William Longstreet

William Longstreet


William Longstreet, Jr., b. 1798, was the youngest son of William Longstreet, one of the inventors of the steam boat, and Hannah Randolph. William, Jr. was the younger brother of Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, the well-known jurist and educator, who authored the genre setting, Georgia Scenes: Characters, Incidents in the First Half Century of the Republic; he was the uncle of the famous Confederate General James Longstreet, who, after the war, became a politician and author of From Manassas To Appomattox; and he was the nephew of Daniel Longstreet, secretary of the Georgia Constitutional Convention in 1789 and one of the founders of the United States Marine Corps. He married Mary Ann Olivia White on November 13, 1823. William and Mary Ann had five children, three of whom lived to majority: Mary Ann, James Carter and Gilbert Augustus.

Sometime before 1830 William Longstreet bought land and migrated to Habersham County, with his wife and young son, James Carter Longstreet, and several slaves--most likely to cultivate cotton and mine for gold. He later returned to Augusta, Ga., where he died of unknown causes in 1835.

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