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Rebecca Merritt Tue Mar 16 21:34:57 2004
Would like to have any info on these names. I have some blank spaces in my family and would like to fill them in. Thanks for any help. The CLEMENT family has been in Forsyth County since early 1800. My grandfather was Candler CLEMENT married Alie MERRITT.


David Fant Mon Mar 29 08:39:56 2004
I need help - Darlin ALLEN was in Forsyth Co in the 1850 and 1860 Census. He was my gggrandfather. He moved to Lafayette Co, Ark prior to 1870 Census. I do not know who his parents were.
Any help will be appreciated.
David Fant


Hazel Kimbrell Fri Apr 16 13:40:14 2004
Trying to gather family info on a Robert LITTLE m: Alice WATSON, their daughter Leila Jane LITTLE m: Joseph "Joe" Henry PARKER. Joe was born in Forsyth County according to his family bible. He and Leila had 6 children. They were/are Edger W. PARKER b: Forsyth, Otis PARKER b: Forsyth, Rufus Gower PARKER, Ethelene "Sis" PARKER, Clifford PARKER, Margaret Sue PARKER. At some point they moved to Hall County. I would really appreciate any info that can be sent my way. I do have some of the descendants but not many and almost nothing for their ancestors.


Charles Dewees Sun Apr 25 18:40:22 2004
Looking for info. about my grandmother, Laura Hester HINSON; b:26 Jun 1882, in Forsyth County. F: David Cicero HINSON, M: Elizabeth DAVIS. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Ronnie Sheffield Mon May 3 23:42:53 2004
Everett SHEFFIELD was my ggrandfather his wife was Sarah (Sally). He died in Forsyth in 1895. I assume he was buried there. Any info. on him would be deeply appreciated. My grandad was John (J.M.) had a brother named George, one named Harvey (BENJAMIN). They lived in Forsyth until the early 1900's
tks Ronnie Sheffield


Gail Brown Sat May 8 23:09:36 2004
Would like to hear from anyone working on the RAINS / RAINES family from Forsyth County.


W.F. Thornton Sat May 1 19:22:33 2004
Louis Fletcher BELL line….
The first two, Thomas and Hugh L. BELL I am not sure of…

Thomas BELL born abt. 1780, think in Forsyth County, Georgia. Married /??
Hugh L. BELL - Born abt 1808, Jackson, Georgia. Died 1862
Married: Salley Brazelton, April 25, 1830, Jackson, Georgia, Born abt. 1810
Married: Penelope or Nelly Adams, September 8, 1833, Jackson, Georgia, Born abt. 1813 Died abt. July 1881
Joseph N. b. abt 1833
Sarah A. E. b, abt 1835
James W. b, abt 1836
Susanna E, b, abt 1837
Martha C., b, abt 1839
Cynthia Adeline, b December 30, 1841 - Married William LaFayette Pierce, Dawson County, Georgia, Buried in Arkansas
Thomas J. b, abt 1843
Marietta or Molly, b, May 22, 1846 - Buried in Arkansas
Josephine A. b, abt 1849
William A. b, abt 1852
George W. b, abt 1855 - my line
Arabella b, abt 1858
All of these seemed to have been born in Forsyth County, Georgia

George W. Bell - Married M. Amanda, 1872; she was born abt 1847 in Alabama or Georgia?
Louis Fletcher Bell; December 26, 1874; Worth County, or Dougherty County, GA
Lilly E. Bell; June 14, 1878; Worth Co
William H. Bell; August, 1880; Worth Co.


Mary Anderson Wed Jun 23 17:54:43 2004
I am interested in purchasing a couple research books pertaining to Forsyth county, GA. I know I'm interested in Cummings. Could anyone make recommendations to me? Thank you so very much.


Roy L Chadwick Mon Sep 27 18:45:09 2004
I am trying to find any info on GGparents John Riley CHADWICK brn Eng,and Julie JAMES brn NC. I believe they lived in Forsyth Co abt 1852. Also need info on Gfather John CHADWICK brn abt 1852 Forsyth Co Ga,and died abt 1917 Bell Co Ky. I also believe that Gfather John CHADWICK possibly married a Sallie KING in Coweta Co Ga abt 1876?. Gfather possible had brother's Oliver CHADWICK and James CHADWICK and maybe Robert CHADWICK. Thanks Roy L Chadwick.


Don Hayes Sun Mar 20 09:20:38 2005
Robert M HAYES b. NC 1827 in 1870 Forsyth Co., Coal Mtn., Ga. Census.
Robert M HAYS 47 b. NC;
Nancy J 45 b. Tenn;
William 20 b. Ga.;
Sarah J 19 b. Ga;
Jonatham M 17 b. Ga;
Laura K 12 b. Ga;
George A 9 b. Ga;
Mary E 6 b. Ga;

Would like to corres. with some one who is a desc of this family. Will share info.


rjpearson Mon Jun 25 15:43:43 2007
Ephraim PEARSON census from 1840-60 wife Nancy? Come to a dead end on this family in Forsyth co. GA. Joel - Charles - Marthan - George - Matadl.
Any information, thank you.


christy Sun Sep 16 11:13:37 2007
Back in 1890, S. Albert FREE left Habersham County and went to Cummings, GA to get rich growing cotton. There he met Mattie FREE, no relation and they were married. If anyone knows any of this family, please help. Thanks, Christy.


Annie Coffman Sun Nov 11 23:18:59 2007
James C. CROW b.1790 SC married Temperance TEMPLETON & moved to GA,
his son Shadrack Austin CROW b. 1818 SC married Elviney CASEY & moved to KY,
his son Eli Willis CROW b. 1851 GA married Loucinda Ellen BURDETTE & are buried in KY,
his son Walter Wavy CROWE b. 1889 KY married Leona MORGAN & they are buried in IN,
his son Hoover CROWE b. 1912 KY married Leona Ida Mamie BENNETT & they are buried in IN.

I am Hoover's daughter & would like to find more information on James C. CROW


Annie Coffman Wed Nov 14 21:54:13 2007
James C. CROW b. 1790 SC married Temperance TEMPLETON, 2 nd married Lucreita COUCH, any infor would be appreciated. All died in GA


G Lyle Sat Jan 12 23:58:15 2008
Do you know about Matthew Elias CUNNINGHAM and Violet? Also, do you recognize the name Mariah Louisa CUNNINGHAM and Samuel A. WASSON? I am also related by marriage to the Charles N. WOODALL family. And Robert and Lavinia WEBB are in my family line as well.


SUSAN HOWELL Sat Mar 1 15:12:44 2008
I am looking for information related to Annie (middle or maiden name?) HOLLAND. She is the mother of Rachel, Sallie, Susan, Martha, Delilah or Delila and Roxie. I would love to have information on her HOLLAND husband. She was living in Coal Mtn. in Forsyth Co, GA on the 1870 census. Other than that I have not been able to trace her. I know some about Rachel, Martha, Delilah, but not Roxie A., Susan, Sallie. Annie was born in North Carolina. County or city I do not know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I have something you are searching for.



Roy Chadwick Fri Jan 23 10:43:08 2009
Hi all,
Still looking to connect in Forsyth Co or any Co of GA. Looking to find info on my Gfather and parents/siblings.

Gfather John CHADWICK / CHADWICH was brn abt 1852 GA, died 1917 Bell Co KY at the age of 65 and lived in Anderson Co TN as of 1900.

Have heard that his parents were a John CHADWICK brn NC and Mary HODGIN / HODGINS / HODGENS / HUGGINS. His father also may have been a Mason. Was the Mason a lodge member or a construction Mason?.

Some family names who may have a connection: BASS, BULL, BLUE / BALLEW, CALLOWAY, GILLIAM, JAMES, KIMBRO / KIMBROUGH, McSPADDEN.

My Gfather John CHADWICK brn abt 1852 Ga may have married a KING or KELLY in Coweta Co GA abt 1870 and may have also been married at least 3 times.

Any info would be appreciated.
Roy Chadwick.


Verdale Benjamin Thompson Wed Feb 18 20:36:42 2009
I am looking for information on my great grandmother, Cherry BENJAMIN. I believe she was a sharecropper and had 17 children, one of whom was my grandfather, Ben BENJAMIN. I would like to find out anything on the BENJAMIN family. There is a plot behind a church in Forsyth County with many BENJAMIN surnames.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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