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The Cairo Messenger, January 22, 1904 (second issue)

“Local Items and Personal Mention.”

Dr. Searcy visited Whigham Friday.

Let the watch word for 1904 be Greater Cairo.

Mr. F. A. Belcher paid Bainbridge a business visit Tuesday.

Miss Thompson was in the city Monday shopping.

Mr. Arthur Hughes went down to Quitman Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Drew were pleasant shoppers in the city Monday.

We return thanks for the many compliments upon our first issue.

Dr. Z. V. Parker was among the visitors from Whigham last Thursday.

Mrs. C. J. Williamson, of Montezuma, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. D. F. Oliver

Mr. J. T. McDonald, representing Collier's Weekly, spent Tuesday in the city.

Judge B. H. Pope, of Akridge, was circulating among Cairo friends Tuesday.

Let everyone work to make 1904 one of the most prosperous in Cairo's history.

The jury lists for the next term of Thomas Superior court appear elsewhere in this issue.

Mr. Z. T. Norton, of Pelham, passed through the city Monday enroute home from Climax.

If you didn't get a sample copy last week, call at this office and we will gladly furnish you with one.

Mr. O. G. Russell left Monday for Henderson, Texas, where he will make his home in future.

Mr. L. Williams, of Kissimmee, Fla., is in the city on a visit to his father, Mr. Sampson Williams.

Mr. S. F. Lewis, of Montezuma, spent a few days here last week the guest of his daughter, Mr. D. F. Oliver.
We want your chickens and eggs, will pay highest market price. Forester Bros. Cairo, Ga.

Mrs. R. L. Mallard, of Pelham, has been in the city for a few days as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. VanLandingham.

Miss Helen Stephens, who has been visiting here sister, Mrs. J. E. Mauldin left last Friday for Villa Rica to take charge of a class in music.
The Star Brand, Walk-Over, Dixie Girl and Try-Me shoes are sold and guaranteed by Forrester Bros. Cairo, Ga.

Mr. John Chambers, of Thomasville, spent Tuesday night in the city and furnished some excellent music with his cornet at the social meeting of the League.

The weather seems to have made up its mind to one thing at last.

Mr. R. E. Lee was among Wednesday's visitors to Thomasville.

While the crowd of people in town Saturday was small, the merchants report a fair trade.

The Sapp Hardware Co have a change of ad in this issue to which we direct the attention of our readers.

Hon. E. P. S. Denmark, of Valdosta, spent a couple of days in the city this week, the guest of his sister, Mrs. Sanders.

We appreciate the help some of the citizens are giving us in getting established. The Messenger will not forget them.

Good many of the public spirited citizens have called and given us the wherewithal to keep the Messenger going to them. Thanks. May many others do likewise.The fertilizer season is upon us and around the side-tracks and ware-houses it now spreads its fragrant (?) odor.

The fixtures for the Citizens Bank have arrived and been placed. The building now presents a handsome appearance.

Misses Annie and Cora Hurst, two attractive young ladies of Thomasville, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ira L. Hurst a couple of days this week.

We are requested to announce that the Cairo post office doesn't carry sewing machine needles at present. Leave orders at the hardware and furniture stores.

WANTED—Raccoon skins, otter hides and all kinds of Merchantable Furs and Hides, for which we will pay highest prices. Forrester Bros.

We've heard them called everything from a print-shop to a hobo-parlor, but a Cairo boy floored us the other day by dubbing our sanctum a “printing factory.”

The Cairo Messenger, February 6, 1904

“Local Items and Personal Mention.”

How was the lecture?

Battle-Axe shoes at Mauldin's.

Mr. E. G. Kolbie spent Sunday at Camilla.

Read our Whigam Department this week.

Mr. J. N. Butler went down to Climax Monday.

Mr. F. A. Belcher paid Thomasville a visit last Friday.

Chickens and eggs pass the same as money at Mauldin's.

Mr. T. W. Wood went up to Camilla Sunday to visit relatives.

Good many cases of 'Grippe are reported throughout the section.

Miss Ona Neel visited relatives at Boston, Saturday and Sunday.

Messrs. W. H. Searcy and Ben Mauldin visited Whigham Monday.

Mr. J. A. Beard went over to Thomasville on a visit Sunday.

Mauldin wants 1,000 hens. Will pay 30 cents cash.

Miss Gussie Evans, of Climax, was a visitor to the city Sunday.

Miss Ora Brinson returned Monday from a week's visit to friends at Thomasville.

The rural mail carriers enjoyed legel holiday Monday, Washington's birthday.

Mauldin Bros. sell Sewing machines.
Miss Elizabeth McCord visited her sister, Mrs. Mallard, at Iron City, Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. T. B. Twitty, the well known drug man, was in the city Monday.

Mr. E. L. Whitworth, the Camilla drummer, was in the City last Friday.

It's an undisputed fact that Mauldin Bros. buy more chickens and eggs than any firm in Thomas county.

Mr. B. D. Hartsfield has been here from Moultrie since our last issue mingling with old friends.

Mr. Algie Baggett and Miss Laura Jenkins paid friends at Boston a short visit Sunday afternoon.

We are reliable informed that Mauldin Bros. pay cash for cow hides, coon skins and all kinds of saleable furs.

Mr. O. E. Cox, who has been in the City for some time has returned to his home at Camilla.

Mr. J. W. Marshall, jr: of Macon, spent Friday in the City with the Merchants.

We want your chickens and eggs, will pay highest market price. Forester Bros. Cairo, Ga.

Mr. and Mrs. Crowder Hall of Flint, have been here since our last issue on a visit to Mr. Hall's mother about miles from this city.

Dr. W. M. Searcy made a professional visit to Whigham Tuesday.

The Cairo Messenger, March 18, 1904

“Local Items and Personal Mention.”

Have you tried the merry-go-round?

It will soon be time to work the streets.

Merry go-round did the business Saturday.

Read the new adv. of Geo. Hurst this week.

Carload of Cypress shingles just received by L. A. Free.

Several cases of 'Grippe are reported in the city.

Hal McManeus paid the county seat a visit Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams spent Sunday at Thomasville.

Miss Ada Gandy has been quite sick for several days.

Mr. W. R. Davis was over from Thomasville Monday.

Baseball fever is beginning to strike the boys in earnest.

Uncle Rueben Pyles paid Valdosta a visit Friday night.

Miss Belle White visited Thomasville friends Monday.

Mr. G. W. Chestnut, representing the Thomasville Times Enterprise, spent a couple of days here this week.

Lem Parrish came over from Babcock Saturday to visit home folks.

Hon. Russell Brinson spent Wednesday in this neck 'o the woods.

Solicitor Roscoe Luke spent Saturday in the city on business.

A complete line of Coffins and Caskets always on hand. Sapp Hardware Co.

Miss Laura Jenkins spent Sunday at Thomasville with home folks.

Read the new ad. of G. L. Duren which appears in this issue.

The new Barrett Stoves are selling. See it. Sapp Hardware Co.

John Clower came up from Bainbridge to visit homefolks Sunday.
Hon. Russell Brinson of Bainbridge spent a parto of Saturday in the city.

Don't forget that it is now unlawful to kill birds protected by the game law.

Mr. Charles Gandy of Alabama has been in the city this week to attend the bedside of his sister who has been very ill.

'Phone 36 they will send for your laundry.

Mr. E. G. Kolbie visited Whigham Saturday.

The time allowed by law for shooting quail expired Tuesday.

Troy Steam Laundry pleases all—Mauldin Bros. Agents.

We want to remind you again that Cairo needs electric lights.

Mr. Booker Gandy, of Thomasville, was the attractive guest of Cairo friends Sunday.

“In the good old summer time” carry your laundry to –Mauldin's.

Miss Annie Cooke returned Wednesday from a visit to Thomasville friends.

Mr. A. J. Vinters of Flomaton, Ala. has been greeting old friends here this week.

Remember this office if you need printing—that is the right kind of printing.

Mr. W. A. Johnson went up to Thomasville Saturday to spend the Sabbath.

Mr. J. A. Pope, of Akridge, was in the city Monday and Tuesday selling cotton.

Col M. E. O'Neal, of Bainbridge, ws in the city a short while Saturday evening.

Local fisherman have been making some good catches during the past several days.

Mr. S. R. Blanton cam down from Thomasville and spent Saturday in the city on business.

Rev. T. A. White filled his regular appointment at the baptist church in their city Sunday.

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