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The Cairo Messenger, April 8, 1904

“Local Items and Personal Mention.”

We direct attention to Mauldin Bros.' new ad.

See Durdens millinery before buying.

Marshal Nicholson visited Meigs Wednesday.

Reduced prices on millinery at G. L. Durdens.

Dr. Miller was over from Whigham Wednesday.

Read new adv. of W. T. Meritt & Co. in this issue.

See those fine patent leather sandals at G. L. Durdens.

Garden peas are now coming in from the early gardens.

Mr. E. G. Kolbie spent Saturday and Sunday at Camilla.

Mr. T. S. Copeland paid Whigham a business visit Monday.

Mr. A. H. Sasser was among the visitors to Bainbridge Saturday.

Mesers. W. J. Davis and B. F. Williams visited Whigham Monday.

Miss Marie Chance has as her guest Miss Beluah Zant, of Lake Park.

Richard Pearce made an easterly visit over the Coast Line Sunday.

G. W. Hurst, of the Red Front Store, has a change of ad in this issue which you should read.

FOR RENT—A nice 5-room house painted and ceiled. In good neighborhood, possession April 1st. Apply to C. C. Skelton, Cairo Ga.

Hon. Jno R. Singletary attended to business at Thomasville Monday.

We see very little of the Decatur county candidates since the election.

Read new advertisement of Miss J. D. Brown & Co. in this week's issue.

Postmaster Jno. B. Crawford spent Friday and Saturday at Bainbridge.

Mr. J. M. Fitzgerald, of Pine Park, attended to business here Wednesday.
Mrs. Remar Nicholson returned from a visit to relatives at Meigs.

Messers. J. M. and Ed Miller were among the visitors at Thomasville Monday.

Mr. J. E. Procter came over from Boston Sunday to visit one of the fair sex of Cairo.

Sheriff T. J. Hight, of Thomasville, was mingling with this Cairo friends Saturday.

It will soon be time for the ball team to get up a game with some neighboring town.

Mr. H. G. Cannon has been down to Quitman and other pints this week on business.

Everybody should attend the protracted meeting now in progress at the Methodist Church.

Miss Ruby Davis, who has been the guest of Miss Roma Poulk for some days, returned to her home at Quitman.

Hon. Fondren Mitchell, as bright and natural as ever, was greeting his friends here Saturday.

Mr. Kedar Powell returned Tuesday from a trip to Montecello, Tallehassee and other Florida points.

Mauldin Bros. bought and shipped one hundred head of chicken one day this week. How's that?

Miss Fo Singletary an attractive young lady of Pine Park, has been the guest of friends in this city this week.

Mr. H. W. Wells, who was formerly night operator at this place, but who is now holding a responsible position at Ozark Ala., spent Sunday here with friends.

Mr. L. B. Powell left last Saturday for Washington to attend the wedding of his brother, Lieutentant W A. Powell, to Miss Eva Gober, on the sixth inst.; while away he will also visit Baltimore and New York.

Mr. Louis Cone attended services at Spring Hill last Sunday. The Spring Hill people are always glad to have Mr. Cone with them.

Mr. Groover Hair and wife of Oak Grove settlement visited Mr. J. L. Pinson and family last Saturday night.

Messrs. Henry Cone, Mich. Brinson, Richard Maloy went to Bainbridge Tuesday on Educational business.

The Cairo Messenger, May 6, 1904

“Local Items and Personal Mention.”

May with its picnics is here.

John Clower spent Sunday in the city with homefolks.

Dr. W. M. Searcy returned from a trip to Albany Saturday.

Read the new ad of G. L. Durden which appears in this issue.

Mr. W. T. Lewis paid Whigham a business visit Monday.

Industrious gardeners are now beginning to reap the fruit of their labor.

Mr. Monyhan went to Newton Ala. Thursday, returning Wednesday.

Mr. U. A. Clifford went over to Climax Monday on a business trip.

We are sorry to note the continued illness of Mrs. E. M. VanLandingham.

Mrs. E. F. Oliver left yesterday for a visit to relatives at Montezuma.

Miss Bessie Mitchell, of near Susina, was an attractive visitor to the city yesterday.

Mr. J. W. Hudson went over to Thomasville Saturday afternoon for a short visit.

The K. Ps held a regular semi-monthly meeting at the hall Monday night.

Rev. Reviere filled the pulpit at the Methodist church Sunday morning and at night.

Mr. Maxwell of the North Carolina settlement spent Sunday in the city.

Mr. P. G. Russell spent a couple of days here this week greeting old friends.

Mauldin Bros. have a new ad in this issue to which we direct attention.

Remember the date of the picnic has been changed to Thursday, May 12th.
As the first of the month fell on Sunday this month, Monday was the day for bill collectors.

If you are not satisfied with the business you are doing, try a little advertising in this paper.

Miss Pearl Butler, an attractive young lady of Calvary, spent Saturday in the city with friends.

The Cairo Furniture Co. have a new ad in this week issue which will interest our readers.

Prof. W. H. Searcy has been confined to his room several days from the effects of a severe carbuncle.

Spring chickens are still scarce and bring fancy prices. The prices for poultry has been unusually heavy this year.

Ye pensil pusher is wearing a growing smile—blackberries, plums and mayhaws are promising.

Mr. D. B. Curry stopped over in the city a short while Monday enroute to his old home at Climax from Thomasville.

Mrs. A. B. Cooke and daughter Miss Annie and Mrs. Dodd, have returned from a visit to Pine Park.

Mrs. W. T. Odom visited Thomasville Wednesday.

Miss Mae Howard was a pleasant visitor to the city yesterday.

Mr. L. B. Powell and family spent Wednesday and Thursday of this week on the banks of the Ochlocknee.

Prof. T. F. Graves has been suffering several days with a mild case of chicken pox, but, we are glad to state that he is able to be up again.

We carry a full line of Coffins and Caskets. Sapp Howe Co.

Mrs. J. M. Thomas of Newton, Ala. arrived in the city the later part of this week to spend some time with her husband.

Mrs. Z. T. Zant, who has been the guest of Mrs. Reviere for several weeks, left Wednesday for her home at Lake Park.

The Cairo Messenger, June 17, 1904

“Local Items”

Mr. I. A. Baggett was a visitor to Pine Park Sunday.

Mr. E. M. Maxwell and mother visited Whigham Sunday.

Miss Palmer of Boston is the guest of Mr. R. M. Davis and family this week.

Mr. Henry Lewis and daughter of Worth county, are the guests of relatives in the city this week.

Misses Addie Lou Powell and Delia Crawford have been the guests at Oakland Farm for the past week.

We regret to learn of the illness of Mr. M. C. Poulk, but hope that same will be of short duration.

Selling out to move See advertisement in this paper. G. L. Duren.

Prof. W. H. Searcy and son Frank, left Tuesday for North Ga. where they will visit friends and relatives.

Mr. Killingsworth and his daughter Stella of Blufton, are the guests of Mrs. I. L. Hurst and family this week.

Friday of last week was Masonic day in the city. We didn't hear of the goat dumping anyone.

Mrs. N. H. Dickenson of Bainbridge who has been the guest of Mr. J. B. Crawford and family left Saturday for Fowlstown.

Rev. Joshua Martin who has been the guest of his daughter, Mrs. B. F. Powell for the past week, left Saturday for his home at Bainbridge.

Mr. E. H. Smith, a prominent life insurance man of Thomasville, was in the city this week showing the attractive contracts of the “Prudential.”

Miss Bessie Peeble, on of Whigham's most attractive young ladies passed through the city last Saturday enroute to Moultrie where she will visit relatives.

We learn with pleasure that all business houses on “our side” are rented for another year. Cairo continues to grow and its no boom either; its all on a solid foundation.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Z. Trulock of Quincy, Fla., passed through the city last Friday enroute to Indiantown, S. C., where they will be the guests of Mrs. Trulock's parents for the next month.

Messrs. Baggett & Lewis are making considerable improvements on their warehouse. This enterprising firm deserves credit for the manner in which they have conducted their business.

Hon. H. G. McLendon delivered an address to a rather small but attentive audience here on Saturday last at 11:30 a.m. One account of the hour of the day too, the crowd in the city was a little shy. On this date the aspirant's bearers were linited, although we understand his talk was a fluent one.

Col Chas. Smith of the counties captial was in our city a few days ago. Call again, Col.

Messrs. W. Y. Bryan, B. W. Mauldin and W. J. Powell were among the Cairoites who attended the picnic at Walden bridge last Friday. They report a delightful time; also state “dem folks ober de riber do feed a feller.” Ain't it de trufe?

Messrs. H. J. Hart, Gus Poulk, James Sapp, C. E. Mauldin, John Hall and W. V. Bryan, of this city, attended the K. P. meeting at Pelham Tuesday night.

Selling out to move. See advertisement in this paper. G. L. Duren

Don't send your orders for job printing away from home—just let us know your wants, and we will satisfy you with style, quality and price.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Moneyhan for Indiana are stopping by at the Drummers Retreat for some time for the benefit of Mrs. Moneyham's health.

Mrs. E. G. Kolbie and children have returned from a visit to relatives at Pelham and Camilla.

A friend informed the Messenger man that he is glad to see us take the stand for good roads. We appreciate the encouragement and expect to keep up the lick; for where under the sun is the man who doesn't want better roads?

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