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   Forsyth was created on December 3, 1832 from Cherokee and Lumpkin counties.
   It was named in honor of Mr. John Forsyth, an Attorney General of Georgia in 1808 and the 31st Governor of Georgia in 1827-1829, U.S. Secretary of State under President Jackson 1834-41.

    Facts about John Forsyth: In 1828 urged the Georgia General Assembly to extend Georgia law across the Cherokee Nation without the cession of the land by the Cherokee Nation. In 1833, after the county had been created, Forsyth took a pro-Union stand during the Nullifcation Crisis, although he was stridently anti-tariff -- this had him quite put out by John Berrien and Augustin Clayton.

    Forsyth was a major foot path into North Georgia - a trading path to the Cherokee Nation ran through the present day boundaries of the county as early as 1731. Other Notable Items in re to Forsyth - The James Vann Tavern in the early 1800's was on the Old Federal Highway which is in present day Forsyth County - the tavern now sits at the former capital of the Cherokee Nation, New Echota. Please read more History at the Archives of Forsyth County, Georgia - Roadside Georgia Website.

    If you have any old photos of Forsyth homes, places, events, etc., we would love to include them here.

Documents Online:

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Cemeteries Online @ Tombstone Project
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Brandywine - Midway Methodist - Sharon Baptist

Census Documents Online - US-Census.Org - USGenWeb Census Project

Photographic Collection: (Vanishing Georgia Series - SOS Archives Collection)

Poole's Bridge over Sitting Down Creek. [ca. 1900]
Lisbon Allen and Willie Allen pose with their children J. C. Allen and Theresa Allen outside their home. [ca. 1920]
The home of James Lumpkin Heard, built around 1860 as a Frogtown inn. In 1858 Heard was the first Dawson County representative to the Georgia General Assembly. - Photo
Students with their teacher, George Newton Hayes, about six miles north of Cumming in the community of Matt. [1890s]
Violet Bagwell (foreground) and others playing a game of croquet in Shannon. [early 1900s]
The home of Jarrett Fowler in Cumming. The house burned in 1916. [1900-1916]

Austin - Brownlow Constable Bond - 1856

George Harris Bell article

1854 Security Deed - Brownlow to Barker

Administrator's Sale - Joseph L. Fincher estate - 1868

Mary Adeline Hockenhull letter - 1884

Pioneer Cherokee Heritage Series

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