Gordon County History and Records
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Gordon Co. GA Families

FAMILIES  Send additions to gordoncounty@donnaparrish.com

William L. McDaniel  Amanda Mann  Helen Ross---melr@rapidnet.com

Family Names I am Currently Researching:
Allen, Bowling, Burns, Casey, Fowler, Headden, Hilley, Johnson, Keys, McGuire, Mullinax, Nevill, Parker,Talley, and Woods.         by Cindy Casey Millwood

Spencer Family  by Melanie Capps

 Descendants of Washington Coley    by Lem Pendley

Will of Nicholas Moss 10 Jan 1873 Gordon County, GA   by Lea L. Dowd

Descendants of William Henry Townsend  by Lem Pendley

Descendants of William Silas Brown by Lem Pendley

Descendants of John B Gravitt by Lem Pendley

Descendants of James R Pendley by Lem Pendley  Coming soon.

Charles Emory Culpeper   buried at West Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Curryville, Gordon County, GA.

Estate Records of  John Lay of Gordon Co, GA
   by Angus P. Robinson from CensusDiggins.com  

Allen Powell / Satirah Garrett/ Esther Bennett   by Chris Powell

The Tate and Stewart Family Tree  by Luan Alaniz

 John Tate and Descendants   by Marilyn Houser


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