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The Cairo Messenger, October 21, 1904

Mr. McEachern is again in the city.

Mr. J. H. Pearce was in town Monday.

Cairo merchants are all doing a fine business.

Mr. F. B. Walsh visited Thomasville Tuesday.

Mr. Autrey of Moultrie spent Friday in the city.

Mr. Walter Davis visited Thomasville Tuesday.

Quite a number of Cairoites visited Pine Park Sunday.

Mr. Mack Harrison visited Bainbridge Monday night.

Capt. H. J. Hart was a visitor to Thomasville last Monday.

Quite a crowd of Cairoites visited Bainbridge last Monday.

It is your duty to work for electric lights and water works.

Mr. J. W. Miller made a business visit to Iron City Tuesday.

Capt. W. E. Dunn paid Whigham a business visit last Monday.

W. B. Brown went over to Whigham last Monday, on business.

The cry of “more mort” is a familiar sound in Cairo just now.

Mr. H. M. McManeus attended court at Thomasville this week.

Mr. Lee Roy Dickey of Iamonia, Fla., was in the city Tuesday.

A good rain seems to be a thing much needed in these parts.

Save the coupons as they appear in each issue of the Messenger.

Capt. W. E. Dunn visited Thomasville the first part of the week.

Mr. Norman Peebles of Whigham was a visitor to the city Friday last.

Mr. Will Rhoden of Moultrie was a business visitor to the city Monday.

Capt. Peebles of Whigham was transacting business here Tuesday.

Mr. T. A. Powell was a visitor to the city of Bainbridge on Monday last.

The prettiest young lady in Cairo attended divine services Sunday night.

Prof. F. C. A. Kellam visited Thomasville Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Miss Nora Odom of Sellars, Ala., spent Sunday and Monday with homefolks.

Mr. Ivey Lewis after a short visit to Bainbridge returned to Cairo last Tuesday.

W. J. White, the king merchant in Coolidge, visited homefolks in Cairo this week.

Miss Rosa Pearce of Whigham spent Saturday and Sunday here the guest of Mrs. Mauldin.

Miss Dixie Trulock of Whigham was the guest of Miss Delia Crawford Saturday and Sunday.

The Cairo Messenger, November 18, 1904

B. F. Williams & Son sell Grain, Hay and Feed Stuff of all kinds.

Mr. Walter Howard and sister, Miss Rosa Howard, of Oakland Farm, were visitors to Cairo last Tuesday.

That hustling representative of the Thomasville Times-Enterprise Mr. George W. Chestnut was in Cairo this week and while in the city paid the Messenger office a pleasant visit.

Mr. E. Harrell, on of the best farmers in this part of the country, was a visitor to Cairo this week.

Attention is called to the call meeting of the acting executive committee of the new county, inviting the people of Spence, Ochlockonee, Blowing Cave, Limesink, Spring Hill, Whigham, Pearce, Ragans and Calvary District, to meet with the people of Cairo and the 18th district at Cairo, Ga., on Friday, Nov. 25th.

Mr. I. O Marshall of Culleocka Tenn., was a visitor to this city the first part of the week.

Mr. Kedar Rowell's store house on Broad St., is rapidly nearing completion.

“Now is the time of all good men come to the aid of the”—new county.

Mr. R. Evans of Moultrie, Ga., is in the city visiting relatives and friends.

Miss Jonnie Brown was a visitor to Thomasville last Tuesday.

Remember all the stores and business houses of Cairo will be closed on next Thursday, Nov., 24th., Thanksgiving.

Mr. Oliver Williams visited Whigham Sunday.

Misses Blackshears were the guests of Mrs. Jno. L. Poulk Sunday.

Mrs. Ruth Swicord visited Thomasville Tuesday afternoon.

Miss Rosa Howard was the guest of relatives here Tuesday.

The many friends of Mrs. C. E. Mauldin will regret to know that she has been quite sick this week.

Dr. B. Marvin Brown is spending the week with homefolks. Marvin has many friends here who are always glad to see him.

Maj. R. E. Wyley was in the city Tuesday of this week.

MULE FOR SALE—For sale cheap, a large fine, sound 6 year old mule, sold for $2.20 in Jan. Will sell much cheaper. No use for mule reason for selling. Call on Capt. J. F. Stone for particulars.

Col. Jno. R. Singletary returned from Thomasville Monday.

Mr. Elexandra Maxwell of Hico, Tex., was in the city part of the week.

The Cairo Messenger, December 2, 1904

Mr. J. B. Wight was a visitor to Thomasville a few days ago.

Mr. B. H. Pope of Akridge was a visitor to Cairo last Friday.

Mr. C. C. Cocroft of Thomasville visited Cairo the first of the week.

Mrs. L. B. Powell and children returned from Alaga, Ala., last Saturday.

Mr. E. A. Vanlandingham was shaking hands with friends in Cairo this week.

Will Chambers, traveling for Beck & Gregg, was calling the on the trade in Cairo Monday.

Mr. A. J. Callahan, a gentleman of the grip, was calling our merchants this week.

Misses Callie and Pallie Billingsley of Thomasville visited relatives here first of the week.

Mr. George Wight was a visitor to Thomasville last Monday. He went on particular business. Ask him.

Mr. A. H. Sasser, a prominent farmer living near here, was transacting business in the city Saturday.

That was a fine body of Thomas county's farmers in attendance at the New County meeting on last Friday.

Mrs. J. W. Cowart of Bainbridge, is in the city the guest of Mrs. L. A. Free.

Maj. Simpsy and wife of Mexico are in Cairo visiting relatives and friends. Mrs. Simpsy is the sister of Dr. A. B. Cooke.

Miss Clyde Curry, a charming young lady of Climax, is visiting Misses Jonnie and Catherine Brown in Cairo this week.

Mrs. M. D. Roberts of Colquitt, Ga., after a short visit in the city to here sister, Mrs. L. A. Free, returned home Monday.

Miss Mattie Lou Maxwell, who is now the guest of Mrs. W. H. Searcy, we regret to learn is quite sick.

We have been requested to say that Rev. R. F. Evans will preach at the Methodist church on next Sunday, morning and evening. The public are cordially invited and expected to attend these services.

The Cairo Messenger, December 2, 1904

Read Council proceedings in this issue of the Messenger.

Mr. J. T. Rehberg paid Cairo a short visit this week.

Co. Randolph Russell of Bainbridge was in this city Thursday.

Carl Dasher, on of the best salesmen on the road, was in our city this week.

Mr. J. W. Butts, tax collector for Decatur county, was in this city last Tuesday.

B. F. Williams & Son sell Grain, Hay and Feed Stuff of all kinds.

Dr. W. E. Hunter, of Colquitt, Ga., visited friends in Cairo this week.

Mr. Dan Jones and family of Whigham were the guests of Mr. Z. R. Jones and family this week.

In another column of today's Messenger will be found the proceedings of the New County meeting which met in the City Hall in Cairo on last Friday morning.

With the addition of Mr. Kedar Powell's new brick store to Broad street that thoroughfare is beginning to look quite tony. Let the good work go on.

Mr. Ira L. Hurst, Cairo's Fancy and Family Grocer, has something of rare importance to say to the lovers of something good to eat in his change of advertisement in today's Messenger. Read the ad.

Mr. Herbert Brandon of the reliable firm of W. H. Brandon & Co., Thomasville, Ga., was calling on the merchants of Cairo last Friday.

Mr. Charles E. Dunn, brother of our fellow townsman, Capt. W. E. Dunn, spent a few days in the city since the last issue of the Messenger.

Messrs. Ben Mauldin, C. P. Poulk, Will Stringer, J. W. Miller, Forcie Clifford and Will Dekle were among the number who visited Pine Park Sunday.

Now that the New County movement is agitated let everybody go to work and pull for the new county. Altogether now and let every man do his full duty.

Will sell cheap—One horse between 8 and 9 years old, in good condition and will work anywhere. Also one one-horse wagon comparatively new. For further particulars see W. G. or I. A. Baggett, Cairo, Ga.

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