" (no given name) is listed as a charter member of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.
MULKEY, Elizabeth, paid taxes in 1818 to Franklin Co.  Land described as near the Indian boundary line and Broad River (near Toccoa).  The 1820 census shows her in Habersham Co.  She did not move, but the area of Franklin Co. where she lived became part of Habersham Co. in 1818.  (My ancestor) 
MULKEY, Philip JR,  from NC & SC to Franklin, Hall and  in Habersham 1830.  He moved on to Lumpkin and died in Gilmer.
NORTON, Lemuel B. to Habersham Co. ca 1850.  He pastored Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in 1856-57 and 1859 and Zebulon Baptist Church in 1862.
NORTON, Nehemiah, from VA.  In Georgia prior to 1832.  Found on 1860 census of Habersham. May have been the father of Lemuel B. Norton.
RICH, Charles, 1830 census of Habersham Co.
TAYLOR, Jeremiah, born Va...  In 1802 received grant of 293 acres in Franklin Co.  Found in  Habersham on the 1820 census. 
TROTTER, Robert...1870 census of Habersham
WALKER, John, from SC....1840 census of Habersham.  Walker (no given name) is listed as a charter member of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.
WARD, Samuel, from NC....1850 census of Habersham.
WARD, William, from VA....1850 census of Habersham.
WATSON, Elbert, married Anny Mote, March 31, 1843 in Habersham Co.
WILBANKS, William Thomson & Gilliam, from South Carolina to Franklin Co, ca 1827. Moved to Habersham Co, ca 1840. (My ancestor)

A big thanks goes out to Jean Sharp for submitting this information!  

John Hardy did his best to make a living for his family. In the early years he was occasionally in debt and was obliged to pledge his horse and household furnishings until he could make enough to clear his record. The census of 1840 found John & Sarah and their growing family in Franklin Co, Va.  There were 4 children two boys and two girls.
   In 1850 they had returned to Henry County and the two oldest children had married.  Six more brothers and sisters were still at home with John and Sarah.  It is quite probable the family lived on Snow Creek, near Danville, Va. During the years in Franklin
County as their older children married into families living in that region. The oldest child, a daughter named Martha Jan married in 1846, Andrew Wilson Tench, a Tobacconist.
   There were three families in the wagon train: the families of Green Tench, John Hardy and a family named Purdy.  The trip was hard as the roads of the period were rough and most rivers had to be crossed at fords which occasionally were in flood and which covered the floorboards of the wagons. Two items belonging to John and Sarah still exist - a spinning wheel and a fiddle, now the cherished possessions of the descendents of James Owen Hardy. There is a fiddle in the possession of Hazel Kimbrell that had belonged to John. It is a known fact by Hazel's mother, Elizabeth Josephine "Josie" Tench Smith and her grandfather Zed Tench, that most of the Tench and Hardy boys were very talented with almost any musical instrument. The fiddle and the banjo being the most favored.
   John, according to the family Bible of his grandson, John Lewis Butler Tench, also in Hazels possession has his father as Charles Hardy.
HARDY, JOHN   (1860 U.S. Census)
Age: 50, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: VA - Farmer
Series: M653 Roll: 125 Page: 953
Sally (Pedigo)- female (wife) age 32 b: VA - Keeping House
William - male (son) age 19 b: VA - Day Labor
Sally - female (dau) age 16 b: VA - Day Labor
John - male (son) age 14 b: VA
Eliza - female (dau) age 12 b: VA
James E. - male (son) age 9 b: VA
Thomas L?. - male (son) age 8 b: VA
HARDY, JOSEPH F   (1870 U.S. Census)
Age: 35, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: VA
Series: M593 Roll: 154 Page: 196
Mary J. - female (wife?) age 36 b: VA - Keeping House
Fergusion, James - male other age 19 b: GA - Farm Hand

A big thanks goes out to Hazel for submitting this information!

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