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Vann's Ferry Lease

Transcribed by Donna Parrish  1979

This is a copy of a lease made for Vann's Ferry in 1827.

This indenture made and entered into this first day of October 1827 between Hugh Montgomery U. States Agent for the Cherokee Nation and John Martin Treasurer of said Nation on behalf of the same of the first part and Reuben Thornton of Green County, Geo of the second part


That for and in consideration of the sum of Two hundred and thirty-three dollars to be paid annually for the next eight years, the act whereof is hereby acknowledged, beginning the first day of January next and purfecting certain improvements as specified in a Bond bearing even date with these presents by the said Reuben Thornton.

The said parties of the first part do hereby grant, bargain and lease by authority vested in them so as to do unto the said Reuben Thornton his heirs, assigns, the whole of the plantations lying on the west bank of the Chatahoochy River known by the name of Vann's Old Ferry, including the Ferry landing on said premises, which plantations extends from the lower end of the Ferry Plantation to the upper plantation at Gothard Ford inclusive--  Also the privilege of clearing as much land as the said Thornton may choose-adjacent to or adjoining any of the plantation which Plantation, Houses, Ferry Bank and premises the said parties as aforesaid of the first part bind themselves to put the said Thornton in peaceable and quiet possession of,  on or before the first day of January next, and to warrant and defend by these presents the said  peaceable and quiet possession of the said lands, Tenements, and Ferry Bank, unto the said Thornton for the term of 8 years next ensuing the first of January next,  clear from any damage arising from the claim of any other person or persons whatsoever.

To have and to hold the above described premises to the only proper use, benefit, and behooves of him the said Reuben Thornton, his heirs and assigns, tor this time hereby specified and for all the legal purposes of any other, citizen or member of the Cherokee Nation, without any hinderance or deferment to the said Thornton's interest or privileges as herein specified. in witness whereof the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals - the day and dates first above written.

John Martin NT   [Seal]

H. Montgomery   [Seal]  U. States Agent for the
Cherokees - by his atty John Martin

Signed, Sealed and affixed in

the presence of

James Daniel

Jessee Parris

I do hereby authorize and empower John Martin, Esqr of Coosawatie in the Cherokee Nation to rent or lease to the highest bidder the Northern Bank of improvement attached to the Ferry on Chattahoochy River, commonly called Vann's Ferry, for a reasonable term of time, here ratifying and confirming whatever he may do using the same as fully as if I were personally present, and had done or should do the same.

Witness my hand and seal - this 1st day of August 1827.

H. Montgomery [Seal] U. states Agent for the Cherokees

In the presence of   John Bell

This copy of the lease was attached to a letter headed Vann's Ferry, March 4th 1830 from Reuben Thornton to Col. H. Montgomery U. S. Agent Cherokee Nation and forwarded by Montgomery to The Hon. Thomas F. Foster, House of Representatives, Washington City. It was postmarked Athens, Ga. Apr 7.


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