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James P. Cole Family Tree

Fannin County, Georgia                                                                                The GAGenWeb Project

Fannin County, Georgia


contributed by Zelia Cline

Mozelle Brindle and Gus Cole Wedding Day

Mozelle Brindle and Gus Cole Wedding Day

It is said  that he was Indian...? I don't know if any credence...He did have dark skin, was small.  Most of his children had very dark eyes and hair like him...lovely children...his wife was blue eyed, but the dark brown eyes usually took precedence. He was always "Gus".

I don't know if perhaps some of the last generations of this family are still alive.  This info came from Rootsweb accounts, Family Research at LDS and other census accounts.
This is a work in progress,  Corrections and additions are welcome.
Zelia Cline

Descendants of Samuel B Cole

Generation No. 1


     Child of SAMUEL B COLE is:
2.                i.    WILLIAM A2 COLE.


Generation No. 2

 2.  WILLIAM A2 COLE (SAMUEL B1)  He married RACHEL.  She was born 1806.

       Child of WILLIAM COLE and RACHEL is:
3.                i.    JAMES POLK3 COLE, b. November 24, 1842, Fannin Co,GA; d. July 08, 1927, Fannin Co,Ga.


Generation No. 3

 3.  JAMES POLK3 COLE (WILLIAM A2, SAMUEL B1) was born November 24, 1842 in Fannin Co,GA, and died July 08, 1927 in Fannin Co,Ga1.  He married NANCY LOUISA BROCK February 08, 1868 in Fannin Co, Ga.  She was born 1842.

   Children of JAMES COLE and NANCY BROCK are:
                  i.    BURTON4 COLE, b. 1863.
                  ii.    M
ARTHA JANE COLE, b. 1866; m. JOHN J CORDELL, October 04, 1885, Fannin Co, Ga.
                 iii.    L
AURA A COLE, b. November 1868; m. THOMAS ERVIN ROSS, August 13, 1891, Fannin Co, Ga; b. March 1867..             
iv.    W
ILLIAM D COLE, b. October 13, 1869.
5.               v.    R
ACHEL AMANDA COLE, b. February 03, 1872.
6.              vi.    M
ARY ALICE COLE, b. July 26, 1876, Fannin Co,GA; d. March 1933, Copperfield, TN.
7.             vii.    J
OHN T COLE, b. September 21, 1877.
               viii.    I
DA DEPSEY COLE, b. November 11, 1879; m. J W WARE, September 18, 1899, Fannin Co, Ga; b. June 1877.
8.               ix.    G
EORGIA ANN COLE, b. February 15, 1881, Fannin Co, Ga; d. June 23, 1921, Fannin Co,Ga.


Generation No. 4

 4.  WILLIAM D4 COLE (JAMES POLK3, WILLIAM A2, SAMUEL B1) was born October 13, 1869.  He married SARAH A ROSS September 07, 1890 in Fannin Co, Ga.  She was born September 1869.
Children of W
 i.    ROBERT5 COLE.
 ii.    P

5.  RACHEL AMANDA4 COLE (JAMES POLK3, WILLIAM A2, SAMUEL B1) was born February 03, 1872.  She married JOHN W LOWERY April 02, 1893 in Fannin Co, Ga.  He was born October 1866.       

Children of RACHEL COLE and JOHN LOWERY are:

                          i.    MODE C5 LOWERY, b. April 1894.                 
ii.    E
MER D LOWERY, b. April 1896.
iii.    A
RRA V LOWERY, b. January 1899.

6.  MARY ALICE4 COLE (JAMES POLK3, WILLIAM A2, SAMUEL B1) was born July 26, 1876 in Fannin Co,GA, and died March 1933 in Copperfield, TN.  She married JOHN DAVE PATTERSON, JR November 24, 1892 in Fannin Co, Ga.  He was born June 13, 1872 in Fannin Co,GA, and died September 1923 in Isabella, TN.


Children of MARY COLE and JOHN PATTERSON are:

                   i.    ADDA5 PATTERSON, b. September 22, 1896, Sweetgum, Fannin, GA; d. November 1980, Riverview, FL; m. JAMES PAYNE, Isabella, TN; b. Polk Co, TN.

9.               ii.    EDNA LAVELDA PATTERSON, b. October 1893.

                 iii.    HUMPHREY POSEY PATTERSON, b. March 1896; m. MARY BELLE THOMAS, Polk Co, TN.

                 iv.    EARNEST PATTERSON, m. BERTHA STEPHENSON.

                  v.    MYRTLE D PATTERSON, b. June 1899. 


7.  JOHN T4 COLE (JAMES POLK3, WILLIAM A2, SAMUEL B1) was born September 21, 1877.  He married MODEINA LOWRERY October 20, 1897 in Fannin Co, Ga.  She was born 1873.       

Children of JOHN COLE and MODEINA LOWRERY are:

                  i.    JAMES F5 COLE, b. 1899

                  ii.    JOHN T COLE, b. 1901.

                 iii.    DEANER L COLE, b. 1903.

                 iv.    EZRA M COLE, b. 1905.

                  v.    CHAS COLE, b. 1906.

                 vi.    CLARENCE COLE, b. 1908.

8.  GEORGIA ANN4 COLE (JAMES POLK3, WILLIAM A2, SAMUEL B1) was born February 15, 1881 in Fannin Co, Ga, and died June 23, 1921 in Fannin Co,Ga.       

Children of GEORGIA ANN COLE are:

10.              i.    ELLEN L F5 COLE, b. May 08, 1907, Fannin Co,Ga; d. November 30, 1999, Rowan Co, NC.

11.             ii.    AUGUSTUS REID COLE, SR, b. October 20, 1909, Georgia; d. June 27, 1983, Kannapolis N C.

                 iii.    WALTER RASS COLE, b. May 10, 1913; d. January 02, 1988, Kannapolis; m. MARGUERITE BASSINGER; b. October 01, 1920; d. March 15, 1997, Kannapolis.


Generation No. 5

9.  EDNA LAVELDA5 PATTERSON (MARY ALICE4 COLE, JAMES POLK3, WILLIAM A2, SAMUEL B1) was born October 1893.  She married URI LETTERMAN.  He was born December 01, 1914 in Yancy Co, NC.       

                   i.    ROGER6 LETTERMAN.

                  ii.    DAVID FILMORE LETTERMAN, b. March 04, 1944, Baltimore, MD.

                 iii.    ANTHONY LETTERMAN, b. June 20, 1947, Athens, Tn.



10.  ELLEN L F5 COLE (GEORGIA ANN4, JAMES POLK3, WILLIAM A2, SAMUEL B1) was born May 08, 1907 in Fannin Co,Ga, and died November 30, 1999 in Rowan Co, NC.  She married JAMES EDLEY COCHRAN.  He was born September 15, 1905, and died May 30, 1962 in Kannapolis.

Children of ELLEN COLE and JAMES COCHRAN are:
                   i.    ANDREW6 COCHRAN.

                  ii.    LLOYD B COCHRAN, b. January 07, 1926; d. October 23, 1983, Kannapolis.

                 iii.    EDLEY ARLEN COCHRAN, b. April 09, 1928, Polk Co,Tenn; d. February 04, 1993, Kannapolis, NC; m. (1) HELEN BELVA BRINDLE, May 03, 1946; b. May 25, 1928, Kannapolis N C; d. March 29, 1954, Cabarrus co, NC; m. (2) MARY RUTH HURLOCKER, 1956; b. February 26, 1923; d. December 23, 1996, Kannapolis, NC.

                 iv.    LILLIE GEORGEANNE COCHRAN, b. February 24, 1930, Ducktown, TN; d. July 31, 2005, Cabarrus Co, NC; m. ROSS.

                  v.    HELEN JOSEPHINE COCHRAN, b. October 30, 1932; d. June 03, 2001, Kannapolis, NC.

                 vi.    WALTER REID COCHRAN, b. February 11, 1935, Polk Co,Tenn; d. December 06, 2003, Kannapolis, NC; m. BARBARA JEAN CLINE; b. September 19, 1938; d. May 02, 2004, Cabarrus.

11.  AUGUSTUS REID5 COLE, SR (GEORGIA ANN4, JAMES POLK3, WILLIAM A2, SAMUEL B1) was born October 20, 1909 in Georgia, and died June 27, 1983 in Kannapolis N C.  He married SADIE MOZELLE BRINDLE April 20, 1935 in Kannapolis N C, daughter of JOHN BRINDLE and LILLIE GROCE.  She was born May 12, 1913 in Davie County, NC, Cooleemee, and died March 04, 1991 in Cabarrus Memorial Hospital, Concord, NC.       

                   i.    JAMES POLK6 COLE, b. August 10, 1937, Cabarrus County, NC; m. PATSY JO FLOWE; b. August 31, 1936, Cabarrus County, NC.

                  ii.    BELVA GEORGIANN COLE, b. October 07, 1939, Kannapolis N C; m. (1) C D GEARING; m. (2) JERRY WAYNE HUDSON, June 11, 1964, China Grove, NC; b. October 30, 1938, Rowan County, NC.

                 iii.    ERNEST LESTER COLE, b. November 15, 1942, Kannapolis N C; m. EVELYN GAIL BEAVER, December 23, 1962, China Grove, NC; b. January 24, 1944.

                 iv.    KATIE RAMELL COLE, b. January 09, 1946, Cabarrus County, NC; m. WILLIAM DENE MCGUIRE, SR, February 14, 1962.

                  v.    AUGUST REID COLE, JR, b. April 07, 1949, Cabarrus County, NC; d. November 15, 1981, Cabarrus Memorial Hospital, Concord, NC; m. (1) KATHY LOUISE MOSS; m. (2) KATHY MARIE LISK, 1977, Kannapolis N C; b. March 03, 1954, Cabarrus County, NC.

                 vi.    PATSY MOZELLE COLE, b. December 04, 1952; m. JOHN CLARENCE SUMMEROUR, November 11, 1973, Huntersville, NC; b. December 22, 1951, Charlotte, NC; d. August 14, 1987, Huntersville, NC. 


1.  death certificate #1457, Fannin Co, GA, #1457.


c2007 Zelia Cline

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