Cyrus Chase

Cyrus Chase

Cyrus CHASE was born 25 November 1860, and died January 1913 in Cornelia, Habersham County, Georgia.  He married Minnie Addie MCKUSICK in Baring, Maine.

"Cyrus had heart trouble and moved south with his family." [Winifred Chase Hazlewood. John Chase, 1795-1887.].  Consult Hazlewood's book for more information on Cyrus Chase.


(Gray Family of Somerset and Washington Counties, Maine)

Cyrus Chase, born Nov. 25, 1860, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Gray) Chase; died about 1910, Cornelia Georgia; married Minnie Addie McKusick at Baring, Maine.


Cyrus Chase was NOT listed in 1900 U.S. Census of Cornelia, Habersham County, Georgia. (Microfilm copy at Northeast Georgia Regional Library, Clarkesville, Georgia).


(Habersham County, Georgia. Office of Clerk of Courts. Filing Docket and General Index to Deeds A-Z Reverse, from 1901 to Dec. 31, 1924)

Chase, Cyrus   J. W. Peyton   Plat & Deed             7/5/1904      7/7/1904 QQ 172

Chase, Mrs. Cyrus   Mayor & Council of Mt. Airy -  Deed                1/6/1913 1/13/1913        VV 292

Chase, Cyrus   J. W. Peyton   Deed 2/13/1913 1pm  6/17/1907   2/19/1913 YY 161

Chase, Minnie A.    Elizabeth Estelle Chase et al. -  Deed 2/13/1913 1pm  2/12/1913 2/19/1913       YY 161


(Habersham County, Georgia. Office of Clerk of Courts. Deeds, vol. QQ, 1904-1905, p. 172-173)

5 July 1904. From J. W. Peyton of Habersham [County] to Cyrus Chase of Habersham [County], for $2000.00 paid, land in Cornelia, a part of lot 171 in the 10th land district of Habersham County, fourteen acres more or less.  Plat dated 4 July 1904.  Recorded 7 July 1904.


(Habersham County, Georgia. Office of Clerk of Courts. Filing Docket and General Index to Deeds, A-Z Direct, from 1901 to Dec. 31, 1924)

Grantor             Grantee        Deed Date Recorded  Book Page

Cyrus Chase         J. W. Peyton   6/17/1907 6/24/1907 SS   428

Minnie A. Chase          J. W. Peyton   10/29/1913     10/29/1913     YY 313

Minnie Q. Chase          J. C. Hood     4/20/1917 4/26/1917 Q4   142

Minnie Q. Chase          J. C. Hood     4/13/1917 8/12/1917 Q4   317


(Habersham County, Georgia. Office of Probate Judge..  List of Register Voters, 1909, p. 161)

Voters Oath for 1449 District of Habersham County, Georgia [Cornelia]

Date Registered: Oct. 7, 1909

Chase, Cyrus.  age 49, White.  "[check mark] Good Character and Knowledge of Duties of Citizenship".

Occupation: Farmer.  [NOT checked was the column: "Property 40 acres lÆnd or $500 Personalty"]


(United States. National Archives. Georgia Census, 1910. Micro-copy no. T264, roll no. 195: Gwinnett, Houston, Habersham, Irwin and Jackson Counties.  Microfilm copy at Northeast Georgia Regional Library, Clarkesville, Georgia)

Cornelia (1449 Militia District), Habersham County, Georgia.


Street: Bridge Street

1. Number of dwelling house in order of visitation: 89

2. Number of family in order of visitation: 93


3.             Chase, Cyrus        [Chase], Minnie A.  [Chase], Elizabeth E.


4.             Head           wife           daughter


5. Sex              M              F              F

6. Color or race         W              W              W

7. Age at last birthday  49             48             25

8. Whether single, married, widowed or divorced     M1             M1             S

9. Number of years married           27             27

10. Mother of how many children                            2

11. Number of children living                              2

12. Place of Birth       Maine               Maine               Maine

13.Place of birth of father of this person        Maine               Maine               Maine

14. Place of birth of mother of this person        Maine               Canada              Maine


18. Trade or profession  Farmer              None           Teacher

19. General nature of ...     General Farm                       Public School

20. Whether an employer, employee, or working on own account         OA                            W

21. Whether out of work on April 10, 1910 if an employee                                     No

22.Number of weeks out of work during year 1909 if an employee                                    0


23. Whether able to read Yes            Yes            Yes

24. Whether able to write     Yes            Yes            Yes

25. Attended school any time since September 1, 1909


26. Owned or rented O

27. Owned free or mortgaged               F

28. Farm or house        F

29. Number of farm schedule            12  

1913 January

(Tried to check for obituary of Cyrus Chase in newspaper on microfilm at Northeast Georgia Regional Library in Clarkesville, Georgia.  The microfilm does NOT include issues from the relevant dates.  Microfilm Reel 1 includes an incomplete run of Clarkesville Advertiser 1893, 1898-1911; "scattered issues, 1926-1928"; Tri-County Advertiser,  March 1913-1918.)

(Also tried to find a death record for Cyrus Chase at Habersham County Office of Probate Judge.  They do not have any death records  before 1918, when the State of Georgia required that they be kept.  The City of Cornelia, Georgia does not keep any vital records; in Georgia, it is the responsibility of the county governments to keep vital records.  Found no marriage records for Chases in the time frame in which we're interested, in the marriage indexes kept at the Office of Probate Judge.)

1913 January 6

(Habersham County, Georgia. Office of Clerk of Courts.  Deeds, Book VV, p. 292)

From the Mayor and Council of the Town of Mt. Airy, Georgia to Mrs. Cyrus Chase of Habersham County, Georgia, for ten dollars, land "being in East View Cemetry [sic] in the county and state above written, and known on the map of East View Cemetry [sic] as lot no. 55, the same being 24 x 24 ft."  Dated 6 January 1913.  Recorded 13 January 1913.

(Went to East View Cemetery in Mt. Airy, Habersham County, Georgia on May 16, 2000.  Found no grave markers for Cyrus Chase or members of his family.  Inquired at the Mt. Airy Town Office:  they have no record of burials in East View Cemetery; the clerk says there may be a map of the lots in existence, but the person who had it is sick and she is trying to get hold of him because she believes he just sold a row of lots there "that do not exist".)

1913 February 12

(Habersham County, Georgia. Office of Clerk of Courts.  Deeds, Book YY, page 161)

Elizabeth-Estelle Chase and Alice (Chase) Abercrombie of Fulton County, Georgia, deed to Minnie A. Chase of Habersham County, Georgia. Elizabeth-Estelle Chase and Alice (Chase) Abercrombie were "Heirs at law of Cyrus Chase deceased, our beloved Father, late of Habersham County" ... For the sum of Ten dollars ... "and in consideration of Minnie A. Chase, our beloved Mother, and only surviving heirs of Cyrus Chase, deceased, paying all the just debts of Cyrus Chase, owed by him at the date of his death, and paying the expenses of the last illness of Cyrus Chase, and his funeral expenses, and for the further consideration of the love and affection we have for Minnie A. Chase, our beloved Mother" convey to Minnie A. Chase "all of the property, Real or Personal and chose in action which Cyrus Chase, our beloved Father, died owning, seased [sic] and possessed of namely:" land in Cornelia, Georgia, fourteen acres more or less, "and fully described in a deed from J. W. Peyton, to Cyrus Chase, made July 5th, 1904 and recorded in Book QQ Folio 172-3, Clerk's office Habersham Superior Court, EXCEPT a Triangle strip of this property on the East side of Banks Street 71 1/2 feet along Banks street,.... This property having been conveyed by Cyrus Chase to J. W. Peyton.  Also the following property to wit: A tract or parcel of land lying and being in Cornelia, Ga. fronting on Banks Street  71 1/2 feet, commencing where the original land lot line on the West side of land lot 172, crossing Banks St, thence; Northerly the original line 57 feet to a stake corner, thence; Eastwardly 39 1/2 feet to Banks Street to stake corner, thence; along said Bank [sic] St. 71 1/2 feet to the beginning corner.  This being the property conveyed in a deed from J. W. Peyton to Cyrus Chase, made June 17th 1907."

Witnesses: Andy E. Brown, Chas. H. Giradean

Filed for record, 1 o'clock P.M., Feb'y 13, 1913.

Recorded Feb'y 19, 1916 [by] G. P. Jones, Clerk.


Cyrus Chase, wife and children are NOT listed in 1920 U.S. Census of Cornelia, Habersham County, Georgia.  (Microfilm copy at Northeast Georgia Regional Library, Clarkesville, Georgia)

More About Cyrus CHASE:

Burial: East View Cemetery, Mt. Airy, Habersham County, Georgia

Children of Cyrus CHASE and Minnie MCKUSICK are:

        2                 i.    Alice4 CHASE.  She married ABERCROMBIE.

        3                ii.    Elizabeth Estelle CHASE, born Abt. 1885.


 Submitted by Steve Robbins

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