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Ashland (341932N, 0832121W)
Canon (342046N, 0830636W)
Carnesville (342211N, 0831407W)
Cromers (341633N, 0831556W)
Fairview (342437N, 0830954W)
Franklin Springs (341705N, 0830840W)
Gumlog (342930N, 0830548W)
Lavonia (342609N, 0830625W)
Leatherwood [historical] (Unknown latitude & longitude)
Parhams (342536N, 0831426W)
Plainview (342200N, 0832122W)
Poplar Grove (343051N, 0830656W)
Prospect (342636N, 0832317W)
Red Hill (342606N, 0831538W)
Royston (341713N, 0830637W)
Salubrity [historical] (342520N, 0831307W)
Sandy Cross (341714N, 0831334W)
Unity (342232N, 0831929W)
Ustanali [historical] (Unknown latitude & longitude)
Vandiver (342404N, 0831509W)
Walnut Hill [historical] (342113N, 0832012W)
Whitworth (342902N, 0830542W)
Zidon [historical] (341821N, 0831410W)

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