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Name Index to Will Book A

Will of Mrs. Mary Brinson

Contributed by Charmon Hale

Last Will and Testament of Mrs. Mary Brinson, deceased.
State of Georgia
Grady County

I Mary Brinson of said county being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and testament hereby revoking any and all others that I have heretofore made.

Item 1st. It is my Will and desire that my body be buried in a Christianlike manner, the place and details of which I leave to Ben F Brinson and Sam I Brinson. Also B.F. Beckwith are to have only to the amount of ($2.00) Two Dollars, as only share in this Will.

Item 2nd. It is my Will and desire that all my just debts be paid as soon as practable after my death.

Item 3rd. I Will bequeath and desire all of my property both real and personal of whatever kind and wherever situated to my sons Ben F Brinson and Sam I. Brinson. B.F. Beckwith to have Two Dollars only in this will to be theirs, absolutely and in fee simple forever.

Item 4th. I hereby make my sons Ben F.Brinson and Sam I. Brinson executors of this Will. I relieve them B F and S.I. Brinson from making any Inventory of my property or appraisement or from giving any Bond, and they are required only by this Will to probate the Will and they are further relieved from making any returns of their acts and doings to any courts whatever. Also it is my Will what Ben F. Brinson owes or what Sam I Brinson owes my estate, there are not to be any claims made against each other in this Will, and after death and my burial the remainder of essects be equally divided betwwen Ben F. Brinson and Sam I. Brinson, my sons.

This the 6th day of October 1932.
her X mark
Mrs. Mary Brinson (Seal)

Declared, published, signed and sealed by Mrs. Mary Brinson as her last Will and testament in the presence of the under signed as witnesses, she first signing in our presence and we then at her special instance and request signing in her presence and in the presence of each other.

This the 6th day of October 1932.
her X mark
Mrs. Mary Brinson (Seal)

Fannie Davis
Naomi Davis
W.H. Oliver J.P. 1507 Dist. of Grady County, Georgia.

Probated in Common Form February 7, 1938 Ordinary Grady Co Ga

(August 6,1796--March 17,1877)

Contributed by William Lackey Stephens

I, Simeon Lodge of the County of Decatur, and the State of Georgia, being of sound and disposing mind and memory and of advanced age and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs, which I have sought so to do, do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills by me at anytime heretofore made. My worldly estate I dispose of as follows:

I desire that all my property both real and personal to go and be kept by my wife, Elizabeth Lodge, during her natural life, and at her death I desire for my daughter Martha M. Hicks to have five dollars of my estate.

I desire for my son Green Lodge, my daughters Cornelia Lodge and Clemantine Lodge to have a good Bed and Bedclothing, and all the bedding they make from now on. And then I want all of my property to be equally devided between my bodily heirs.

In witness whereof, I, the said Simeon Lodge to this my will consisting of the forgoing have set my hand and seal this twenty seventh day of November, Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Six.

I hereby appoint J.T. and Green Lodge my executors.

Signed, Simeon Lodge

Will of Ebenezer Stephens

Contributed by William Lackey Stephens


This indenture made and entered into this the Seventeenth day of January, Eighteen Hundred and ninty four.

Know by all men by these present we the undersigned heirs of the Deceased Ebenezer Stephens agree to come together within ourselves and divide the property of the said Deceased equally among ourselves. That we may hereby save the expense of an administrators fee, we also agree that we only divide the personally property of the Deceased at the present time and that the real estate remain as it is until the First day of November in the year above (1894). Then the real estate to be sold to the highest bidder payable in United States currency at the time of sale: We furthermore agree that if any of the heirs should buy in more of the personal property than is their just portion that the same amount that is above their portion in the personal property shall be deducted from their portion in real estate property at the time of sale and it is furthermore understood that the wife of said Deceased Ebenezer Stephens agrees to take a childs portion of the said Deceased Ebezezer Stephens estate as her portion or claim upon the said estate, we the heirs agree to give her Seventy-five dollars of such property as she wishes to take at the appraisement price clear and above her portion that she has heretofore agreed to take; for her own use and benefit forever.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of:

James Stephens
L.G. Stephens
J.Y. Stephens
Julia McRae
Nancy Connell
Sam Stephens
Mary A. Stephens
S.J. Kemp
Mary A.E. Bryant
M.C. Knight

Signed in my presence:
R.W. Higdon, N.P. and Ex. Off. J.P.

The indenture made on January 17, 1894, by the heirs of the estate of Ebenezer Stephens, was recorded in Book KK, Page 553, on December 14, 1894, in Decatur County, Georgia.

The heirs of Ebenezer's estate were listed as:

  1. Mary Ann, wife, a childs portion plus $75.00
  2. James Stephens
  3. L.G. Stephens(Lewis Green)
  4. J.Y. Stephens, (Jesse Young)
  5. J.H. Stephens (Jacob Henry)
  6. Julia McRae, ( Julia A. Stephens)
  7. Nancy Connell, (Nancy Stephens)
  8. Sam Stephens
  9. Mary Ann Stephens
  10. S. I. Kemp, (Sarah Isabella Stephens)
  11. Mary Ann E. Bryant, (Mary Ann Elizabeth Stephens)
  12. M. E. Knight, (Martha E. Stephens)

Sampson Harrell signed for the William Thomas estate, representing the interests of Sophronia Jane Stephens, wife of William Thomas

The Bill of Appraisement in Ebenezer's Estate read as follows:

Bill of Appraisement by J.R. Maxwell, S.H. Harrison and C.H. Butler.

1) one ox wagon, $2.50 = 2.50
2) one two horse wagon, $30.00 = 30.00
3) one buggy, $12.50 = 12.50
4) 75 bushels corn, @ .60 cts./ bu. = 45.00
5) 2 plow stocks, $2.00 = 2.00
6) 2 sets plow gear, .50 cts = .50
7) 2 single stock plows, $3.00 = 3.00
8) 1 fro & wedge & reap hook, .75 cts. = .75
9) 1 Dixie plow, .75 cts. = .75
10) 1 corn sheller, $2.00 = 2.00
11) 40 bushels cotton seed more or less, @ .12 1/2 cts./ bu. =- 5.00
12) 8 bushels oates, @ .60 cts./ bu. = 4.80
13) 1 sack salt, .05 cts.= .05
14) 1 pair cart wheels and ??, .25 cts. =.25
15) 2 grind rocks, $1.00 = 1.00
16) 1 sausage cutter and stuffer, .50 cts. = .50
17) hoes, shovel, rake, and fork and grass blade, $2.00 = 2.00
18) 3 club axes, .80 cts. = .80
19) 1 cross-cut saw, $1.50 = 1.50
20) Auger plane,cane knife, guano trumpet,and balances, $1.50 =1.50
21) 1 oat cradle, .75 cts = .75
22) 100 pounds lard @ .10cts./ pound = 10.00
23) 2 stone jars, $1.00 = 1.00
24) 3 barrels syrup, @ 22 cts./ gallon =33.00
25) 1 wash pot, .75 cts = .75
26) the meat of 8 hogs, @ .07 cts./ pound = 6.00
27) 40 pounds old bacon more or less, @ .08 cts./ Pound = 3.20
28) 2 farmers friend plow, .50 cts. = .50
29) 2 sugar kettles and skimmer, $16.00 =16.00
30) 1 sugar mill, $25.00 =-25.00
31) 6 head cattle, $20.00 =20.00
32) 1 mule, $20.00 =20.00
33) 1 mule, $75.00 =75.00
34) 40 head goats more or less, @ .25 cts./ head =10.00
35) 100 bundles fodder, @ .60 cts./ cwt =3.00
36) 11 head pigs, @ .50 cts./ head =5.50
37) 3 head of stock hogs, $8.00 = 8.00
38) 1000 seed cane more or less, @ .50 cts./ hundred = 5.00
39) 6 bee gums, @ .15 cts./ gum = .90
40) 2 shot guns, $10.00 =-10.00
41) 1 sprey, .50 cts. = .50
43) 7 mattresses, $7.00 =7.00
44) 3 bedsteads, $3.00 = 3.00
45) 1 clock, $2.00 = 2.00
46) kitchen furniture, $2.50 = 2.50
47) dentist tools, $1.25 = 1.25
48) 1 hand saw, 1 pair shears, 2 chisels, and drawing knife, $1.50 =1.50
49) 200 pounds tobacco more or less, .08 cts/ pound =16.00

TOTAL VALUE--------$413.50

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