Funeral Home Records
Funeral Record
Date: May 16, 1944 No. 55
Funeral of: Mrs. Katie Jordan Deloach (Eck)
Address: Howell, Ga.
Authorized by: Eck Deloach
Relation to Deceased: Husband
Charge to: Eck Deloach
Address: Howell, Ga.
Terms: Paid in full 5/16/44
Removing Remains: Howell Residence 5/16/44 5.00
Embalming: Cavity only 5/16/44 10.00
Casket No. 210 gD Size: 6/3 Make: Atlanta 2/16/44 102.50
Covering: Lt. St. Emd Mole
Handles: W-160 Lining: 2031-25
Cost: CRXX
Vault: Louis McLane concrete LXRX 5/17/ 60.00
Burial Garment: L-W #372 White LNL 5/16 10.00
Underwear & hose TNL 5/16 2.50
Hearse: Funeral 5/17 15.00
Music: None
Flower Cars: Hearse
Total : 205.00
Cost Complete: RNLXX
> Place of Death: Residence
Date: May 16, 1944
Hr.: 3:15pm
County: Echols District: Howell
Sex: Female Married: Eck Deloach
Occupation: Housewife
Birthplace: Howell, Ga.
Father: William Jordan Birthplace: Statenville, Ga.
Mother: Susan Thompson Birthplace: Stockton, Ga.
Informant: Eck Deloach Address: Howell, Ga.
Burial Place: Wayfare Cemetery , Stockton, Ga. 5/17/1944
Was Injury Accident, Suicide, or Homicide? No
Where did injury occur? None
Doctor: A.G. Little
Member of what Church? None
Member of Lodges, etc:
Funeral Place: Wayfare Church Time: 3:30P.M.
Date: May 17, 1944 Hour: Wednesday PM
Style of Grave: with Louis McLane concrete vault
Minister: Rev. Leonard H. Cochran - Valdosta 1st Methodist
Pall Bearers: Dr. J.W. Pennington, B.J. Cowart, L.S. Davis, W.H. Herrin, Jr., L.L. Parrish and Jim Deloach
Name of Insurance Co.: None
REMARKS: Body returned to residence 8:30 P.M. 5/16/44
by C.H. & Louis McLane ---- NO singing

Contributors Note**** No Death Certificate on Katie Jordan Deloach exsits in Atlanta, Echols Co. nor at the Carson McLane Funeral Home. This is the only proof of Death for her.
Contributed by Loretta Jordan.

May 26, 2005