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Revolutionary War

While many several people were found on the 1940 census claiming to have served in the Revolutionary War, only one is known to have been buried in the County:

John Lagrande - Note that the year of death is incorrect as he appears on the 1840 census. It is believed that the date should be 1843.

Civil War

The following units were formed from men all or partially from Forsyth County:

  • Co. K, 3rd Regt., 2nd Brig., 1st Div, Georgia State Troops, "Georgia County Confederates" (Forsyth) Note: The served from Oct 1961 to Apr 1862 when most joined other units.
  • Co. D, 2nd Battalion, North Carolina Inf. (became New Co. E, 21st Georgia Infantry), "Concord Rangers" (Forsyth & Dawson)
  • Co. H (new Co. N), 38th Georgia Vol. Inf., "Chestatee Artillery" (Forsyth & Dawson)
  • Co. E, 14th Georgia Vol. Inf., "Lester Volunteers" (Forsyth)
  • Co. E, 22nd Georgia Vol. Inf., "Warsaw Rebels" (Forsyth & Milton)
  • Co. B, 38th Georgia Vol. Inf., "Milton Guards" (Forsyth & Milton)
  • Co. I, 38th Georgia Vol. Inf., "Dawson Farmers" (Forsyth & Dawson)
  • Co. C, 42nd Georgia Vol. Inf., "Milton Tigers" (Forsyth & Milton)
  • Co. E, 43rd Georgia Vol. Inf., "Kellogg Rifles" (Forsyth)
  • Co. I, 43rd Georgia Vol. Inf., "Zillicoffer Guards" (Forsyth)
  • Co. I, 52nd Georgia Vol. Inf., (Forsyth & Dawson)
  • Co. D, 56th Georgia Vol. Inf., (Forsyth & Hall)
  • Co. G, 56th Georgia Vol. Inf., (Forsyth & Milton)
  • Co. E, Cherokee Legion (Cav), "Forsyth County Cavalry" (Forsyth)
  • Co. I, Cherokee Legion (Inf), (Forsyth)
  • Several other companies of State Guards and Local Militia
  • Most of the men who served in the above units can be found in Garland Bagley's "History of Forsyth County, Georgia 1832-1932, Vol. 1" You can find this book on the books page.

    Forsyth County Confederate Soldiers

    In 2010 and 2011 I created a site of known Civil War Confederate Soldiers who had connections to Forsyth County. This was in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the start of the War and was done for the Sons of Confederate Veterans Post #1642. The site contains more than 1000 names and information on soldiers who were honorably discharged or who died in service. The list can be found here. Please let me know if you believe that I have missed anybody.

    Don Shadburn's book on Civil War servicemen "Crimson and Sabres" is an excellent reference for those who fought from Forsyth County. You can find this book on the books page.

    An article in a local publication documents the tale of the "Roswell Women" who were prisoners of war after Gen. Sherman burned the Roswell Mills. One Forsyth County woman is mentioned here.

    The National Parks Service maintains a large database of Civil War Soldiers and Sailors, Regiments, Cemeteries, Battles, etc. If you are unsure of your ancestor's Regiment, a good place to start is here.

    Other Military Service

    Recommended reading for servicemen who gave their lives from Forsyth County is Gladyse K. Barrett's book "Daring to Die that Freedom Might Live". This publication can also be found on the books page.


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