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Articles About Forsyth County or Forsyth County People

Locust Invasion of 1834
    New Hampshire Sentinel, 12 Jun 1834

The Old Pirkle Home Place
    by Marsha Pirkle Webb

Cumming Bandstand
    by Annette Bramblett

Excerpts from Cherokee Countryman
Magazine of the Forsyth County Historical and Genealogical Society
  • Biographical Sketch of Dr. John Hockenhull
    by Roy E. Bottoms
  • Colonel William Cumming’s diploma
    by Don Shadburn
  • The Good Old Days
  • Erwin Lincoln Tatum: A Biographical Sketch
    by Roy E. Bottoms
  • John Forsyth: A Biographical Sketch
    by William H. Forsyth
  • Forsyth County Courthouse Burns
  • Two Biographical Sketches
    by Mary Annette Schroeder [Bramblett]  : Ellyne Strickland C.L. Durham
  • Steam Engines and Threshers
    by Gene Bennett
  • To Everything There is a Season
    by Anne Ferguson
  • Tater Diggin’ Time
    by William Ferguson
  • A Time to Remember: Making Sorghum Syrup
    by Roy E. Bottoms
Early Settlers
   by Donna Parrish

Treasure Stories
   by Donna Parrish

Sam Street Story
    by Ted Brooke

Wildcat Murder Trials
   by Sam Anderson

Bell Article on Early Forsyth County, 14th District
    by David Bell

Newspaper Transcriptions from 1912 Assault, Rape, Murder Case
    by Brenda Webb with notes by Donna Parrish

Life and Times of William Penn Patterson
    by Ted Paxton, former Sheriff of Forsyth County

William P. Stone Family
    a transcribed letter to Donna Parrish


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