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The Cairo Messenger, May 6, 1904

Hon. S. G. McLendon


Presents Petition Signed by Scores of Citizens.

To the Honorable S. G. McLendon:

We, the undersigned citizens and voters of Thomas County, respectfully and earnestly request that you allow your name to be presented as a candidate for the office of Representative from Thomas County for the ensuing term of the legislature, subject to the action of the Democratic Primary to be held August 19th next.

We are prompted to make the request on account of the high regard we have for you personally, and the opinion we entertain for your ability to fill the office.


A. H. S. Cooke
A. P. Harley
H. W. Harley
J. L. Trull
T. J. Ball
R. J. Miller
J. B. Chisholm
B. G. Swift
Chas. Wolf
S. M. Wolf
Louis Stevrman
S. Richy
L. Loeb
R. G. Fleetwood
T. L. Watt
C. T. Gandy
W. J. Taylor
C. L. Ward
J. E. White
R. Thomas Jr.
E. M. Mallette
C. C. Stone
Lee Neel
L. H. Jerger
W. Fienburg
Joseph Jerger
C. R. Poole
H. T. Poole
Ed Alderman
S. L. Mallard
Heeth Varnedoe
H. E. Cochran
Thos McCartney
J. Miller
W. L. Ball
M. R. Mallette
R. H. Neel
W. A. Rockwell
W. D. Hargrave
J. H. Merrill
J. C. Morse
C. A. Hancock
J. W. Dillon
A. C. Davenport
Jas Foss
H. M. Cave
M. M. Huchingson
Jas McKinnon
M. C. Ball
T. H. Mitchell
Wertz & Son
S. A. Jones
F. A. Jones
J. W. Blanton
D. E. Blanton
W. L. Adams
C. F. Coleman
W. N. Austin
T. L. Spence
S. R. Robison
F. H. Smith
C. C. Smith
George Cox
J. W. Peacock
B. A. Daniels
C. G. Goehring
J. T. Culpepper
S. W. Davis
P. C. Dickey
C. E. Martindale
C. E. Smith
A. W. Stewart
J. F. Evans
J. Mitchell
E. M. Flemming
W. E. Beverly
W. R. DuRant
W. A. Wheeler
J. T. Drake
A. W. Kirkland
J. G. Crovat
S. L. Hayes
J. B. Mitchell
E. P. Ward
R. H. Dixon
J. E. Dean
J. F. Pittman
W. H. Bibb
T. N. Hopkins
S. A. Price
P. H. Milton
W. C. Pittman
J. T. Pittman
J. D. Carroll
B. H. Wright
J. M. Dekle
M. A. Fleetwood
S. Steyerman
J. A. Davenport
A. W. Palin
A. H. Palin
C. W. Cooper
Chas Tattle
F. Butler
J. W. Butler
T. W. Mallard
M. D. McKinnon
T. B. Chisholm
Chas E. Mims
W. C. Lamber
T. C. Duren
A. Bennett
John G. Wurst
J. L. Briley
M. Pope
W. N. Harman
J. T. Spengler
B. W. Stone
John C. Blalock
W. S. Blackshear
Harry Steyerman

Mr. McLendon's Card.

Thomasville, Ga, April 21, 1904. Editors Times Enterprise:

I wish to express to each and all of the gentleman whose names are signed to the foregoing, most grateful thanks for this agreeable evidence of their good will and to announce my willingness to serve as a member of the House of Representatives if nominated at the primary in August. I have been asked if I would favor a dispensary in this county if elected. I have answered that I would not, nor would I favor the sale of whiskey in this county in that or any other way. The people of the county have settled that question twice and settled it permanently.

I wish not only to thank the signers of the foregoing request but the many others who have kindly offered me assurance of support.

S. G. McLendon

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