Echols County Georgia Genealogy

Echols County Georgia

Pioneers & Personal Histories

If you have personal histories you would like to contribute to this page, I would like to hear from you. The only requirement is that the subject must have a connection to Echols County, Georgia.
If you know of other pioneers, or have found errors on this page, I would also like to hear from you.

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Name Life Span Spouse Submitted by Date submitted
ALLEN, John T. 1833-1911 Emily Susan ZEIGLER Linda W. Murphy 26 Feb 1998
CARTER, Allen W. 1847-1892 Sarah E. CORBETT 18 Aug 2001
CARTER, James S. XXXX-XXXX . . .
HENDRICKS XXXX-XXXX . Paul M. Hendricks Oct 1997
MATHIS, Edmond 1776-1860 Unity Register 24 May 1998
PRESCOTT, Jesse P. 1821-1903 Sarah BROOKS Rose Canon July 24, 2006
PRESCOTT, Moses 1791-1862 Susannah Warren Rose Canon July 24, 2006
STALVEY, Benjamin 1829-1874Sarah TOMLINSON . .
TOMLINSON, Harris1808-1867 Rebecca DRIGGERS . .
TOMLINSON, Harris 1828-1899 Martha STALVEY . .
TOUCHTON, John Couhoun 1826-1891 Sarah TOMLINSON . .