History of Atlanta - 1782 - 1900's

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 Fort Peachtree - <Where the Peachtree Creek Flows Into the Chattahooche River .....

This Fort used to be the border between the Creek Indians' land to the South and the Cherokee Territory which lay to the North. Thereupon stood a gigantic peach tree. (this was argued about I believe even by Garrett as to whether this could have been a "pitch" or pine tree and incorrectly pronounced, however we southerners would prefer it to be known as a Peach Tree. Anyway, this tree provided the name for Peachtree Creek which was nearby and then to the main Indian Trail and to the street and therefore it continued on. Therefore in 1814 the Americans built Fort Peachtree to provide coverage during the War in 1812. For a time this spot was chosen to be the location where all the railroads would come together to form the City of Atlanta - but later it was decided to locate the terminus a few miles towards the East.