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Standard Directory Company, Incorporated. Atlanta, Georgia

BIG CREEK, Forsyth County
Population about 175; has several churches, good schools, steam grist and saw mill, and several saw and grist mills run by power derived from Chattahoochee river and Big creek. Is 7 miles from Cumming courthouse, 10 from Duluth its nearest depot, express and telegraph offices via which Atlanta, its banking town, is 35 miles. Ship by way of Duluth. Cotton, corn and wheat form the chief shipments. Mail daily by carrier. Mrs. Sarah A. Hutchins, postmaster.

Anglin, J. C., tanner
Bacon, E. M., physician
Bagley, Ross A., jeweler
Bagley, Thomas, general store
Bagley, W. S., magistrate
Bell, W. J., physician
Blackstock & Walker, saw and grist mill
Brown, Jerry, blacksmith
Buice, John Rev., Baptist
Clement, William, general store
Cunningham & Son, cotton gin
Fagin, G. W., general store
Haynes, D. R., physician
James, H. S. Rev., Baptist
March, Baily (c), blacksmith
Moon, George, general store
Moore & Mullins, cotton gin
Phillips, J. W., blacksmith
Riders, Hiram, physician
Rucker, Elijah, blacksmith
Stone, Thomas & Co., saw and grist mill
Tedder, T. P., shoemaker
Venable, R. R., notary

BROWN'S BRIDGE, Forsyth County.
Established as a post office in 1875. Is situated on the Chattahooche river, 12 miles from Cumming, the county seat, 5 from Flowery Branch, the nearest railroad and express office, and 9 from Gainesville, the nearest telegraph office and banking town. Has a population of about 250, several churches of the Baptist and Methodist denominations, grist and saw mills, flour mill and woolcarding mill, run by water power furnished by the Chattahoochee river, and steam saw mills. The principal products are flour, meal and furniture. Ship to Flowery Branch. Mail received weekly from Gainesville, Cumming and Chestatee by horse. M. W. Brown, postmaster

Austin, J. M., general store
Brown, M. W., general store
Clark, Oliver, grist, saw and woollen mills
Morgan, C. C., general store
Scroggins, John, miller
Wings, J. C., physician
Woodiff, George F. justice

CHESTATEE, Forsyth County.
A place of limited population, situated 12 miles east of Cumming, the county seat, 8 from Flowery Branch, the nearest railroad and express station, 13 from Gainesville, the nearest telegraph office, and 20 from Atlanta, the nearest banking point. Has good churches and a high school, a steam gin run by water power adjacent. Cotton is the principal product. Ship by Flowery Branch. Was established as a post office in 1881, and receives a tri-weekly mail from Flowery Branch. A. C. Bell, postmaster.

Bell, Elliott & Co., general store.

COAL MOUNTAIN, Forsyth County.
Estimated population 125; five miles from Cumming Courthouse, 12 from Flowery Branch-Piedmont A. L. Ry.-its nearest shipping point, 17 from Buford, its telegraph station, 20 from Gainesville, its banking place and 56 from Atlanta. The place has Baptist and Methodist churches, one school, steam gin, grist and saw mills, also flour mill run by water power. Cotton and corn are the chief exports. Mail semi-weekly. T. L. Lipscomb, postmaster.

Harrison, A. G., blacksmith
Harrison, T. W., machinist
Heard, J.P. general store
Lipscomb, Thomas L., physician
Pilgrim, A. F., teacher
Potter, E. M., physician
Vance, J. W., county surveyor

CUMMING, Forsyth County.
County seat. Located 12 miles from Buford-Piedmont A. L. Ry.-its nearest railroad approach; 15 from Duluth-same line of road-it express and telegraph office, and 40 from Atlanta. Is a place of perhaps 550 inhabitants. Containing three flour mills and several saw mills. Baptist and Methodist churches and one good school. Daily mail by hack from Duluth. Cotton, country produce, etc., form the chief exports. Ship by way of Buford. F. H. Nichols, postmaster.

Bacon, E. M., physician
Clarion, I. S. Clemons, publisher
Clemens, I. S., attorney and publisher
Clemens, Jesse N., county treasurer
Davenport, W. S., general store
Dufley, James F., watchmaker
Dufley, Vestal M., shoemaker
Eakes, Robert A., wagonmaker
Eakes & Groover, tanner
Echols, I. E., general store
Edmonson, L., general store
Estes, I. W., general store
Guthrie, Rufus E., county tax collector
Hawkins, F. M., county ordinary
Hockenhull, John, physician
Hudson, J. L., wagon manufacturer
Humphrey, J. F., general store
Knox, James R., physician
Lester & Lester, attorneys
McAfee & Knox, general store
Moore & Bell, general store
Nichols, F. H., physician
Patterson, Samuel B., clerk superior court
Patterson & Foster, general store
Perry, Lewis, county coroner
Pool, M. L., physician
Porter, William A., sheriff
Riden, H. P., physician
Talbot, James, shoemaker
Vance, John W., county surveyor
Webster, George A., hotel

HARTFORD, Forsyth County.
Eight miles northeast of Cumming. Mail to Wooley's Ford.

HAW CREEK, Forsyth County.
Discontinued post office, about 6 miles southeast of Cumming, its present mail supply.

HIGHTOWER, Forsyth County.
Situated on the creek of the same name, 8 miles northwest of Cumming, the county seat, and 21 from Buford, the nearest railroad station. Has a population of 125. Grain and cotton form the principal shipments.

NEW PROSPECT, Forsyth County.
Population, 149. Has 2 churches-Methodist and Baptist-and 3 steam saw mills. Located 9 miles from Cumming court house; 16 from Flowery Branch, its usual shipping station; 18 from Gainesville, its telegraph and banking place and 60 from Atlanta. Cotton and wheat are the chief exports. Mail semi-weekly. Jesse Wallis, postmaster.

Barnwell, T. J. Rev.
Hardin, T. A., magistrate
Jay, Thomas, general store
Looper, S. T., physician
Pater, James, tanner
Whitmire, G., shoemaker

PLEASANT GROVE, Forsyth County.
Has a population of about 80. Situated on Four Mile creek from which power is derived to operate grist mill. It is 8 miles from Cumming Court House and the same distance from Flowery Branch-Peidmont A. L. Ry.-its shipping office. Has Bapist and Methodist churches, and weekly mail. George R. Rice, postmaster.

Clark, O, & Co., furniture manufacturers
Morgan & Son, general store
Martin, J., general store
Rice and Bro., general store

SETTENDOWN, Forsyth County.
Established as a post office September 10, 1880. It is 4 miles northwest of Cumming, the county seat, via which it receives its mail; 16 from Buford, its nearest railroad station; 45 from Atlanta, its banking town. Settendown creek supplies water power to drive 2 grist mills, 1 steam cotton gin and saw mill. Cotton is the chief export. Mail received daily by horse. William Phillips, postmaster.

Chambley, W. L., general store.

SHELTONVILLE, Forsyth County.
Situated 12 miles from Cumming, the county seat; 4 from Duluth, the nearest railroad and express station; 4 from Suwanee, the nearest telegraph office, and 30 from Atlanta, the nearest banking town. Has one church. Hutchins creek furnishes power to drive 3 grist, 1 flour and 1 saw mill, and 2 saw mills and 1 cotton gin are run by steam. Cotton is the chief export. Mail daily from Cumming and Duluth. G. H. Collins, postmaster.

Allen, R. J., physician
Anderson, John, grist mill
Collins, Thomas, general store Graham, J. A., carpenter
Graham & Johnson, blacksmiths
Gray, P. P., physician
Haynes, D. R., physician
Little, E. D., grist and saw mill
Moore, G. W. & Co., general store
Moore & Mullins, grist and saw mill
Rogers, Cowley and Tribble, general store
Webb, J. & Son, general store
Webb & Terry, grist and saw mill

TABOR, Forsyth County.
Two miles north of Hightower, its post office.

VICKERY'S CREEK, Forsyth County.
A small town of about 200 population, 16 miles from Cumming, the county seat, and 17 from Duluth, the nearest shipping, via which it is 43 miles from Atlanta. Big creek furnishes water power for a number of mills. Churches four- two each, Baptist and Methodist. Semi-weekly communication by state with Cumming. Samuel Orr, postmaster.

Bacon, E. M., physician
Bell, W. J., physician
Bentley, C. W., tanner and magistrate
Bettis, Philip, gunsmith
Burgess, A. P., general store
Chapman, w. O., blacksmith
Ezzard, G. W.,, general store
Ezzard, John L., wagonmaker
Harden, W. S., blacksmith
Holbrook, F. M., general store
Johnson, J. A., general store
Julian, G. W., teacher
Neal, J. R., cotton gin
Wills/Wiils, W. T., general store
Wright, Lewis, grist mill

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