Letter to Editor - 1862

Conditions of the troops in Virginia

Savannah, Georgia, December 4th, 1862

Editor, Savannah Republican

Dear Sir,

We are frequently receiving letters from home congratulating us upon being so well prepared for a winter camp in Virginia.  This is probably true with regard to most of the troops in Virginia but in reference to Lawson's Brigade, it is very far from the truth.  This error has probably been promulgated through the papers by letters from members of other Brigades.

Lawton's Brigade is composed of the 13th, 26th, 31st, 38th, 60th and 61st Georgia Regiments, and I venture to assert that a more gallant set of men were never embodied under one command.  At the last report from our Brigade we had seven hundred and five (705) men without shoes and there are numbers without a single blanket to shelter them from the cold.  This is not fiction, but a statement of the truth.  Georgians! Think of this, think of such a  number of these men, who have aided in making the name of Georgia illustrious, marching 20-25 miles a day, with nothing to shelter their feet from contact with the snow, frost and rocks, and without a blanket to shelter them from the chilling blast at night, and this, too, without a murmur at their hard fate.

Very Respectfully,

Your obdedient servant,

James S. Blain

Capt. Co. A. 26th GA Regt.

Published, Savannah Georgia Republican, December 5, 1862, page 1, columnn 2

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