Forsyth County - Historic Structures

Historic Structures

Some other structures of interest from Forsyth County.

Historic Homes

Between 1993 and 1995 an Historic Resource Survey was conducted to determine if any houses in the county had the potential to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Many of the homes that were on the list have since been destroyed or are in serious disrepair.

Note: This list is from the 1990's and may be out of date. If you are aware of any updates, please feel free to send me the information. A survey of these properties is underway to determine their condition, ownership, etc. This website will be updated with pictures of the structures as they become available.

Much of the following data with updates from county records by Bill McBrayer were typed from the Historic Resources Survey by Annette Bramblett.
Photographs and current conditions were contributed by Pam Wolf and John Salter.

A special thank you to Anastasia Alkema, a professional photographer from Cumming, who has kindly volunteered her time to photograph many of the structures.

2nd bldg. SE intersection Pendley Road & Atlanta Highway, 0.1 mi. N Bethelview.
Hip Bungalow, rare construction/log, unusual type.
Box 2538, NW corner Peachtree Parkway & Old Alpharetta & Hemrick Roads.I-House, Plantation Plain, ca. 1840.
Clement House.
Located Land Lot 847, 2nd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Virginia J. Clement.
Book 0527, page 0426, 3-15-1991 (needs update).
Map 110, Lot 007.
120 Bagley Drive. Central Hallway, Folk Victorian elements, ca. 1880, excellent example style.
Cicero Anglin/Clarence “Dolly” Bagley House.
Located Land Lot 1065, 2nd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Mary Pettes Tillman Mackey and John Mackey.
Book 1336, page 0414, 8-3-1998.
Map 138, Lot 001.  
NE corner Friendship Circle & Hurt Bridge Road.
Gabled Ell Cottage, Folk Victorian elements,
circa 1905, significant for style/type.
Benjamin P. Roper House.
House totally destroyed by fire in 2010.
1707, SW corner Chamblee Gap Road and Johnson Road.
Gabled Ell, circa 1885, significant.
Located Land Lot 1171, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Marvin Oaks
Condition: Restored to good condition
Parcel No. 101 058
3727 Post Road, NW corner Evans and Post Roads.
Central Hallway or may have been Hall-Parlor, Queen Anne and Craftsman elements, rare.
Located Land Lots 943, 944, 3rd District, First Section.
Owner: Johnny and Sandra Watson.
4248 Aaron Sosebee Road, appx. 0.1 mi. S Canton Highway.
Temple Front Cottage, ca. 1915.
Located Land Lot 946, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Jonathan & Carmen Seitz.
8395 Old Federal Road, on S side Old Federal Road, 0.7 mi. W. Etowah River Bridge
Double Gable Folk Victorian, ca. 1905 Eli Sherrill House
Located Land Lots 222, 3rd District, 1st Section
Owner: Forsyth County, Parks and Rec Condition: Under restoration by Historical Society of Forsyth County
Originally on N side Old Federal Road, 0.7 mi. W. Etowah River Bridge
Buffington’s Tavern, ca. 1805, hewn logs, double dovetail, important to local history, restored condition.
Buffington’s Tavern/Blackburn Inn.
Originally Located Land Lots 222, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Moved 2004 to Cumming Fairgrounds. Owners: City of Cumming
Book 1177, page 0734, 07-02-1996. Map 025, Lot 033.  
7605 Westbrook Road, opposite Porter Lane.
Gabled Ell Cottage, Folk Victorian elements,
circa 1900, excellent example type.
Located Land Lot 1064, 14th District, 1st Section.
Owner: Daryle Higginbotham.
Book 0963, page 0555, 4-08-1996. Map 302, Lot 043
6360, SE corner Little Mill & Bryant Roads.
Gabled Ell Cottage, circa 1840.
Demolished 2014/2015
W side Little Mill Road, 0.1 mi. S Bryant Road.
Store, circa 1900.
6445, NE corner Shady Grove Road & Driskell Roads.
Gabled Ell Cottage, good example type.
7043, W side Campground Road, 3rd house N Longstreet Church Road.
Gabled Ell Cottage, high style Folk Victorian.
William David Puckett House
NW side Atlanta Highway, 2nd house W Campground Road.
New South Cottage, ca. 1900, good example type, unusual.
SE corner Atlanta Highway & Francis Circle, opposite Campground Road.
Church and cemetery, Craftsman elements, ca. 1922, rare, beautiful interior.

Midway United Methodist Church
3813, S side Atlanta Highway, 1/4 mi. E Castleberry Road.
Temple Front Cottage, Craftsman elements, ca. 1910.
Glenn R. Fowler House
Purchased 2001 by Forsyth County Commissioners. Now maintained and tours given by the Historical Society of Forsyth County
111 Pilgrim Mill Road, Cumming
Central Hallway, ca. 1905, Rare.
Brannon/Stripland/Heard Hotel, Heard’s Antiques.
Restored by City of Cumming.
101 School Street, Cumming
Old Cumming School, Gothic elements, 1923/1927.
Located in Land Lot 1251, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: City of Cumming. Map C16, Lot 035.
Courthouse Square
Bandstand, ca.. 1905, good condition.
Located in Land Lot 1270, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Forsyth County. Map C15, Lot 067.

The following are still under investigation - More to follow

Buford Dam Quadrangle
5145, N side Browns Bridge Road, 1st house E Shady Grove Road.
Georgian Cottage, Craftsman elements, rare, unusual,
poor condition
No picture
W side Shady Grove Road, S Holland Drive.
Queen Anne Cottage, Folk Victorian Elements, good example,
poor condition
No picture
6620, SW corner Shady Grove Road & Heard Lane.
Gabled Ell Cotage, appears to have been Double Pen, circa 1850.
No picture
3245, W side Holtzclaw Road, 0.3 mi. N Holtzclaw Drive.
Central Hallway, high style Folk Victorian.
Roy Holtzclaw House
No picture

Chestatee Quadrangle
8085, W side Knight Road, appx. 1/2 mi. N GA 53.
Central Hallway, circa 1870.
Located Land Lot 1199, 14 the District, 1st Section.
Owner: T.L. Bryant Estate. Map 313, Lot 245.
No picture
W side Waldrep Road, 0.4 mi. S Bryant Road.
Central Hallway, ca. 1840, good example type,
poor condition
No picture
Across from FO-OO-396.
Store, ca. 1880, Bagwell Store was only store in area.
No picture
SW side Old Keith Bridge Road, 0.4 mi. S Truman Mountain Road.
Georgian Cottage, Craftsman elements, circa 1910,
rare type, unusual example
No picture
9519, W side Jot ’em Down Road, 0.2 mi. N Browns Bridge Road.
Saddlebag, circa 1900, good example type
No picture
W side Jot ’em Down Road, approx. 1/2 mi. N Mathis Road,
SW Meadowbrook Road.
Dogtrot, Central Hallway, circa 1840
No picture
W side Jot ’em Down Road, 0.2 mi. N Meadowbrook Road.
Pyramid Cottage, circa 1900, good example type
No picture
N side Claude Martin Raod, 4.5 mi. E Jot ’em Down Road.
New South Cottage, circa 1920, good example type
Mitchell Martin House.
No picture

Coal Mountain Quadrangle
5165, N side Burruss Road, 0.6 mi. E Dahlonega Highway
Central Hallway, Plantation Plain, circa 1885, good example type.
Located Land Lot 8-111 TRT 6 Hopewell, 14th District, 1st Section.
Owner: Daniel J. and Sara Doherty.
Book 0300, page 0611, 7-30-1985. Map 213, Lot 006.
No picture
4520, E side Settingdown Circle, Appx. 0.4 mi. SW GA 400.
Dogtrot (probably), circa 1840, rare, possibly log. Located Land Lot 238, 14th District, 1st Section.
Owner: Katherine Elizabeth Cain.
Book 0483, page 0630, 2-01-1990. Map 236, Lot 011.
No picture
5700, E side Jot ’em Down Road, appx. 1/2 mi. S Crossroads Road.
Front-Gabled Bungalow, Craftsman elements, circa 1910,
rare, well-preserved.
Located Land Lots 514, 586, 596, 597, 14th District, 1st Section.
Owner: Hudspeth Farms, Inc.
Book 00425, page 0360, 10-07-1988. Map 264, Lot 042.
No picture
S side Keith Bridge Road, 0.7 mi. east Parks Road.
Gabled Ell Cottage, Folk Victorian, circa 1900,
excellent type and style.
Located Land Lots 575, 576, 607, 14th District, 1st Section.
Owner: William D. Morrow, Jr. Map 254, Lot 012.
No picture
5305 Keith Bridge Rd., 0.1 mi. W Millwood.
Queen Ann Cottage, high style Folk Victorian, ca. 1900.
Located Land Lots 656, 681, 682, 655, 14th District, 1st Section.
Owner: Betty Carolyn Howard Ingram and Janie Mae Howard Jones.
Book 01524, page 0235, 6-20-1999. Map 267, Lot 036.
No picture
SE corner Keith Bridge Road & Millwood.
Gabled Ell, Neoclassical Revival elements, circa 1880, rare.
Located Land Lot 682, 14th District, 1st Section.
Owners: Anthony R. Hamby and Rebecca Hamby.
Book 1088, page 0068, 1-31-1997. Map 267, Lot 057.
No picture

Cumming Quadrangle
W side Atlanta Highway, 1st house S Redi Road.
Central Hallway I-House, Folk Victorian Elements,
circa 1870, excellent, fair condition, previously owned by DOT.
John Jordan/Jep Elliott House - Destroyed by DOT.
No picture
N side Atlanta Highway, E Post Road.
Store/Post Office, Victory [Vickery?] Post Office, ca. 1880, rare.
No picture
605, W side Old Buford Road, 0.2 mi. N Atlanta Highway.
Central Hallway, Greek Revival elements, ca. 1840, hand hewn log sills, rear ell former kitchen.
Old Green Homeplace.
Demolished since Historic Resources Survey.
No picture

Cumming Quadrangle - City of Cumming
121 Pirkle Ferry Road.
High style Queen Anne, ca. 1890.
J.S. Williams/Thomas J. Pirkle House
Located in Land Lot 1269, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Mercer and Kate Williams.
Book 00047, page 0363; Map 16, Lot 046.
No picture
Courthouse Square,
Art Deco elements, ca. 1940, only intact commercial building on square,
Forsyth County Marshall’s Office.
Located in Land Lot 1270, 3rd district, 1st Section.
Owner: Dr. Marcus Mashburn. Map 16, Lot 062.
No picture
100 Kelly Mill Road, Cumming
Redd House.
Located in Land Lot 1270, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: J. W. Property Group, LLC
Map C16, Lot 082.
No picture
103 Kelly Mill Rd.
Hiram Bell House, Kemp House.
Queen Anne and craftsman elements, ca. 1891.
Located Land Lot 1271, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Glenda Dunbar.
Book 00500, page 0488, 6-28-1990. Map C16, Lot 002.
No picture
212 Kelly Mill Road.
Dr. Ansel Strickland House/Mayor Ford Gravitt House/Chamber of Commerce.
Italianate and Quenn Anne elements. Early 1880’s.
Located Land Lot 1271, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce.
Map C08, Lot 086.
No picture
N side Church Street between Tribble Gap Road & Dahlonega Street.
Cumming Baptist Church, ca. 1885, church established 1835, significant to early history.
Located in Land Lot 1251, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: First Baptist Church of Cumming, Inc. (needs update).
Map C15, Lot 033.
No picture
505 Dahlonega Street.
Side Gabled Bungalow, Colonial Revival Elements, circa 1920, home of prominent family
Dr. Marcus Mashburn, Sr. House


No picture
416 Dahlonega Street
Cross Gabled bungalow, Colonial Revival and English Vernacular Elements, ca. 1920, home of prominent resident.
Roy P. Otwell House.
Located in Land Lot 1197, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Otwell Manor LLC
Book 0504, page 0345, 7-26-1990. Map C15, Lot 054.
No picture
415 Dahlonega Street, Cross Gabled Bungalow, English Vernacular Elements, ca. 1920.
Haynie Brooks House.
Located in Land Lots 1196-1197, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Onwer: Sandra L. Hardy.
Book 0827, page 0422, 12-02-1994. Map C25, Lot 007.
No picture

Duluth Quadrangle
2720 Brookwood Road
New South Cottage, Craftsman Elements, 1912
Located Land Lot 1062, 2nd District, 1st Section
Owner: The Estate of Arlene Harrison
Parcel No. 112 004
No picture
NW side Old Alpharetta Road, appx. 0.3 mi. NE Caney Road intersection.
Hip Bungalow or Front Gabled Bungalow, Craftsman elements, ca. 1912
No picture
E side Old Atlanta Road, 3rd house N Bertha Road.
Georgian Cottage, unusual and large, well-preserved, poor condition.
No picture
2640, W. side Old Atlanta Road, 1/2 mi. N Sharon Road
Queen Anne/Pyramid Cottage, ca. 1885.
No picture
3419, NE corner Old Atlanta & Nichols Road
Central Hallway, ca. 1880, unusual.
No picture

Flowery Branch Quadrangle
8965, Vann’s Tavern Road, 1/2 mi. S Waldrip Circle.
Double Pen, ca. 1840, stone piers, round log sills
No picture
SW corner Bethel Road and Lake Hollow Road.
Gabled Ell Cottage, ca. 1890, store across road.
No picture
NW corner Bethel Road & Lake Hollow Road.
Store, ca. 1900, significant.
No picture

Matt Quadrangle
N side intersection McConnell and Watson Roads.
Temple Front Cottage, ca. 1915, rare, good example type.

Demolished 2000

No picture
4365 McCoy Circle, 1st house N of intersection with Spot Road.
Hall-Parlor, ca. 1885, unusual facade.
Nelson Pirkle House---setting for television movie about Gainesville’s Kelly boys.
Located Land Lots 746, 747, 766, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Heard Family Partnership
Book 1251, page 0717, 3-20-1998. Map 149, Lot 005
No picture
W side 0.3 mi. SW Karr Road
Georgian Cottage, ca. 1920, rare type, good example.
No picture
3290 Hurt Bridge Road.
Central Hallway, Craftsman elements, significant crossroad community, Tallant family built house and store and still own.
Tallant House.
Located Land Lot 778, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Harrison J. Tallant.
GPS: 34.257123, -84.195349
No picture
SW corner Watson Road & Hurt Bridge Road.
Tallant Store, ca. 1910, rare, very poor condition.
Located Land Lots 778, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Harrison J. Tallant
GPS: 34.257296, -84.195836
No picture
4235 Sewell Road, W side of intersection Sewell Drive & Yellow Creek Trail.
Single Pen to Double Pen, significant
Located Land Lots 712, 729, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Condition: Unknown
GPS: 34.262156, -84.221248
No picture
S corner Milford Trail & Dr. Bramblett Road.
Hall-Parlor, now appears Gabled Ell, ca. 1840 log and frame construction, good example of type, early settlement history, ruinous condition.
Chap Bottoms House.
Originally Located Land Lots 453, 3rd District, 1st Section

Dismantled and moved out of the county

No picture
N side Matt Highway, 1st house Wallace Tatum Road.
Front Gabled Bungalow, ca. 1910, rare type.
Located Land Lot 342, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Condition: Unknown
No picture

Suwanee Quadrangle
1071, E. side James Burgess Road,
0.3 mi. N Nichols Drive, 1st house N Burgess Drive.
Hip bungalow, ca. 1910, rare, well-preserved
No picture
Southers Circle, Old Atlanta Club Subdivision
Terry - Settle House
Single Pen, Dogtrot, Central Hallway, Folk Victorian and Craftsman elements, ca. 1830’s, believed the oldest home in county, log and frame, rare architectural type, rare structural technique, important to early settlement history
No picture
NW side James Burgess Road, 0.8 mi. S Buford Highway
Double Pen, ca. 1870, excellent example type
No picture


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