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Strickland Property

Posted January 9, 2003
Contributed by Shirley Dewberry

This deed was recorded in Madison County, Georgia, but refers to land in (then) Forsyth County.
Copied from the original document:

(No Date)
State of Georgia
Madison County

To all people whom these presents shall come greeting
Isaac Strickland of the county and state aforesaid for in the consideration of the love and goodwill and affection which I have toward my son Joel Strickland of the said county and state.
Have given and granted to The said Joel Strickland six forty acre lots of land lying in Forsyth County and first district in said state
of lot as five hundred and seven granted to John Tucker.
Lot no. five hundred and four to Su___ H. Dwight
Lot no. five hundred eleven granted to Elizabeth Allan
Lot no. five hundred and ten granted to James T. Barton
Lot no. five hundred and six granted to Timothy Bradford
Two lots number not recorded nor who granted to with reference to the plots and grants

the above lots of land worth One Thousand Three Hundred and Seventy Five Dollars. ___(?)

six negroes   Ben, Percy, Till, Walton Almeda ___(?)  worth One Thousand Eighteen Hundred Dollars

To two feather beds and funiture worth One Hundred and Twenty Dollars,
plantation tools, house holde and kitching fruniture and plantation tools Forty Dollars.
Two cows worth Twenty Dollars
two young gray mairs worth Twenty Dollars
to cash Six Hundred Dollars the said Joel Strickland the said is have no futher clame on the said Isaac Strickland Estate.


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