Will of David Staples

Will of David Staples
Elbert Co. GA

Sbmitted by Jackie King

To wife Fanny a slave, Charity, household goods etc. to dispose of at her pleasure.  The residue to be distributed amongst my children to wit; John Staples, Christian J. Phelps, Elizabeth D. Stovall, Prudence Smith, Barbara Denny, Patsy Staples, Lucy Brown, Melita Denney, the legitimate offspring of my daughter, Tabitha Moon, (at majority).  To daughter, Tabitha Moon $2.00, to Thomas Staples, Anna Moon, slaves Gabriel, Hannah, Bridget, Phillis, Jack, Lucinda, Silvy, Benjamin, and Welborn to be divided amongst the above named children.

Wife Fanny and son, John Staples, Executors.

Signed April 30, 1821

Probated November 19, 1822

C.W. Christian, William Branan, Edmond Smithwick, Testators

Will Book M Elbert County Ga. page 94

Returns of Fanney Staples, Executrix for 1824 shows receipts of John Staples, Thomas Staples, Patsy Staples, Thomas Phelps, John Stovall, Edward A. Denney, Robert Denney, Jesse Brown, Jacob Moon, and Thomas Staples for William Smith, each for $391.00 for their distributive shares, and Tabitha Moon for $2.00 as per David Staples' will.

Will Book M Elbert County Ga. page 377


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