The Cairo Messenger January 27, 1905
IN AND OUT OF TOWN Cold, colder, coldest
Read new ad of J.I. Oliver.
Rev. Colson returned from Whigham Monday afternoon.
Solicitor Luke of Thomasville was transacting business here Tuesday.
Read the advertisement in today's paper headed, "A Great Bargain."
Col. R. R. Terrell of Whigham was in the city of Wednesday last.
Take your Chickens and Eggs to the Cairo Grocery Co., for they are paying fancy prices for same.
Judge John R. Wilson of Bainbridge paid Cairo a visit Monday afternoon.
Mrs. E. M. Maxwell has returned from a trip to Attapulgus on Monday last from a visit to her mother.
Col. Fred Bouchelle a prominent Thomasville attorney was in the city a couple fo days this week.
Those Almira Grapes at the Cairo Grocery Store are just simply irrisistibly delicious.
Miss Ethel Hughes, a charming young lady of Dothan, Ala., has been the guest of Miss Janie Belle Dekle this week.
Hon. J(?).R. Maxwell from the Calvary District was here Tuesday enroute to Bainbridge. He says give him a new county above all things.
Miss Lula Lewis of Montezuma is the guest of here siter, Mrs. D. F. Oliver.  Miss Lewis has many friends here that are delighted to again have her among them.
Don't fail to try that "Red Race" Ginger Ale at the Cairo Grocery Store.  Remember the name, "Red Race."
Mr. Paul Truolck, on of the progressive merchants of Climax, was a visitor in the city during the week. He reports Climax on the jump.
Tom Wight's new store on Broad street will soon be in course of construction. Brick are being hauled now.
W. T. Merrett & Co. have sold their stock of goods to Mr. Nick Smith recently of Valdosta who will continue the business at the same old stand.
Mr. Wm. M. Frierson has an advertisement in today's paper that will interest the farmers. Read this ad and call on him. he will do your work right.
The Messenger learns that our fellow townsman, Mr. T. W. ????, has purchase a nice building lot on Broad st and will soon build. Cairo continues to grow.
The Cairo Messenger February 24, 1905
Oh, for the roses to bloom again.
The rural carriers observed Washington's birthday.
Dr. Geo. A. Wight visited Thomasville Wednesday.
The school children enjoyed Wednesday as a holiday.
If you want piping go to the Ben McManeus. He's got it.
Col. John R. Singletary was a visitor to Thomasville this week.
 Mr. Herbert Brandon of Thomasville was in the city on Thursday.
The new residence of Mr. Walsh is rapidly nearing completion.
 Rev. W. G. Sellers from the Lime Sink neighborhood was here Wednesday.
Mr. A. C. Dickey of Iamonia, Fla., was a prominent visitor here last Saturday.
Mr. B. M. Johnson wenst to Thomasville Tuesday afternoon to see Rip Van Winkle played.
Your girl wants that watch. Vote for her. The contest closes on Wednesday.
Captain Jim Dees has returned home after an extended trip through the timber belt of Florida.
 Justice Court meets here on next Thursday. Several cases are on the docket to be tried.
Col. Fred Bouchelle, a prominent attorney of Thomasville, was in the city two days during the week.
 Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Sapp returned to Blakely after a few days visit to the family of C. Sapp.
Mr. D. C. Maxwell, a prominent farmer from Springhill District, was transacting business here Tuesday.
After all the clouds have silver linings. The weather is simply immense after the past weeks of slush and cold.
Who will get the gold watch? That is the question that hundreds are asking. Vote now for Wednesday is the last day.
Mr. Thomas Wight's new store house is rapidly going up under the skillful management of the contractor, Capt. W. E. Dunn
Mr. P. W. Bussey returned home the latter part of last week from Boyd, Ga., where he is interested in a turpentine business.
Misses Mable Pittman and Belle Arnold who have been the guests of Mrs. m. L. Wight for the past week, left for their homes Tuesday.
The correspondent of the Atlanta Journal was in the city on Wednesday last in the interest of that paper. He is a hustler.
Mr. T. R. McEachin has been in Pine Pine this week looking after some brick work. Pine Park is a hustling little village.  More mortar!
 Mr. W. H. Robinson's handsome new residence on Broad street is rapidly nearing completing despite the miserably bad weather we have been having.
The watch will be given away next Wednesday at 12 o'clock. The race is getting "red hot" now. Supply yourself with coupons and vote for the lady of your choice.
The Cairo Messenger March 3, 1905
Hon. P. H. Herring of Calvary was transacting business here Monday.
Miss Susie Mae Brown visited friends at Bainbridge the latter part of last week.
Get your Jello and Gellatine at the Cairo Grocey Store.
Mr. J. K. Godwin from the Spence District was a prominent visitor the city Monday.
  Red Bliss Seed Petatoes for sale at the Cairo Grocery Store.
Mr. J. W. Nicholson and K. Powell made a business trip to Thomasville Tuesday.
On sale at Wight & Browne's-first issue of Tom Watson's magazine-just out.
Mr. R. Williams was absent from the city the first of the week.
Mr. A. J. Donaldson one of our substantial framers was a visitor to Cairo this week.
Wight & Browne have on sale at all times the latest magazines and periodicals.
Mr. J. S. Stewart from the Ochlochnee District, was a pleasant caller at the Messenger office Thursday.
Messrs. J. M. Sasser and E. L. Broom were prominent visitors from the Reagan's District to our city Wednesday.
Do you read? With & Browne handle all periodicals. We will supply any magazine that you desire.
Miss Mae Crawford returned home Sunday afternoon from Oakland Farm where she was the guest of the Misses Howards for several days last week.
Ladies Home Journal, Everybody's, Munsey's magazines always on sale at Wight & Browne.
Attention is called to the change of advertisement of the Cairo Furniture Company which appears in this issue of the Messenger.
When you are in need of Prunes, Currants, Seeded Raisins or Cranberries, just Phone 31. The Cairo Grocery Store.
Messrs. W. Y. Bryan, O. T. Davis, were among the number that attended the oyster supper at Whigham last Friday evening.
You can get bakers bread at the Cairo Grocery Store any day, as the receive fresh shipments every Tuesday and Friday.
Miss Jonnie Brown left Tuesday morning for Atlanta. She will spend about two weeks in the city buying her Spring line of Millinery.
When you want to have good biscuit and light bread be sure get the J. E. M. or Pansy Flour for sale at the Cairo Grocery Store.

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