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The Cairo Messenger, December 2 and 9, 1904

(The following is an excerpt from two articles that ran in the newspaper on both of these dates.)

The new county will be created........"from western Thomas County and eastern Decatur County...........and to Florida, on west to lot 15, three and a half miles west of Whigham and on north to Mitchell County, comprising Spence, Ochlocknee, Blowing Cave, Lime Sink, Spring Hill, Whigham, Pearce, Reagans, Calvary, Cairo and the 18th District."

The names of the New County Executive Committee for the formation of Grady County were listed in The Cairo Messenger on December 2 and December 9, 1904 issues as follows:

Charles Mauldin
John Thomason
W. S. Wight
S. W. Williams
J. C. Matthews
A. C. Forester
L. B. Powell
D. R. Oliver
R. R. Terrell
Randolph Russell
John Garland
F. J. Wind
F. M. Cox
John F. Griner
H. B. Sutton
W. B. Jones
J. F. Stone
James Booth
James Sasser
T. W. Faircloth
W. B. Roddenberry
Henry Shores
Ringold Godwin
W. B. Godwin
A. L. Vickers
L. A. Sasser
Rev. W. J. Hurst
W. C. Matthews
L. L. Barwick
A. W. Boyette
Alfred Shiver
John P. Chason
H. A. Maxwell
J. R. Sanders
Joe King
Frank McKean
John B. Crawford
A. H. Sasser
E. L. Broome
Lucius Hall
P. H. Herring
W. B. Hawthorne
John Rehberg
J. I. Gandy
Frank Miller
John H. Collins
Thomas Wight
W. A. Garrett
Natt Cox
John Booth
Sampson Williams
F. A. Richter
W. G. Baggett
Charles Joiner
J. L. Ingram
John K. Godwin
Lenard Barwick
W. H. Waldron
Walter Davis
Thomas Rushin
R. Y. Hurst
H. J. Poulk
J. L. Peebles
J. S. E. Wilder
William Allen
D. C. Maxwell
P. H. Hesters
Jace Maxwell
J. B. Wight
William Drew
Dock Tyus
John R. Singletary
Dr. W. A. Walker
W. D. Barber
J. H. P. Lewis
J. F. Forester
James Deas
Prior Lewis
Rev. W. G. Sellers
W. A. Shriner
B. H. Pope
T. S. Copeland
Ed Clay
Walter Harper
Kedar Powell
J. J. Reagan
D. O. Pearce
W. W. Pearce
T. L. Wilder
J. F. Mills
Martin Harrell
V. H. Singletary
Fayette Barber
J. J. Hurst
J. L. Mauldin
John Wade

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