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Ebenezer Methodist Church

About the time Habersham County was organized in 1818, Ebenezer Methodist Church was built across the highway from the present location on land owned by the Mathews Estate.  No records can be found of the building committee or of the date the first church was built, but the information has been handed down to the oldest citizens and church members that Mr. Mathews gave permission for the church to be built on his property and that it probably remained there about 70 years until the church purchased 8.5 acres from Edward N. Ivester in 1892.  This church was at one time in the Dahlonega Charge. It has also been in the Elberton Charge and Gainesville Charge.  Many pastors have served the church staying anywhere from 1 to 9 years.  A deed was made on May 18, 1892, between Edward N. Ivester and the Trustees of Ebenezer Church.  The Trustees were:  A. C. Inglis, J. T. Smith, G. A. Anderson, J. R. Anderson, and Moses Franklin.  They purchased the church lot and graveyard for the sum of $27.00.  The deed states: "This land to be held in Trust, that said premises shall be used, kept, maintained and disposed of as a place of Divine Worship of the Methodist Episcopal Church, subject to the Discipline, Usage, and Ministerial Appointments of said Church."  The deed was recorded on July 19, 1892.  The church was moved back from the highway around 1927 at the time the highway was paved.

On May 9,1885, the following churches were in conference at Ebenezer:

Cool Springs
New Liberty
Alley's Chapel
Pleasant Grove

On October 4, 1897, the following record was made:

E. A. Cook, Presiding Elder
J. D. Milton, Pastor

The church was in the Dahlonega Charge.  Those answering to roll call were:

Robert McClure                    G. A. Anderson
J. R. Anderson Mitchell Franklin
A. C. Inglis H. H. Webb
J. A. Fry J. N. Gabrels
J. W. Green  

Charles L. Bass was recommended to the District Conference to preach.  The children baptized were:

Edwin Inglis Biggers Davidson
Claude Garrett Loy Still
Helen Bowden                    George Ayers

The following were elected Superintendents:

Clarkesville Charlie Bass
Turnerville J. W. Green
New Liberty D. F. Fry
Ebenezer J. N. Gabrels
Alley's Chapel                    W. N. Gideons

On October 22, 1900, the Trustees reported that the church owned a good building and about 8 acres of land valued at $650.00.  They also stated that there were no debts and that the deeds were recorded.  A roll of members was submitted, there were 141.

On June 26, 1909, the Third Quarterly Conference was held at Ebenezer with J. H. Mashburn as Presiding Elder, and W. A. Simmons as Pastor.

On July 23, 1910, a Quarterly Meeting was held and the minutes state that the Sunday School at Ebenezer, Cool Springs, and Clarkesville have been working steadily.  Reeves Gabrels and Charlie Inglis were received into the Church.  Fletcher Walton was Presiding Elder and W. C. Fox was Pastor.

1913 Conference

T. F. Christian was Presiding Elder and J. R. Jordan Pastor.  Stewards present were:

J. A. Anderson                    J. N. Gabrels
J. M. Nix J. P. Inglis
B. F. Scott J. N. Ivester

At the 1914 Conference, J. S. Strickland was Pastor

At the September 4, 1915 Conference, Reverend O. M. Ponder was Pastor

The following officials were present:

T. J. Christian, P.E. O. M. Ponder, Pastor
J. N. Gabrels, Secretary                     

Roll call:

W. A. Demore J. A. Fry
A. C. Inglis J. H. Ivester
J. N. Gabrels B. F. Scott
J. W. Nix F. Y. Ivester
Percy Denmore                     

At the July 1, 1917 conference, priviledge was given to organize a church at Habersham Mills.  B. F. Scott was elected as delegate to the District Conference. Frank Gabrels was elected Secretary, J. W. Quillian was the presiding Elder, and L. B. Linn was pastor.

Members added to the church roll in August, 1918 were:

Arthur Scott Walter Scott
Mamir Scott                    Alma Deal
Hugh Inglis Glenn Densmore

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